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We at have been slandered by banned users of our board. They started a petition (Liberty and Justice against Mellow Cool and Troll Busters) to get us removed from Top Sites List but have tried to turn it into getting our website shut down. The truth is, just like that petition we are practicing our right to "freedom of speech" by running this website. is within its right and follows all TOS required by our website host and nothing on our website is illegal.

Our website was formed because we were tired of trolls and we wanted to give other board owners a place to discuss their trolls and to help them make their sites more peaceful and enjoyable for their members. Our sharing of information has been extremely helpful to our members. It's wonderful that we can all get together and track down who the trouble makers really are and warn other board owners of who these people are. We belong on the family top sites list because these trolls target family type websites and message boards.

Not One Word In Their Petition These People Signed Is True And They Know It! The only true signatures are the ones in support of TB.

The signee's that signed the petition against us are either

A. Trolls that we have banned (and have signed the petition many times to gain signatures)

B. Copyright infringer's (or a troll you decide what is best)

C. Followers who have never been on our website or understand what we are about. They merely signed the petition because of hearsay from their leaders.

D. There are members that signed the petition to support us.

Very few of those signatures are against us. The only negatives are from the banned trolls and their friends.

Lets take a look at the woman who started this petition.
She claims her name is Lilly Simon or was it Libby Sola. We know for a fact that Lilly Simon does not exist. Robin claims Liz started the petition. Her real name is Elizabeth she goes by the name of Liz, Lizzy and GlitterAss. She used to own the board "Lifes Little Cupcakes" which is now closed. Liz has signed that petition multiple times. Libby Sola is not even her real name. Her real name is Elizabeth Miller and when you make a petition you are not allowed to use an anonymous name! The website says this: You must give the actual full personal name of the individual responsible for this petition. Anonymous petitions are not allowed. Not very sporting of her is it? It shows what trolls do. They try to deceive.

Petition online also has this in their in the guidelines: We do not accept petitions that advocate violence, extreme hostility, that use foul language, or are otherwise irresponsible or anti-social. We consider petitions which attack individuals for independent expression of their own legal and non-violent opinions, for example, to be irresponsible and anti-social. We don't accept petitions from anonymous authors, which almost by definition constitute cheap shots.

Petition signature lines using false names and/or unacceptable language are voided promptly, whenever they are discovered.

Why did Liz start this petition?
Liz started this petition linking us to Mellow Cool (which we are not and never have been affiliated with) because she was banned from our website. She came to TrollBusters under Robin S's command to gather information and to send it to Robin. She was caught by the owner of Mellow Cool who quickly let us know who she was. This petition was then started out of spite for being busted as a troll. Liz is also known to use proxies to hide her identity, which is not permitted on our website. We never knew where she would be from. One day she traveled all the way to India and back again to California all within a couple of hours. While Liz was at our website she was also on beyond at the very same time giving Robin the information she wanted. Robin has is a big contributer to that petition and has signed it multiple times. She is well known as an internet stalker even before we heard of her. You can find her doings online by doing a websearch for Bonnielass, Bonnielass1972, Bonnilass72, or Robinmom

Petition online is allowing this petition to continue even though they have received 20+ emails from TrollBusters supporters. The people signing this petition are signing it multiple times under false alias and using it as a message board.. They are slandering and the families of some of our staff members with untruths. You can view this so called petition by clicking here! and please do not forget to check out the slanderous signatures! Most of them have nothing to do with the actual petition at all!

We demand this petition (Liberty and Justice against Mellow Cool and Troll Busters) be removed immediately, as it is not serving a purpose other then being used to harass and slander innocent people! That petition is not Democracy! It is Trolls on fire that are angry that they can not get into message boards to stalk and harass individuals to get their fix!

Information for the petition we want removed below!
Petition Name: Liberty and Justice against Mellow Cool and Troll Busters

Petition ID: ljamctb6

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