Immediate Renaming or Expulsion of Arabian Gulf Testing Board from International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) sign now

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned that a new board under the name of Arabian Gulf Testing Board (AGTB) has joined the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

Our concern is regarding the use of Arabian Gulf for one of your testing boards.

Part of the mission statement of ISTQB is that it is aimed at software and system testing professionals and the AGTB mission is to train and certify Information Technology professionals in U.A.E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman on software testing in accordance with ISTQB global standards. However, it is surprising to see that most, if not all of the activities and responsibilities of the AGTB are handled by Turkish representatives (e.g. Mr Emrah Yayici as the president, Mr. Koray Yitmen the only contact for training and Keytorc Software Testing Services the only accredited training provider!).

Although we would like to facilitate the pursuance of knowledge to every individual around the world regardless of their age, sex, race, colour, nationality and religion, this should not be achieved through disregard of the sovereignty and identity of nations around the world.

We wish to bring to your attention that the use of the term "Arabian Gulf" is a highly political statement and those of us interested in historical accuracy, integrity of linguistics, political impartiality, and non-proliferation of international disputes, naturally would insist that this body of water be named correctly.

Since the fifth century BC, the body of water between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula has been called the Persian Gulf. The Arabian Gulf is in fact the ancient name of the present-day Red Sea (located between Arabia and Africa).

There is undeniable legal evidence and documentation in confirmation of the authenticity of the term Persian Gulf. From 1507 to 1560 in all the agreements between Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, French and German governments and the Iranian government, the name Persian Gulf has always been mentioned.

Even in agreements with the participation of Arabs there is a mention of "Al-Khalij al-Farsi" in the Arabic texts and "Persian Gulf" in the English texts, such as the document for the independence of Kuwait which was signed between the Emir of Kuwait and representatives of the British government in the Persian Gulf. The document, which was signed on 19th June 1961 by Abdullah As-Salem As-Sabah, has been registered in the Secretariat of the United Nations according to article 102 of the U.N. Charter.

The Arab States of the Persian Gulf region, whose history of formation do not go back more than a century have since 1958 tried to gain an identity and expand their cultural and political domain and boost their popularity by altering the names of the areas belonging to other countries into Arabic names, in order to pursue their political plans. Changing the historic name of Persian Gulf into Arabian Gulf is one of their selected manoeuvres.

The United Nations with 22 Arab member states has on two occasions officially affirmed the name Persian Gulf for the body of water between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. The first declaration was made on 05th March 1971 and the second on 10th August 1984. Moreover, the annual U.N. conference for coordination on the geographical names has emphatically repeated the name Persian Gulf each year.

The Persian Gulf is part of the identity of the people who live in the Iranian plateau. The people with an Iranian background including Americans, British, Canadians, Australians, . of Iranian origin, while respecting the multicultural mosaic of their adopted country, cherish their heritage and ancestral identity. In this light, it is very important to be accurate and to demonstrate the recognition of the international law regarding this matter.

One of the tasks of the ISTQB according to the constitution of the ISTQB is the admission and expulsion of national boards into and from ISTQB. Furthermore, the constitution gives the ISTQB the right to expel a national board when the national board is in deliberate violation of rules of procedures, goals and the spirit of the ISTQB. It is also important to highlight the fact that one of the admission criteria for a new board to ISTQB is Just one board per country.

We trust that the ISTQB neither intends to fuel conflicts between people nor intends to take sides in politically charged disputes and we appreciate any effort made by ISTQB to rectify the situation and to clarify to the public that the accurate internationally recognized name for this body of water is the Persian Gulf and any adjective other than "Persian" or absent thereof to modify the name of the Persian Gulf is inaccurate, misrepresentative and unacceptable.

We, the undersigned, through this petition, protest your irresponsible action and demand an immediate and unconditional expulsion of Arabian Gulf Testing Board from ISTQB.

We see no justification for the ISTQB to allow the existence of the Arabian Gulf Testing Board, given the total population of the nations it is allegedly representing while there is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Testing Board which would be able to serve them better using their common language (Arabic) than the current Turkish personnel handling the activities and responsibilities of AGTB.

We also believe that the representatives of ISTQB and National Board members should look more closely at the conduct of the current ISTQB president (Rex Black) and his interests and connections with testing boards created since his appointment. His reluctance to even once acknowledge the receipt of any communication with regard to this matter is questionable. The next president of ISTQB if without a political agenda and personal financial interest might regret the decision of the current president to alienate over 65 million people of Iran, the only country bordering the north of the Persian Gulf.

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  • 16 October 201598. Esfandiar B
    No academic institution and/or academician are willing to compromise its integrity for monetary purposes. Using a false and illegal name for financial gain violates the very basic laws of ethic, morality and institutional integrity. Country U.S.A.
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    it is persian gulf. arabian gulf does NOT exsist Country iran
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    History Manipulation Destabilizes the World Country Norway
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    Only the expulsion of AGTB would do Country UK
  • 01 July 201574. Alan L
    In 330 B.C, the Achaemenid dynasty established the first Persian Empire in Pars (Persis, or modern Fars) in the southwestern region of the Iranian plateau. Consequently in the Greek sources, the body of water that bordered this province came to be known a

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