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Let me paint a picture for you in hopes that you can understand the events which led to a seventeen year old, Raul being convicted of rape and murder and consequently sentenced to Death. 17 year old Raul was a good young man and a loving son. Raul had a friend who he had grown up with named Efrain Perez, Efrain later moved from the neighborhood. On June 26 of 1993, Efrain mother broke down right in front of Raul's mom's house and Raul stopped and helped her. One thing led to another Efrian and ended up talking Raul into taking a cruise in his neighborhood! That afternoon Efrian decided to introduce Raul to some of his gangmember friends that went by Whites & Blacks.So Raul's mother and sister were frantic looking in every hole for Raul because it was unlike Raul to be irresponsible and not let his parents know his where abouts. The gang members offered to initiate him into their gang and wanting to be like his freind Efrain he accepted, he did not appreciate the danger he was putting himself in. Raul was initiated by what is known as being beat in where he has to be beaten by several gangmembers after being beaten by the third gangmember Raul was knocked unconscious.The other gang members were under influence of alcohol and drugs. sometime during these events two girls were subsequently raped and killed. Raul was blamed for the rape and murders along with several other gangmemmbers whom had been arrested previously for a more attrocious rape and murder of a pregnant woman. It was said that Raul had bragged about taking part in the crime keep in mind the person who gave this statement recieved 10,000 dollars from crime stoppers and she repeatedly changed her story. One of the lawyers that presented one of Rauls appeals actually admitted that he had not presented his appeal correctly and he could have done a better job. But when Raul was able to retain proper counsel to get a written statement to this effect and taking responsibilty. He never responded. GLENN S STITT wrote Raul's mom saying he had very
important information that would help Raul get a fair trial. But when we got word to the Lawyers that they should go and speak to Glenn the Lawyers ignored Rauls mothers advice.
Finally The court appointed Atttorney in the initial trial admitted that he did not work in good faith because he felt Raul was guilty. These issues should grab you as they have done me and others who wish to stand on Rauls behalf. He deserves a fair trial one with Lawyers who will work in good faith to relieve Raul from the deadly sentence that he has so been given. This is injustice pure and simple Raul had no prior record he was a good boy and he deserves to be helped please sign this petition if for no other reason than to say that if the courts are going to issue a sentence of death all facts should be presented and the trial be held in all fairness for all parties. Raul is not guilty of murder just being amongst the wrong people at the wrong time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 31 December 2010133. Linda
    Please post update on PTO as to how the petition is going.
  • 30 December 2010132. Lori
    It is a shame how these court appointed attorney's, that shouldn't even be in the court room,{MOST WITH NO CRIMINAL LAW EXPERIENCE}use these indegent defendent's that are ignorant to the laws,and help put them on death row just to make a lousey paycheck.
  • 28 December 2010131. Cindy
  • 27 December 2010130. metayer
    please, stop the injustice of raul o villareal
  • 26 December 2010129. Rebecca
  • 26 December 2010128. Patricia
    The Death Penalty is wrong in any case, but especially heinous when there is question as to the guilt of the person to be murdered by the state.
  • 26 December 2010127. Deanna
    This is God's job, not man's
  • 25 December 2010126. Monica
    Please stop these senseless killings. The death penality does nothing to detere crime, it only creates more victims. Please think about Rauls family!
  • 25 December 2010125. katja
    good luck!
  • 24 December 2010124. Amy
  • 20 December 2010123. Laura
    No comment
  • 17 December 2010122. Aline
    Please don't make it wrong and give Raul a fair trial so that we can still respect the justice in America.
  • 16 December 2010121. Jean-Pierre
    Please, don't continue to kill legally. It is also a crime.
  • 13 December 2010120. christine
    when will the killing of our loved ones stop???
  • 12 December 2010119. Betty
    I know this family and this young man. they are good people. i am completely against the death penelty and not for anyone. all suffer when this is done and not just only a few. one murder is unacceptable but adding another to it by our system is comple
  • 11 December 2010118. Amanda
    i hope that he gets the break that he needs to be proved that he didn't do it
  • 09 December 2010117. Claire
    Abolish Death Penalty!!
  • 09 December 2010116. metayer
    no commments
  • 08 December 2010115. HUMERY
    healing is better than killing spare Raul's life !!!!!!!!
  • 08 December 2010114. Elizabeth
    I do not believe in death penalty. It is cruel and unhuman. My brother deserves a second chance and a fair trial.
  • 08 December 2010113. megan
    how is it that this happens?
  • 07 December 2010112. Laura.Villarreal
  • 06 December 2010111. Joni
    Thou Shalt Not Kill
  • 06 December 2010110. Fabienne
    Stop child executions !
  • 06 December 2010109. Michelle
    The INJustice system is broken, and needs to be fixed.
  • 04 December 2010108. metayer
    je ne parle pas l'anglais mais je suis contre la peine de mort
  • 04 December 2010107. Valerie
    now he needs a "FAIR" trial

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