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It is very need to red alert and justice for victims currently once at least being attacked by US secret teams all over the world since 2004 and currently. It is also the red alert of most current sophisticate space based laser weapon of the US being in active aggressively in space since 2004; security breach is with the fact that US has been doing and able to carry out stealth remote over space attacks anyone all over the world from their US ground bases. List of victims has been over thousand!

First of all, the followings are all truth and facts about US secret teams been doing since 2004, at least, stealth and top secret remote attack missions around the world through their space based weapon from their US ground bases. It is need for justice for victims being once under such remote attacks by US secret teams. List of victims are being added frequently. Some of them have been under much suffers in mental and physical by those stealth remote attacks and torturing done frequently by US secret teams all over the world.

The first time was in 10/2006 about 10 days prior to the big China event of shooting down satellite test, victims and witnesses was bravely releasing their first report to public via posting on forums and emailing theirs to some official organizations like RIA Novosti, Army Itar-tass, China Gateway, Vietnam agencies, BBC, RFA,... It was trying to red alert the world about global dangerous stealth remote attack missions of US secret teams occupying all over the world of stealth deploying, testing and launching stealth remote attacks using most US current sophisticate space laser weapon system in space already against human beings. Since then, it has been still with those US secret ground teams frequently keep doing such stealth remote attacks all over the world, next exposures have been leased later on. Please keep reading.

The followings are those facts recorded since 2004:

US has already stealthy put into space at least since 2004 its most sophisticate laser weapon and being constantly to have them in acts since then.

Stealthy doing International border/territory crossing violations. (see details below)

Stealthy scanning deeply into other nation territory and launching remote attacks on peoples. (see details below)

Stealth deploying at-large-scale testings on human beings around the world aggressively at least since 2005, and still being currently in active. (see details below and see the list of victims). Victims have been males, females with ages from 2-year old to sixties ones, civilians to government agents and officers. (see details below)

At least since 2004, constantly being launching new way of remote torturing on victims mentally and physically. (see details)

Besides what a laser beam can do damages to things and biological beings, this space based weapon system has its most sophisticate function of remotely working on biological beings' brainwaves for which the US secret teams can do load, write, read brainwaves to and from as to jobs of create, open to read, modify and write a computer file by a computer thing. They can completely manipulate and control victims' mind. How it is for the US being most current dangerous to security breach to others all over the world, either private lives or VIPs, either civilians or government agents, either small businesses or big commercials; all are in security risk ever. It is self-evident why.

Humialiting victims; raping victims' minds; sufering victims' mind temporarily or permanently; for temporary lowering victim's mind, they must keep attacking the victim mind with their space based weapon system.

Witnessing another function of their space based weapon system is remote over space malfunctioning electronics devices on ground and in space, either static or moving at fast speed. It has been witnessed their showoff of remote over space shuting power down computers, interfering computer screens, and stumbling machine engines running with electronics devices (vehicles,...). An airplane falls into disaster of crash easily when attacked by this attack, and considered malfunction of the airplane devices; and the attacks are kept stealth.

Fortunately, when these exposures are surfaced, recognized and acknowledged, specialized specialists can trace and collect what US secret teams have been doing with most US current sophisticate space laser weapon system. They can constantly monitor US satellites and space devices for what come in and out those; they can catch, regconize and record these stealth remote attacks.


Since late of 2004, US secret teams started showing up even in stealth manner, and fontunately it was confirmed and recorded its existing and its illegal activities with its space based laser weapon system remotely over space. Early 2005, they started remotely over space probing peoples of Taiwan territory, Korean territory, China territory, Vietnam territory crossing internation border from space. Airports were under their stealth remote probes onto peoples. During 2005-2006, they have been constantly attacking 24/24h over regions of Indo-China region в their space satellites have been their for making remote over space probes. Civilians were under their such remote probing attacks; local police officers were; national security agents were too; childrens were under their such remote probe testings and attacks During that period, Vietnam were most under such remote attacks of the US secret teams constantly.

Currently, since then to now, the US secret teams are keeping doing such stealth attacks over at least known, Vietnam territory; at least, it is confirmed for sure districts of HCMC such as District 1st, 3rd , 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th , Tan-Binh, Phu-Nhuan, and some provinces outbound HCMC have been frequently under such remote attacks of those US secret teams. In ending of June 2007, they attacked those peoples being around District 12th and Tan-Binh District at least confirmed and recorded. It is warranted that when putting up monitoring US's satellites in scope of capble of attacking peoples in Vietnam territory, it is definitely to successfully to catch, recognize and record evidents of such remote attacks of US secret teams from their US ground bases.


There are recorded very typical symptons of victims being under such remote attacks. One principle of theirs currently work is like to taking a file handler selectively and exclusively prior to to read and write to a file, or to load an malware to a computer running; as of sequence, victims are :

instant halted (their acts at such moments are being looked like a robot acts) for little awhile;

for little awhile, they seems losing focus on things around (no listening, no answering,...); mostly like numb in mental.

Right-ear and right-neck come with hurt feelings are like feeling heavy, stucked, hurted,...; note that, they are healthy at least with no ears and neck ills. After such instant remote attack of the attackers, they are normal as usual. These are the moment of such attacks taking 'mental handler' of the victims so that they can have completely control victims' mind. They own victims mentally and victims' behaviors at the moment of such remote attacks. To keep control victim' mind, they must keep attacking victim's mind. They can change amplitudes в raising or lowering, of attacking strength on victims; victims' suferings and controlled levels are proportional to such amplitudes. At that time, if victim tries to 'crack' light his/her head and press behind his/her right-ear, temporarily breaking 'mental handler taking' and he/she is free; but, when attacking keeps pushing forward, machine wins.

These are completely typical and the facts from reality. These effections under attacks are for the most current sophisticate of this space based laser weapon system of attacking and controlling peoples' through their minds on brainwaves.

Do not forget of damages and hurtings a laser beam can be done onto human beings. They can attack and hurt anyone remotely over space as if they attack directly physically on victim. Anyone under their scan scope is to be locked, and they completely can attack those victims instantly!

It is the red alert of need of revealing those US secret teams and their illegal activities from their stealth covers. Under being stealthy, they have done so much damges and on-human testings silently to peoples around the world. It is essential to expose them and stop them!




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