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This is a continuation of the other petition about legalizing marijuana in the us. 1-Given that Marijuana is used in it's natural state, without processing or additives, we believe that it should not be classed as a "drug". 2-Given that substances like cocaine, heroine, morphine & methanphetamine are manufactured and/or the result of extensive processing, we believe that they rightly carry the classification of "drug" and/or dangerous substance. 3-Given that cocaine, heroine, morphine and methanphetamine can be extremely physically addictive and marijuana is not at all physically addictive, marijuana should not be classed with the others. 4-Users of the addicting drugs listed above are likely to commit violent crimes to satisfy their addictions. Since marijuana is not addictive and in fact promotes a more calming, euphoric behavior, users are not prone to violent crimes. This is another reason marijuana should not be classified with the other drugs. 5-Since most of the arrests associated with marijuana are the result of laws against its possession, use, or distribution and not the result of violent crimes associated with its use (as with other drugs listed above), we believe it follows that the greatest detriment to using marijuana are simply the laws prohibiting its use. We consider these laws as being against the public interest because, as the justice system pursues non-violent marijuana users, its resources are not focused on the truly violent, anti-social crimes associated with the addictive drugs. 6-We believe that the "war on drugs" has been a failure because of the government's inability to separate marijuana from dangerous, addictive drugs. 7-We believe that because marijuana is falsely classed as a "drug", the laws and penalties are too harsh, the public and political stigma is unwarranted and the attention of law enforcement is unnecessarily distracted from substances that are genuine public menaces. 8-We believe that the idea that marijuana is a "gateway drug" is a false campaign and actually a product of the incorrect application laws. As long as marijuana is grouped with addictive, dangerous drugs, users of marijuana will be de facto "birds of a feather", forced to purchase marijuana from or otherwise associate with users of those drugs. We believe it is the incorrect legal grouping of marijuana with these drugs that makes marijuana a "gateway". When the laws are changed to isolate dangerous drugs and their users from marijuana users, by making marijuana a legal substance, the gateway will no longer exist because associations with addicted criminal elements will no longer be necessary. 9-We believe that the cultivation, possession, use, distribution of marijuana should be legalized in the United States. 10-We believe that all persons currently imprisoned on marijuana related crimes should be immediately released and their criminal records expunged. 11-We believe that a sane, reasonable framework for permitting the cultivation, possession, distribution and use of marijuana should be determined and instituted immediately.

The government can sell and tax marijuana, they would make so much money. All you would have to do is put restrictions on it like..u have to be a certain age, u cant smoke and drive, or u cant smoke it in public. They could have special bars or stores that would allow you to purchase and smoke in them. It would take down alot of crime if u just sold it in stores cause there would be no drug money for people to kill other people over if u can walk to the store and buy it. How can a plant be illegal..tabacco isnt and they mix that with alot more drugs that get you addicted to it..all you gotta do is plant...pick..and dry and it ready to sell and ready for the government to be rackin in the dough...

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 March 201024. Lissa
    hell yeah. u sure put in a lot of time into this thing. u should run for president
  • 10 March 201023. SHERRY
  • 06 March 201022. Amanda
  • 05 March 201021. Ashley
  • 05 March 201020. Chloe
  • 04 March 201019. heaven
  • 04 March 201018. brett
    without marijuana, we'd all be screwed...
  • 04 March 201017. joey
    weed is used for other things other then getting high. for instintce it helps people with caturax cancer aids holla back...ya haggerd fools
  • 04 March 201016. Drew
    Marijuana should really be legalized.
  • 03 March 201015. Meghan
  • 03 March 201014. jay
  • 02 March 201013. Joe
  • 02 March 201012. Dustin
    Legalize it. Don't criticize it. Legalize it. And I will advertise it. Hey also its an excellent resource as hemp!
  • 02 March 201011. kevin
    i went to jail for a .3 gram bag!!! thats b.s. if ive ever heard it.
  • 02 March 201010. Michael
    if alcohol is legal and tobacco is legal, why isn't marijuana legal? Alcohol impairs your ability to remember what you did the night before and is a lot worse then marijuana. Tobacco is more addiciting then marijuana, i can at least limit how much i smo
  • 02 March 20109. Adrielle
    The only laws they should put on marijuana is that you have to be a certain age to buy, you shouldn't be allowed to drive and smoke, and shouldn't be allowed to smoke in public/at work. That's it! It should have the same restrictions as cigaretts.
  • 02 March 20108. MORGAN
  • 02 March 20107. bobby
    i dun do it now but i will soon
  • 01 March 20106. Dana
  • 01 March 20105. Joe
    legalize mary jane !
  • 01 March 20104. izzy
  • 01 March 20103. the
  • 01 March 20102. Stephen
    ROCK and SMOKE ON!!!!!!!!
  • 01 March 20101. Dan



Everyone, legalize, marijuana, Please, SIGN, smoke, YOU


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