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German Brutal Technical Death Metal band Necrophagist are a very, very talented band, and have not toured in New Zealand. To you all who read this, please sign this petition to get them here.

The brutal and complex yet beautifully melodic riffs and solos with varying arpeggios which make up Necrophagist are proof of such talent (just look up "Necrophagist" on

There are select few bands in the world who can equal this band in skill and/or sound. New Zealand needs more decent metal bands as the more there are the better for us, and with your help we can add this band to the list amongst bands who have visited or are to visit such as Motorhead, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Napalm Death and Iron Maiden.

This is for Necrophagist, sign it and get your metalhead friends to sign and we may be able to convince them to come here. It would be, and can be one of the most memorable shows seen!!

More people can make a difference, so get your metalhead friends to get their metalhead friends to sign also.

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Latest Signatures

  • 12 December 201550. Caley Wallace
    necrophagist rule
  • 04 November 201549. Catherine Wilson
  • 27 October 201548. Hayden Erickson
    Play in christchruch not just auckland
  • 21 March 201547. Cameron Rowland
    hullo mate Reasons why because...
  • 31 May 201446. Philip Vanz
    Necrophagist kick ass.
  • 06 February 201445. Easten F
    come to austraila to wagga Reasons why cause u kick ass
  • 15 December 201344. Hugo G
    They fukin rule!!! Reasons why The same, there is not enuf decent metal bands in NZ Hometown Devonport
  • 20 October 201343. James C
    Most bands skip our country on tours and its time for it to end Reasons why В Hometown wellington Homepage/Website В
  • 29 September 201342. Michael B
    Bringing good music to our homes. Hometown Currently Invercargill
  • 21 August 201341. Bremen S
    necrophagist is like my favourite band ever. COME TO NEW ZEALAND!!!! Hometown Gisborne
  • 08 August 201340. Ben A
    MUST PLAY HERE Reasons why Because Necrophagist destroy Hometown CHCH Homepage/Website
  • 27 November 201239. Mark R
    Fermented Offal Discharge =) Reasons why I'm a huge fan of technical death metal Hometown Auckland
  • 25 November 201238. Jared R
    march 20 2009 YYYYEEEEEEESSS Reasons why fav band Hometown Northland Homepage/Website jhhgsjk
  • 07 November 201237. Cody Ah
    As I said, we need Necrophagist.
  • 22 September 201236. Angus L
    NECROPHAGIST PWN AT LIFE!!! Reasons why NECROPHAGIST PWN AT LIFE!!! Hometown wellington
  • 10 July 201235. Joseph W
    favourite band
  • 08 June 201234. Callum T
    Technical Death Metal owns all! Reasons why Because it is beyond the normal, steriotypical Death Metal! Hometown Dunedin Homepage/Website В
  • 17 February 201233. Peter Nicholaseriks
    I aspire to Play like you suicmez!! Reasons why They kick ass!!! Hometown Wellington Homepage/Website <a href="" target="_new"></a>
  • 30 August 201132. Philippe L
    BEST BAND !! Hometown Auckland Homepage/Website <a href="" target="_new">Mortuus Animus</a>
  • 09 May 201131. Chodrick Lowery
  • 06 May 201130. Scott C
    I would never miss the opportunity to see the greatest technical death metal band play live. Reasons why Too good to ever miss. Hometown Auckland Homepage/Website
  • 11 April 201129. Mario Hammond
  • 31 January 201128. Tom C
    insane guitar skills
  • 29 April 201027. Aaron Willis
    AWESOME BAND Reasons why they have amzing talent and such a large fanbase down here in nz they would be suprised Hometown Christchurch
  • 07 February 201026. Jon L
    I love wintersun Hometown wellyngton
  • 14 December 200925. Neil E
    please come i beg
  • 06 October 200924. Tom W
    Brilliantly talented band, would love them in NZ Hometown Springston Homepage/Website Bebo (lol)

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Necrophagist (Band)


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