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I am very concern about a lot of things that happen on the site and I want to be very straight forward about this matter:

Games: Sure they have easy games, where the max. amount of neopoints is not more about 1,000 (for some games, then for the rest you can barely get 100 neopoints) But not only the way they scored the games are unfair, but also the way a lot of users "cheat" to get on the top 3. How? Well despiting the fact that for a lot of games, the only ones on the top 3 are Neopets Staff, neopets users also use the so called "cheat programs" and "cheat guides" where they offer you a glitch to basically triple your score each time you submit. It would not really surprise me that all the users on the top 3 for every game are actual Neopets Staff with just one more account.

Contests and Cheating: When I first joined Neopets, I have never been to any contest before, until this year. I joined the Beauty Contest which is about the "best" drawing of your current Neopet(s) what happens is that a lot of people spend weeks or even a month working on a beautiful and professional drawing so submit. Once they submitted their precious work, they expect to at least get to the top 3 for effort and also very well drawn picture. They go to the Beauty Contest board where you can advertise your entry and get people to vote for your submission. Everything is great because you see that every single person loves your drawing and you literally expect winning at least 3rd place or best specie. The contest comes to an end, they have not receive the neomail announcing they have placed on the top 3. They go and check their entries, and what they see is that they got 1,234 votes (usually first place users get that many votes maximum) so what could we wrong? They check on the top 3 votes and find out that first place got more or less 10,000 votes for a drawing that did not have to do with neopets. They check on the 2nd place winner, 5,000 votes on what? a doodle made it paint, with lines all over the neopet's face, literally you could not even tell what it was. They check on 3rd place, and it is a good drawing, they deserved it. Now you are of course angry and say to yourself that it was not fair for a doodle that looked more like a baby's drawing to win second place, but what about the 10,000 vote one? You find out later that the person who has won that many votes was actually the owner of a well known website. They are shocked, since that person ALWAYS gets in 1st place for drawings that are "good" but neopets not-realated. So what happens now? You see a lot of people complaining about that entry. Proof? the guy who owns the website is a 15 year old who goes around bragging, playing the role of victim to get what he wants, and always expecting people to send him items just because he owns that website. That guy has actually CHEATED. On his website, he has a link that directs people to Neopets through HIS referral program. How he cheated? Well, a lot of existing users signed up with different e-mail addresses and so did people who did not know about Neopets and give him the votes he needs. Fair? I think not. I think users should be ONLY allowed to advertise their entries on the Beauty Contest board ONLY! Why? because I personally think it is not fair for people who do not own a website due to trips, jobs, school and any other activity that do not allow them to run one. I would understand if the guy also advertised on the Beauty Contest board, but he did not, and only went there to let people know he has won and that he has got his other account frozen because he broke the rules (he even admitted it). But, of course that is not the only reason he got a lot of users upset. He also promised on his website to add the "best" drawings he sees on a section there so people can see what are the actual drawings that deserve a vote...everyone went to the website and the only drawing they found was HIS. So that is all about the beauty contest "cheater" and this also happens with a lot of website owners who just cheat to get enough votes to brag, get neopoints, behave bad, and ask for mercy.

Rules: In summary, the rules are basically about "no CHEATING," "no harrasment, innapropiate content," "no GIVEAWAYS," "no stealing." A LOT of users on Neopets are there to harrass others because they either did not want to give them free items or they made a board about sticking with the rules. I see every minute about 10 boards that get to the 500th post and still keeps going with a "second part of that board" without the person who created it getting frozen at all.My brother logged in after months of not playing there, to see around. He made a board asking for someone to give him the link to the "lost city on Neopets." What does he get? a warning from the Neopets Team saying that he should not post "innapropiate" content. Fair? You tell me. The next day my brother decided to quit Neopets for all the "psychos" that are there. He made a board asking for the self-freeze link (where you can delete your account permanently).What does he get? another warning from the Neopets Team saying he should not ask people for their accounts. So unfair! I also got my other account frozen because i said that i did not like cherry pie, but blueberry pie. I did not get a warning, nor a suspension. I got frozen automatically! I lost my 4 painted hissis, all of my items. I neomailed Neopets about 1,000 times literally, and never got a reply from them. Sometimes it seems that the Neopets coorporation is been runned by special "robots." I have also been witness of young girls, 11-14 year old girls asking for an online date, asking for a boy or adult to get "close" with them. Those people NEVER get frozen, instead the person who actually reported them gets a warning for harrassing!!!!Also 45 year old men go in there asking for "special" pictures from the young ones. Do they get frozen? no, they barely get a warning. Neopets please listen to the voice of your members! One last thing that I would like to mention is the Giveaways. Neopets clearly states that giveaways are not allowed. Why? They say it is cheating. So why do Neopets offer daily giveaways? and special sponsors' giveaways? I would like you to answer me that. Also remember the guy i just told you about as an example of the "cheaters"? Well that guy got his last account frozen for an actual reason. He posted that matter all over his website and so on the boards. What happened later? Everyone sent him items worth 500,000 neopoints to 1 million neopoints. Fair? No, I do not think so and this is because when some people go to the boards asking for some junk items that user do not need to help them get started again, all they get are insults and the result of their account frozen. Please users also be fair. Now the guy is back to the bragging of being the richest guy on Neopets, accussing people of being "lazy" for what? lazy for accepting gifts from others. Ahem!

Discrimination: Now this is a very delicate subject. In Neopets you will see discrimination between the rich and the poor and the kids and the adults. Between the rich and the poor, it is very easy. Rich people will always be adored on Neopets...the poor will get frozen, it is as simple as that. Between the kids and the adults, also simple. Kids harrass and insult adults for being playing Neopets with either by themselves or with their children. Neopets Team please do something about this!

Last, but not least "Addiction to Neopets:" Neopets is a very addictive website. I see a lot of 9 year old girls and boys skipping their homework time to go play games so they can buy the so wanted Faerie Queen Doll, which is worth about a million on the hidden tower.This website has become so addictive that people fight over a 1,000 neopoints in items. The prices are so high that a lot of students would rather waste their time playing impossible-to-beat games in order to get their item of their dreams. Battledome items and the battledome itself also shows a side of violence to the young kids. All they think about is to fight with other pets, which leads them to fight with other people on the boards. People also scam and hack others so they can steal the neopoints they need to buy paint brushes or expensive items from the hidden tower. Not only this website is addictive in games and items, it is also adictive to the point that young girls, who spend most of their time in Neopets than in school or doing homework, are starting to use Neopets as a dating service, and of course this gets the attention of "perverts" which at the end as a result you get a broken hearted girl who has just "satisfy" one of them. Where are these kid's parents? Do you know what your kids are doing online? Do you know where they go when they go out? Do you know what they do when you are at work? Did you know a lot of kids on Neopets skip classes and go to computer labs to just play Neopets?Did you know Neopets has a parental permission for 13 year old kids or younger, but that still young kids sign up with a fake age?

If you agree that Neopets should improve their system, so that accounts do not get unfairly frozen, so that people cannot cheat, so that they should lower the items prices at least during the school year? If so sign this petition and I will send it to Neopets even if I have to go personally to their offices.

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