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Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration of this letter.

For those who have spent time litigating in a court room, or weighing the pros and cons of possible charges that may be filed against an individual, the practice of arriving at a "convictable" charge so that it does not overshoot the likelihood of conviction is well understood.

However, upon careful review of the alarming evidence presented during the People vs. Conrad Murray preliminary hearings, we implore you to reconsider the current charge of Involuntary Manslaughter, as it is a charge considerably beneath the crimes committed. Evidence suggests that Dr. Murrays behavior clearly demonstrates a deviation from the norm of standard care in not just one, but in numerous instances. Dr. Murray understood, as any cardiologist would, that his actions held the great potential of losing his patient, yet he chose to continue. Testimony was heard that the doctor admonished director Kenny Ortega for sending a sick man home, introducing Dr. Murrays willful indifference for the life in which he was responsible. Dr. Murray further displayed indifference toward the patient, to whom he otherwise should have been monitoring, but effectively was not. His behavior also coincides with the description of implied malice, as Mr. Michael Jacksons death was ultimately the consequence of Dr. Conrad Murrays extreme reckless behavior and unconscionable disregard for human life while serving as personal physician to Mr. Jackson. Dr. Murray's crimes therefore passed beyond the realm of Involuntary Manslaughter/Criminal Negligence. The charge of Second Degree Murder, in this case, requires no inferential leap, nor is it a risky charge for a jury to consider as an option to convict, as the evidence against Conrad Murray spells the culpability for this charge. The prosecution, however, upon deliberation, elected for a lesser charge against the doctor for his criminal behavior. The choice was made even though the prosecutions own words belied the disparity.

The question then arises: Why has Dr. Murray been charged with a tepid crime when the actual evidence strongly fits the description of willful implied malice?

As Mr. Jackson continues to endure the frivolous and despicable attacks upon his character an injustice in and of itself we remain by him as he would for any of us, if he were able. We remain by him united in our collective appreciation for all the good that he represents, through the suspicious circumstances behind his unlawful death, seeking justice for the willful crimes against him. We come to you respecting the people of your office and your collective efforts to champion the law, laws in which are meant to protect and to right wrongs. We come to you because Mr. Jackson had confidence in the precepts of justice and the basic integrity of humanity. We come to you because he, like any other tax-paying citizen, deserves justice.

We represent individuals who come from all ethnic, political, religious, educational, professional and socio-economic backgrounds who are inspired by the true nature of Michael Jackson, his character, his integrity, humility and efforts to build a better world even more so than by his massive talent as an entertainer. Many of Mr. Jacksons admirers credit him for their chosen profession, including those within the field of medicine, social work and justice. It is because of his social consciousness and compassion, always championing the rights of the depraved who otherwise would have remained voiceless, neglected and abandoned by society that many were inspired. Mr. Jacksons selfless acts of benevolence, caring and love of humanity made him an exemplary role model for millions of people. It is with the senseless loss of Mr. Jackson that there is not only a void in the entertainment industry, the likes of which we will never see again, but a hole in the heart of humanity. For his admirers, friends, family, and especially his children, his legacy is not only his God-given talent of using his music and dance to break down barriers in order to unite us as one global community, but the true essence of what it means to be a decent human being. Michael, as he is known, is irreplaceable.

Certainly, due to Mr. Jacksons global appeal, the state of California is also well viewed by the world at large as an extension of how our country effectively performs its duty to justice for its citizens. It is here that a crime has indeed been committed. Had Dr. Conrad Murray behaved with the integrity the Hippocratic Oath demands of his profession, three adoring young children would indeed have their beloved father today, for as Deputy District Attorney David Walgren had so aptly stated, it was not his time to go.

In your hands is the power to change the course of justice. We respectfully request that this small window of opportunity be taken to view the evidence one more time as if the deceased victim were your loved one, to whom a doctor exhibited multiple examples of extreme gross negligence and willful indifference resulting in the loss of a very precious life. We implore you to do the right thing and formally file to amend the information and charge Conrad Murray (case no. SA073164) with the crime the evidence demands: Second Degree Murder.

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