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We the general residents of Marietta community wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the laudable work carried out by the Trustee/Board members of Masjid Al-Hedaya in conducting its affairs over the last decade. Meanwhile the Marietta community has been generously extending financial contributions and other necessary assistance and eagerly looking forward to its board to accelerate the process of building proper facilities for the community members such as, construction of Masjid building, establishing school, Dawah Center and other development works for the Youth of the community.

2. The Marietta community, however, wish to point out with serious concerns that no progress has so far been made towards the construction of Masjid building and other related projects. The community has been, on various occasions, informed that
in spite of the fact that the establishment of the Masjid was initiated and funded primarily by the Marietta community, the progress has been delayed mainly due to the involvement of ICNA which is holding the legal titles to the property.

3. The community of Marietta highly appreciates the commendable work carried out on national level by ICNA and in no way it desires to disassociate itself from the DAWAH and other humanitarian works being carried out by ICNA for the betterment of Muslim Ummah. Many of the community members have long association with ICNA and the platform of Masjid Al-Hedaya has repeatedly been used by ICNA for its fund raising requirements and such cooperation will no doubt continue in future.

4.The Marietta community wishes to call on its Trustees with deep concerns and rapidly growing dissatisfaction that the unresolved issues between ICNA and Masjid Al-Hedaya should be amicably settled without further loss of time so that the community may actively pursue its goals for the construction of masjid building and furtherance of other aims and objectives of the community as envisaged in the By-laws of the Masjid for the benefits of the community.
Therefore, the community of Marietta wishes to plead to the Masjid Trustees and ICNA to resolve the existing stalemate and come out with a final decision by the end of October. In case the said predicament is left unresolved, the community, as a result of its extreme disappointment, may adopt different measures including withdrawing its financial and other support to the Masjid and to ICNA and taking up the matter to different quarters seeking for the restoration of masjid property to the Marietta community for pursuance of the noble purposes of the establishment.

We, the Marietta community members, pray to Almighty Allah to strengthen the brotherhood bonds among Muslims and guide you to resolve the long outstanding matter in the true spirit of understanding, mutual love and respect, Amin!

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Latest Signatures

  • 02 December 2015100. Hawkar Erickson
    I support this petition
  • 17 October 201599. David N
    Masjid Al Hedaya must be built, we need it
  • 29 September 201598. Muhammad S
    I support this petition
  • 28 June 201597. Abida Harding
    please dont splite the community,ICNA please resolve the issue immediately,we need this masjed for our muslim children in future.
  • 06 May 201596. Seema Hale
    This community need a musjid and ICNA should not create a split with in the community. Please solve this ASAP and Allah will reward to every one involved in this cause.
  • 23 April 201595. Fawad K
    ICNA needs to take responsbility to solve this issue
  • 13 February 201594. Humera Q
    Please don't create a battle for the masjid land. I can assure that this land will be used for Masjid only, not for the grave of any one, so why we fighting?
  • 25 December 201493. Qamrun N
    I support this petition
  • 02 November 201492. Waqar A
    It's shame on a muslim oragnaization ICNA
  • 29 September 201491. Altaf J
    I support this petition
  • 15 September 201490. Idan Brennan
    We would not take the land to our graves our
  • 11 August 201489. Khalid J
    Please let go.
  • 08 August 201488. Schyane K
    Masjid Al Hedaya must be built, we need it
  • 01 July 201487. Bilal K
    Why ICNA is not solving according to Quran?.
  • 21 June 201486. Bushra R
    Can ICNA explain to the muslim community, why they want to keep the title?
  • 07 June 201485. Fawad A
    ICNA, please solve this issue according to QURAN, world will laugh on us
  • 01 February 201484. Noor A
    ICNA , please dont create a split among the muslim community, fear of Allah and solve this issue.
  • 29 November 201383. Zafer K
    Please resolve this issue in the light of Quran and stop dividing the community
  • 18 September 201382. Chiquita G
    I support this petition
  • 27 August 201381. Faheem D
    Community should hold the title not ICNA, .
  • 07 July 201380. Ahmer N
    let it go for the benefit of muslim community
  • 13 May 201379. Fouzia J
    I support this petition
  • 06 April 201378. Nuzhat S
    The best person among you, who resolve the dispute betveen two muslims.(.AL-QURAN) , please be the best among us and solve this dispute by following the commands of Allah S.W.T
  • 30 December 201277. Testyourself Griffith
    (a href="")testyourself(/a) [url=]testyourself[/url] (a href= [url= ] testyourself [/url]
  • 25 December 201276. Muslimas Watts
    Both the parties, ICNA and Marietta community contributed a lot for the relief. Now they must look within themselves and get rid of problem creators to resolve this emergency situation.
  • 01 May 201275. Khateeja B
    If you fear of Allah and trust on Quran, please solve this issue according to Quran and Allah will reward you
  • 26 April 201274. Mushtaq K
    Strongly agreed, this issue should be resolved ASAP

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Brooke BlackburnBy:
Justice, rights and public orderIn:
Petition target:
Masjid Al-Hedaya Board of Trustees, Marietta GA


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