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The time has come and gone for Chronic Pain Patients everywhere. Most importantly sufferers here in the United States Of America. Where access to health and medication and healthcare are one of the best in the World. Yet sadly every day Pain claims more lives with Suicide than remotely neccessary. The plight has been long and arduous for Pain Patients everywhere We live in Constant pain and agony because of fears and misconceptions of NON-Legitamate Patients. This isnt a plea for random use of Opiates when not medically deemed necessary. This is for recognition that OUR PAIN is documented. We are your brothers, sisters, mothers, wives, husbands, co-workers and friends. Most live in silent horror of the pain they face daily, others speak out and Command Presence. At the age of 25 Ive seen more specialists and more Emergency Room Physicians than I care to admit, and yet I still suffer. Attached is a journal its the story of Thousands of people across this Great Nation. Please hear our plead and remember that Chronic Pain Afflicts many and its real. We need Your Help to spread the word of our plight and to help your fellow Citizens. We have the blessed right to have FREEDOM. Where so many others do not. At the brink of War this should be clearer than ever. Our doctors need to be allowed to Treat us as needed and medically necessary. This is a crime against our own people and we will not go quietly not if we have any say in the matter.

We have lives to live and cant. Not by choice because we are robbed of our right to Pain Management and therefor are allowed to fall through the cracks and not only not helped but insulted more times than not by fellow Medical So called Professionals. We are not addicts we dont want more than necessary to allow us to function as normal people do. Most of the time we can not remember what that was like but its real. I cant take my dog for a walk most days because my body wont allow me to.

Varying reasons come about to cause our pain. Whether its abuse, genetics, environmental, accident it doesnt matter. Our Pain Is REAL. The last thing we want is PITY what we do want is ACTION NOW. We want the chance to be heard and listened and Progress to come.

Pain Patients you are not alone and those with a strong voice will stand any day for you and your right to Legitimate Pain Management that you should be able to receive from a trained specialist here in our own country.

I sacrifice enough and have in my short life time as a Military Spouse I do not question my Husband to fight for others freedom but it is senseless to have our Own people suffering and dying because of Ignorance.
On behalf of every American who is a Chronic Pain Sufferer I stand up and say listen to us hear our plea. Help us make change, help sufferers to know you care and we arent alone. We need not die in vain we can be helped.

This isnt a problem abroad its right here at home. You know at least one person who suffers from pain. Whether its a common headache or migraine. Our pen is times ten of that on a daily basis. We do not ask for meds to not feel at all. We Ask for our Quality of Life back. If our pain goes from a 10 out of 10 to a 6 we would be more than pleased. Beacause the most simplest of tasks are the grandest of all.

I am disabled and crippled by pain and I fear for my friends, loved ones and future generations that they might for one second endure one ounce of the pain and aggravation that I have. I thank God for staying alive each day that I do. Change is in dire need.

Hear our cries for help. We command that you listen to us and make the necessary public information to our people that people in your own community are suffering needlessly.

I will be the first person to stand and say I support our Nation in times of War and not because our Flag stands for "Our Freedom". Our men and women loose their lives to bring an ounce of that freedom to people around the world.

Take a look around you we have our own battle at home. It isnt fair to walk away or shuffle the paper away from your desk. Its not that simple. Ive seen first hand the suffering and live it daily. I barely have enough energy to write this petition but my will is strong. I will not falter nor allow my friends, peers or loved ones to do the same.

Whatever it takes hear our plea. Make Change, make the general public aware in your states and communities before the next re-election. That you hear the millions of us that need YOUR help in changing the way we are perceived in our Own Nations Capitol.

We are your voting community. We range in ages from 18-90. Some of us are robbed of the ability to not only work but live. We cant walk, we cant even wash our own laundry. Our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives and Sons and Daughters will not hesitate to lay their lives down for our Freedom or any one else. Dont rob them or their loved ones of their own personal freedom to live.

Please sign our Petition and hear our pleas. We need Your Help.
The following is a journal excerpt from Myself. Natalie DeAnne Shaw I hope it helps pain patients everywhere and other realize our personal hell we endure hour after hour day after day.

Today is an ouch. Weather is turning colder here in the south. Suppose to get snow, very windy and harsh outside. Sometimes while im resting I sit there and just feel the pain. How much its overpowering my mind body and soul. These days I have to think about moving my hand before I can get it to do so. I look around me I see dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher, clothes that need to be washed, dried and ironed. Mail laying in the study bills needing to be sorted and readied for when pay day gets here. A friend may call but thats rare.This pain has isolated me from my old life, my old friends.

Everything as I knew it back then is gone. What Im left with is this 25 yo woman Named Natalie, who knows she studied to be an RN still has those skills but pain has robbed her of work. Everything that I wanted to become im now limited and not able. The simplest task causes so much pain it takes me a day to get done when it may take someone without chronic pain 2 minutes. I suppose im still angry but Ive learned what good will it do to stay wont help so I move on.

Some days I live minute by minute. If pain meds are working that day I will have an hour or two where I can simply feel "normal". There is no way to relate the severity and depth of pain we feel. Especially from an outward appearance we look the same. We arent .......the one thing we may have in common is our age and thats it. Nurses my age are working in top trauma situations, if they need a tylenol for a headache that would be all. I am now the patient watching the nurses take care of me.

Im 25 and pain has robbed me of my normal life.I look at my husband who isnt sure where the wife went that he married. He wonders if she will be in a good mood or bad this evening. Never quite sure what might make her upset because she is so vulnerable and the slightest touch hurts. The husband has no idea how that might feel. They fight wars, they are into sports contact and non. Their personal lives dont change, they can still pt 15 miles a day if they want to, their bodies and minds have no way to relate. Men hit 50 and have the mid life change that to them is traumatic. When to us menopause will be a breeze.

People say " your too young to be feeling this much pain" I ask them how do you know that? If you only knew and shake my head for they have no clue. This pain is real that I feel. This pain is real.

So I walk more like hobble down the street for walks with my dog wondering how I will be able to walk when Im older if Im this bad now. One of the reasons Im taking such broad steps to get pain management is because Im tired of not having a quality life.And while to some quality is money, power, millions of dollars, cars , planes, diamonds, to me its much simpler. Quality of life is being able to walk 3 blocks with my husband while walking the dog. Its being able to do the dishes and make myself a meal let alone the family once daily. Its taking a bath and being able to get out of it. Its brushing my hair when most days its too heavy.Its driving myself to the grocery store and going shopping.

Its the most vital things "normal" people take for granted and we dont waste one second of it. Not even half of a second.Im not sure what Natalie is any more but she isnt the happy go lucky wife, nurse, friend who I once was. I use to care how I looked when going out and had my brows waxed, nails done you name it. Now im lucky if I can dress myself daily. IF im invited out I dont want to go fearing I know I wont be comfortable and we would have to leave early anyhow. I dont feel like explaining myself or my actions so I avoid it.Its lonely in pain.

Besides the severe pain the loneliness hurts just as much. Its why I run this group. Its why if I make it easier for one patient to get help and not feel the pits of horrid pain I feel then it will be worth it. Alot needs to be done we are too wise a nation to have our own people suffer so horribly. My journey is taking me to Houston, Texas. After hundreds of docs that dont help nor listen I have found a friend and two doctors who care. They listen, they help , they care.Pain is a serious crisis, so many commit suicide daily because there is no hope for most. We all have our days. You would be amazed the lack of care and lack of humane treatment that we face daily. In fact I hope that you never have to face what we have. If your ever in a car accident or your health fails you Im afraid you will become all too aware. Some of us are ill from illness and disease, accidents, beatings obtained from ex spouses in dometic violence, you name it. Pain can be caused by millions of things.If you the next time hear a family member or friend and see they struggle with Chronic Pain lend them a hand, give them a hug, and just listen to them. Its that easy.Part of why I wrote this is for journaling, the other part is for some friends and people who know me to take a brief look at the hell I carry on through day after day, minute after minute.

Change is overdue. Take the time to sign and Pass on to loved ones the Urgency of our pleas for help. I am a Co-Owner of a Chronic Pain Support Group thats more of a family. When I started my journaling I heard the response from my friends that cried and said thats exactly what I go through.
This is what brings me here with this.

I am Natalie Shaw, wife mother of two wonderful children and daughter of a Mother who herself has been challenged with Rheumotoid Arthritis, Schleroderma, Sjogrens and others.

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia FMS, Chronig Fatigue Syndrome CFS, Degenerative Disc Disease mainly in my C-Spine, the neck and am still being diagnosed to this day.

We need your help, hear our cries.
God Bless.

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    Puritan ethics: suffering is good for the soul - until it is they who hurt. State, Country NC, US Political Party Libertarian
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    I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Osteoarthritis, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia and am currently being tested to rule out other neurological conditions. I have lifed with chronic pain for going on six years and it seems like 60. I have lost my job as
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    registered voting republican State, Country pa,usa Political Party republican
  • 17 July 2015290. Grace Frye
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    help us please. I am in severe pain each day. chronic pain for 14 yrs. State, Country Texas
  • 03 July 2015288. Bred Butler
    "Hey,nice site look this: State, Country USA Political Party None
  • 16 June 2015287. Lorie F
    There are too many people who are discriminated against w/chronic back pain State, Country va Political Party republican
  • 03 June 2015286. Michael B
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  • 24 May 2015285. Alex H
    I support this petition
  • 12 May 2015284. Joyce Bf
    Person with chronic pain State, Country pa, usa
  • 10 May 2015283. Mystle L
    I am so happy to hear I'm not alone. I pray that something will come of this. I feel no hope. State, Country Houston Tx
  • 05 May 2015282. Sandra Eds
    We are BOTH Intractable Pain Pts. State, Country NYS Political Party В
  • 04 May 2015281. Joseph P
    I am 11 and have RSD. It hurts so bad. My family fights all the time because of the stress. Please help me. State, Country Indiana USA
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  • 23 April 2015279. Kate B
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    Chronic Pain Patient -Gary Heath my M.D. State, Country Abilene, Taylor County, TX. Political Party Republican-registered voter
  • 08 April 2015276. Calvin H
    Chronic Pain patient 2 1/2 years State, Country Minnesota Political Party ACLU member Independent
  • 01 April 2015275. Tracey J
    i suffer from severe degenerative disk disease and have been told that i have a low pain tolerance and need to learn to live with it !! when in fact .. when tested i have found that i do in fact have a very high pain tolerance .. every day is a new fight
  • 13 March 2015274. Thomas K
    I support this petition

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