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Dear Volkswagen of America,
John Peterson has owned a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T since May 4, 2002. Since the time of this purchase the car has been nothing but trouble. The vehicle has been taken to the dealership for repairs on problems that arise or for manufacturer recalls nearly every month. This is a list of all the problems he has endured in the short time he has owned the car:

The clear coat paint has become pitted twice, due to normal use. Both times the paint had to be buffed out and a clay bar had to be used to attempt to even out the pitting. This was not deemed a warranty item by VW; therefore the expense fell solely on Mr. Peterson.
The motor has gone out in the power window mechanism in both front doors on two(2) separate occasions.
The same windows have also had plastic clips break that cause the glass to fall off the rail and render the power windows useless. The clips were eventually replaced with metals clips that should have been used in the first place.
All of the eight (8) speakers have been replaced at least two times each after blowing out or rattling out of their casing. Ironically, Mr. Peterson actually paid extra for the premium sound system.
The stereo itself has been replaced five(5) times over the course of two years.
The antenna had to be replaced, including all the wiring from the antenna on top of the roof to the stereo unit.
The audio control knobs had to be replaced on the stereo, since they were made of cheap plastic and would break under normal use.
The CD changer that Mr. Peterson paid an extra $400 to have installed in the trunk, stopped playing discs and had to be replaced.
All four doors and the dashboard rattle like the car has been used off-road since 1920. The dealership has taken the doors apart and attempted to reinforce all the clamps and clips and padded all the moving parts, but they cannot repair the faulty engineering.
The Good Year tires that came installed on the vehicle literally fell apart after 18,000 miles. Volkswagen would not take any responsibility for this equipment, since they did not manufacture the tires. They just chose to use the tires on their product, but they cant stand behind that decision. Mr. Peterson ended up having to pay nearly $300 to have the tires replaced by Good Year.
The ignition coils went out on two separate occasions. The first time it happened when Mr. Peterson was driving down the street and the car began to chug and stalled. The Volkswagen dealership was only allowed to replace the two coils that had gone bad, despite the fact that Volkswagen knew as a corporation that all the coils were faulty and would eventually all fail. Later that year, they recalled the coils. When the ignition coils went out once more, the dealership was allowed to replace all the coils with parts that were not faulty.
There is a rust prevention coating that is lining all four doors. When the temperature goes above 80 degrees the greasy liquid begins to drip out of the doors onto the side rails of the car. Mr. Peterson was informed that this is normal, and would not happen after the first summer. It is still happening.
At one point the check engine light remained lit. The car was taken to the dealership and the oxygen sensor had to be replaced.
One of the front seats had to be repaired and the seat frame had to be replaced, after springs fell out onto the floorboard.

The MSRP of this vehicle was $22,550. Considering that price tag, one would expect better performance than the above evidence suggests. Each of these incidents cost Mr. Peterson time, effort, and energy and they each represent an occasion when he was inconvenienced and without transportation. Couple that with the standard routine maintenance, and Mr. Peterson has right to be upset.
He has made many attempts to contact Volkswagen of America, and have these situations rectified. Each time he is told to direct his inquiries to the dealership directly. Mr. Peterson has even taken the step of contacting company president Gerd Klauss, and request that the vehicle be purchased back by Volkswagen. If they truly stand behind the quality of their products, it seems like the least they could do.
Mr. Peterson has vowed to never purchase another product manufactured by Volkswagen and after reading what he has gone through, I am willing to make the same pledge. I will never purchase an automobile made by Volkswagen and I will make sure that everyone I know has heard about this incident.

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