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To: Kings of Chaos Staff.

The reason for this petition is to get a message to the staff of

The KoC admins need to institute some method of negotiation or arbitration for someone to access when their account is banned/suspended/deleted/hacked.
The problem is that the admins ban innocent players who share one IP address as well as banning the cheaters that have come to their notice.
There are some suspensions that result from the appearance of breaking the rules, when in fact, the rules were not broken. There may be more than
one account in the household or the account owner may be using IP addresses from work, school and/or home as well as some other outlet.
An account which is hacked may not be the result of sharing login details. The hacker should be banned when the identity is known and the hacked account
should be reinstated for the victim (account owner).

Just because something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck... doesn't make it a duck.
It might be a goose or a gander.
It does make it misunderstood or misinterpreted which is why the KoC admins need to institute some method of negotiation or arbitration for someone
to access when their account is banned/suspended/deleted/hacked.
Not everyone banned or suspended is/was cheating. Hacked accounts don't deserve to be hacked and not reinstated.
Those people who lose/lost their account for allegedly cheating deserve to be heard so as to not be banned or suspended ...



It is not fair to ban accounts without first determining if there might be an error made and that requires communication with the account owner.
The admins have the account owner's email address. It would not be that difficult to send a form email with some format in place for the account
owner to respond someplace on the forum or elsewhere before the ban/suspension goes into effect.

The KoC home page reads:
Several players have recently expressed concerns about getting suspended or banned because they are sharing computers or IP addresses with family
members who also have KoC accounts. Players legitimately sharing computers need not worry. Multiple accounts are throughly investigated and banned
only when cheating is taking place.
A thorough investigation by all definitions would include contact with the account owner before taking action.[/quote]
And that's the problem, all the admins have to do is contact the account owner to obtain a fair judgment.
No contact = injustice.

The email addresses for the admins are:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
but there is no way to ever know if your email has been read...
(if the email program has a return receipt requested option, the receiver (which would be the KoC admins) has the option to choose "no" to sending
a return receipt.

You might find them in #kingsofchaos but chances are they are not actively monitoring the channel ...
and this is part of the rules for that channel:
[quote][b]Do NOT PM ops without permission![/quote][/b]

You can't send them a pm in the game because you no longer have access to your account and maybe they won't read their pms either...
and apparently, the pms sent to the admins never acknowledge having been read - whether they are read or not.
BTW, remco- plays the game and is either a silent 5th admin of KoC or a very close friend of the admins and you can pm him
in the hopes that he will present your situation to the admins. Unless, he is actually a silent 5th admin, he has no responsibility
to contact the admins on your behalf at all, though.

Currently, it is a very discouraging process to actually contact a KoC admin...

So please, sign this petition and lets see if we can band together with an overwhelming show of support, and get the KoC admins to take a
constructive position and set up some system to deal with these issues.

If you are in agreement with this, then please sign this pettition.

Thank you in advance for all who do sign.


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  • 24 December 201550. Gtrmaster Marks
    I support this petition
  • 22 December 201549. Reaper Burgess
    KoC Alliance R.I.P. Got banned for no reason, but can't complain!!
  • 04 October 201548. Elvis T
    I support this petition
  • 24 August 201547. Antz Everett
    KoC Alliance The Tribe hope this works
  • 23 August 201546. Edthastrm Mejia
    I support this petition
  • 04 August 201545. Angelofwilddog Akaa
    KoC Alliance ThunderSt0rm Alliance I support this petition 100\%
  • 19 June 201544. Azureal Nicholson
    I support this petition
  • 19 December 201443. Darkstar Mckenzie
    KoC Alliance RisingSt0rm Family/ThunderSt0rm Alliance plz read this petition and actually do something about it
  • 16 December 201442. Danzo Hackednewnamem
    KoC Alliance Phoenix Rising / Spartan Kingdom I got suspended for going to a internet cafe and then going on my home PC with the message "sharing login details". -_-
  • 11 November 201441. Arfpint Kennedy
    KoC Alliance the tribe i really do think that this is a requirement as i know of lots of people who have been banned when they are not cheating. eg rags and nn, wildog and angel and i do worry about this as i live atm with a large family of friends who a
  • 25 May 201440. Bellesrevenge Castaneda
    KoC Alliance ThunderSt0rm Alliance 100\% with you
  • 04 March 201439. Grabacr Arias
    I support this petition
  • 23 December 201338. Raymus Price
    I support this petition
  • 05 November 201337. Markopolo Markc
    KoC Alliance Renegade Demon Overlord (commander) I was banned for helping out my own clan that my friends should be allowed especially when they ask you too anyways cheers!!
  • 02 October 201336. Kruzlacn Figueroa
    KoC Alliance LaCN I haven't known this until you brought it up, but I'm behind you man.
  • 25 May 201335. Doggonewild Atkinson
    I support this petition
  • 23 May 201334. Jay Td
    I support this petition
  • 13 February 201333. Dumbnab Stone
    I support this petition
  • 06 February 201332. Spiritofbuffylou Tucker
    KoC Alliance ThunderSt0rm Alliance good idea!
  • 15 November 201231. Badgirltexlacn Archer
    I support this petition
  • 20 September 201230. Allydindahouse Haynes
    KoC Alliance ThunderSt0rm Alliance Well I just signed but didn't read any of the things lol. Well another sig at least!
  • 27 May 201229. Sigmastrm Lucas
    KoC Alliance Thunderst0rm Alliance | Judgement Day Your income comes from the consumers (KoC Players) so take care of your customers
  • 24 May 201228. Oliver J
    KoC Alliance Thunderst0rm Alliance You're absolutely right. Innocent until proven guilty. Right now they "kill them all, and let God decide his own"
  • 27 April 201227. Lordofforest Underwood
    KoC Alliance The Tribe In order to prevent KoC from dying the admins have to do something about this matter. Still hiding in silence will surely result in even more member losses. Though I want to point out: ... whatever the institution will look like in
  • 08 April 201226. Vegnablitz Pierce
    KoC Alliance FiT I agree with most of the above.
  • 13 March 201225. Steve Lundgren
    KoC Alliance ThunderSt0rm Alliance Husband and wife playing the game together is good for the community of the game--good folks--reinstate them please.
  • 26 February 201224. Wilddog Contreras
    I support this petition

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