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John B. Miller and his wife, Nese Elaziz, have been trying to get Nese's 8-year-old daughter over to the United States since March of 2006. Nese and her daughter are immigrants from Turkey, and Nese has been living in the United States for a few years.
Nese doesn't yet have her green card, as she is still applying to be a US citizen. Nese was told repeatedly by the USCIS (US Customs and Immigration) that she could visit her daughter in Turkey, only to be denied entry back into the United States later when she was scheduled to return with Grace (Grace was also denied entry). When she tried to explain her situation, she was told that she had received faulty information. Because of this incorrect information from the USCIS, John is unable to see his family for 6-9 months while they reapply. What's even worse is that the USCIS isn't acknowledging John and Neses case as real and won't admit to any mistakes, even while they continue to push back the date that they will allow Nese and Grace to return.
John has called repeatedly to try and get clarification and information on how to get Nese and Grace home, but whenever hes called, there have been various different perspectives on the issue from people working for the government. If these people are working specifically for the government concerning immigration why dont they know the laws and why cant they admit to an obvious error on their part? John and Nese have repeatedly been told information that is wrong by the USCIS, and they have repeatedly had their hopes of establishing their small family decimated. The help the USCIS offers has always turned out to be faulty. If this is happening to one family how many other families are being affected by misinformation given by government officials? Why are these people having to suffer because no one in the USCIS knows a clear set of guidelines, and no one in authority will show any sympathy for a family that has suffered so much due to the USCISs confusion on a law theyre supposed to know as their job?
John has tried to get attention from California representatives about the USCISs obvious lack of knowledge on how to inform people about their rights when theyre applying for citizenship, but the promised response has not come. Nese and Grace were forced to reapply for citizenship all over again, until the USCIS announced that they werent able to process applications anymore due to the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
John desperately searched for a way to get Nese and Grace back, and learned that the USCIS says that it will expedite petitions if there has been an error. John sent both Nese and Graces applications to them. He has only received a vague two sentence reply to one petition that denied them any help. Unfortunately, they have proof of only one phone call, and only when they were talking to an immigration official, and not the agent who misinformed them. This part was recorded by the USCIS why wasnt the other part of the conversation recorded? And, if John and Nese acted on faulty information they received from multiple sources from within the USCIS, shouldnt there at least be a response that is longer than two-sentences and that explains the exact reason that the petition was denied? John now has to try get the USCIS to expedite a petition with the cause of severe financial loss, but so far has not received a response.
John is an elementary school teacher, and he is unable to pay for the apartment that he and Nese bought with the combined wages from their two jobs. He's losing all of their savings trying to keep their home. Nese and Grace are stuck in Neses parents small, cramped apartment with nothing to do. They are only able to talk to John thirty minutes a day, and the only good that has come out of this is that Nese and Grace are able to talk to each other and reform their bond something that they could do with John if only they would be let home! If the USCIS would only acknowledge the mistake and the trouble they've put this family through, they could all be home in California together in a matter of weeks instead of months. The pain and emotional drain that Nese and John have had to suffer through because they listened to government officials, who were supposed to know and understand immigration laws, is ridiculous. What kind of a message is this sending to others about paying attention to what the government tells us? Are we able to rely on the government to inform us about laws or are we going to be stranded when we listen? Please, let Nese and Grace return home, and show the USCIS that telling people incorrect information is not acceptable!

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