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I, being an anime fan, am a big fan of a particular anime called One Piece. It's a great anime series that has action, comedy and drama all in between. It's about a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of becoming King of the Pirates, and gathers crew members to help him and there dreams come true. Examples include Roranoa Zoro/Zolo (the First mate), a swordsman and former pirate hunter who dreams of becoming the worlds best swordsman, Nami (the Navigator), a thief who once hated pirates because of her traumatic childhood, Ussop (the Marksman), a liar and coward who is a gifted marksman, Sanji (the Chef), a cook who smokes and only uses his legs in battle and more to come. Together, they face powerful foes, such as Buggy the Clown and Arlong to find One Piece, Gold Roger's treasure that will help there dreams come true.

Unfortunately, the series is heavily edited on American television to appeal to kids ages 6-11. The reason for this is because the series main audience in Japan is also kids, but it also appeals to adults and teens aswell. However, 4Kids Entertainment, the team that owns the series have also refused to release uncut DVDs.

4Kids has once given Funimation the license to create uncut dubs of two other anime owned by 4Kids, Shaman King and Yu-Gi-Oh!. The DVDs, however, were seemingly cancelled. 4Kids CEO Alfred R. Kahn has claimed that the reason for this is because they did not sell that good and he didn't want DVD and TV versions to compete. However, this is strange, because the uncut DVD did infact sell well (even better than 4Kids's edited DVDs) and because they have already released episodes on DVD.

While Funimation doesn't own the DVD license for One Piece, Viz Media, a company that already owns the DVD license to another 4Kids licensed show Pokemon, does, however. There are plans for upcoming One Piece DVDs, but they are the English edited version. In all do respect, we anime fans would much prefer it if 4Kids let Viz Media create an uncut dub with the original Japanese dialogue also included. We would also like it if the subtitles were actual subtitles, not dubtitles with different names.

Please try to consider it, 4Kids Entertainment and Viz Media. We anime fans would really appreciate it.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 November 201550. Pyro Flores
    I support this petition
  • 16 October 201549. Jon Ray
    Finally maybe we can get great One Piece!
  • 25 August 201548. Loco Barron
    I support this petition
  • 03 August 201547. Nerd Powell
    chaa!! i'm amanda's sis and i totally F***ING AGREE!!! we need uncut!!!
  • 31 July 201546. Amanda Reeves
    they really need to make the uncut version!!!! PLEASE!!!!! all my friends would love it we talk about our favorite anime all the time, and i have alot of friends, by the way were are all 14-18 years old!! we love one piece all we want them to do is put it
  • 03 June 201545. Bebe Bowman
  • 20 April 201544. Nikki Hamilton
    Mreow X3
  • 10 April 201543. Hunter Mcintyre
    I don't know what he said, but I like One Peice alot.
  • 15 March 201542. Nicholas Webb
    Cutting it ruins the series
  • 06 March 201541. Words Ofi
  • 02 March 201540. J Mr
    edited One Piece is a travesty!
  • 19 February 201539. Monkey Dluffyr
    I want uncut One Piece!
  • 17 January 201538. Logan Graham
    I will sign with every email address I have, One Piece is my favorite show, and there is nothing wrong with showing at least a little blood or something
  • 09 October 201437. Mathew C
    I support this petition
  • 05 September 201436. James Choi
    The Dubbing is ******** HORRIBLE!!! I want uncut NOW!!!!!
  • 09 July 201435. Joey H
    I agree for anime fan's it should be put into a uncut edition and FASTY+
  • 07 April 201434. Alyssa M
    I want uncut One Piece! I mean, they even edited out the smallest amount of blood in some cases...
  • 04 March 201433. Mike Andrade
    I support this petition
  • 09 November 201332. Tom H
    To boost the popularity of this series in the States an uncut DVD must be released.
  • 07 November 201331. Olajuan C
    I totally agree. In fact, I believe 4kids doesn't have the right to own One Piece if they're gonna do that to it!
  • 03 November 201330. Matt H
    Rock On!
  • 22 October 201329. Timothy Wd
    It is one thing to edit a show for young teens and adults to turn it into a show for pre-teens but giving us the consumer no choice in the matter of which version we want to own is highly foolish. In this day and age of DVD video and its ability to give b
  • 12 September 201328. Drauceal Pace
    also a friend of amanda and she told me to spread the word about this website to fellow one piece lovers....... which is ALOT of people we know!! ONE PIECE RULES!!! uncut now D*****!!!
  • 24 April 201327. Shadow Theh
    Yeah, us anime fans need uncut shows!!
  • 19 March 201326. Andrew H
    restore one piece to its original glory!
  • 08 March 201325. Drew Saunders
    I support this petition
  • 26 January 201324. Jill M
    We NEED uncut One Piece!!

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