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This petition was started in an effort to alert the new headwriter at OLTL (Dena Higley) of the large number of Matt Cavenaugh fans. His fan base is already very large and growing by the day. We ask that Ms. Higley would keep Matt's character Mark on the canvas, and give him a great storyline and love interest.

We will send this petition in to Ms. Higley, Frank Valentini and Brian Frons to make sure they know how popular Matt Cavenaugh is.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 November 201550. Amy B
    Love Matt on the show & I hope you can keep him on and give him a story!!
  • 28 November 201549. Frank F
    his Daniel storyline is the only reason i started watching OLTL and when he started showing up less and less i slowly stopped watching.
  • 25 November 201548. Nancy S
    It would be stupid to let this talent go.
  • 23 November 201547. Nickolas B
    Matt is portraying Mark beautifully and I feel that he was not givin the oppertunity to explore the whole potential of his character and I felt he portrayed a the real gay man beautifully. and he deserves better treatment.
  • 21 October 201546. Nickolas B
    I believe that he represents the real gay man out there, he is not flamboyant and crazy like the media likes to portray and he would be increadble in doing the first gay love scene on Daytime television and I think that it would be a ticket to draw more v
  • 14 October 201545. Kellie Dickson
    I think this is such a great character with potetntial. I would love to see the character stay and grow.
  • 06 October 201544. Sambennett Sullivan
    i love him
  • 03 August 201543. M Coffey
    I support this petition
  • 01 August 201542. Michael Phelps
    I support this petition
  • 27 July 201541. Charles Grantf
    a great performance as Mark
  • 20 June 201540. Clarencefields Bass
    ilove mark
  • 03 June 201539. Erika G
    I've met Matt and he's a great actor and a sweet guy!
  • 22 May 201538. Danielle Garcia
    Matt is great on OLTL. it would not be the same without him.
  • 16 May 201537. David G
    I'm a longtime viewer of OLTL - the Mark storyline was just starting to turn into a really good one and I hope the powers that be will realize it should be continued. As for Matt - I hope he stays in any capacity - I think he's a great actor, and was a gr
  • 09 May 201536. Sambennett Quinn
    ilove mark
  • 29 April 201535. Vance S
    I'm a good friend of Matt's, and I LOVE this show!!! Keep him on!
  • 20 April 201534. Mac H
    I support this petition
  • 16 April 201533. Steve H
    matt is a great talent and mark a great character
  • 16 April 201532. Brittany Dougherty
    I am so disappointed that ABC decided not to continue the Mark storyline... this was the first storyline of its kind on daytime, and I was thrilled that OLTL decided to pave the way and approach the story with characters Mark and Eric. Now I hear that Bil
  • 15 April 201531. Pa Hartman
    getting rid Of Matt would be stupid...... he's a very multi-faceted characeter and the possibilites are endless. Having a Real storyline for his character would be such a thril for daytime fans that have wanted a storyline like this for so long. Just brea
  • 11 March 201530. Dannii Richmond
    Matt will always be great as Mark. He is a wonderful actor on OLTL. I liked him since day one, very unique character with an interesting storyline.
  • 25 February 201529. Grant D
    Choose your man more wisely next time!
  • 24 February 201528. Aethan Blevins
  • 22 February 201527. Greg B
    please keep mark on the show. a gay storyline or even just a gay character is something that so many gay people connect with. its nice to have a gay role model. thanks!
  • 22 February 201526. Hannah H
    I really like watching Matt on OLTL! Please put him back on!
  • 21 February 201525. A B
    I know that gay males watch soaps and would be very disappointed in OLTL if they chickened out of Mark's storyline. I'm a big fan of Matt's and hope to see him stay on the show for a long time
  • 16 February 201524. Michael O
    great story line with musch potential keep pursuing

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