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We, cricket lovers and well-wishers of Indian cricket from all over
the world, are saddened at the crisis that has enveloped its cricket
team due to the self-serving, divisive, and Machiavellian actions of
Mr. Saurav Ganguly. We demand his immediate ouster as both
captain and player.

We always knew that Ganguly is a selfish cricketer: grabbing the
opener's slot in ODI while steadfastly refusing to open in tests,
feigning injuries, running out countless batting partners, refusing
to sacrifice his wicket even when blatantly responsible for the
mix-up, etc. He never took the training regimen seriously, nor paid
attention to developing his bowling, while making unreasonable
demands on others (e.g., forcing Rahul Dravid to don the
wicket-keeper's gloves in order to find a place in the ODI team).

At the same time that Ganguly had his choice of batting slot in both
versions of the game, more talented and performing batsmen like
Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag, Kaif and Yuvraj were pushed up and down
the order like yo-yos. We were willing to overlook all his faults because
we thought he at least had the team's interest foremost. Now even that
fond hope has been shattered; in addition to being 'well below the
acceptable level in all areas' pertaining to cricket, Ganguly has clearly
been causing division, insecurity and heartache in the team with his
rumors, lies and innuendo. Now he is on a campaign to oust India's
coach and legendary Aussie batsman, Greg Chappell, who has had the
courage to call a spade a spade.

Ganguly is making the present crisis out to be a PERSONALITY clash when
it is anything but that. He has shown himself to be a dictator who cannot tolerate
honest criticism. What is worse, he has actually stooped to attacking Chappell's
character. Even the previous coach, John Wright, mild-mannered as they come,
finally stepped down because he could not tolerate Ganguly's (and Dalmiya's)
high-handedness. Raj Singh Dungarpur says (see reference [*]) :
"Wright told me 'with those two here I cannot stay'. The coach and captain
would sit for an hour and put down a strategy but the captain did not follow
it on the field. And John told me it happened a lot of times."

Ganguly's continued presence in the team is clearly unhealthy. His captaincy
has never been much to write home about, either. From an invincible position,
India lost the 3rd and deciding (Bangalore) test in the recent home series
against Pakistan. Ganguly's tactics on the fourth and fifth days of this test were
so bizarre that many were convinced the match had been fixed. On the 4th day,
when the pressure was on Pakistan to score runs fast and set a challenging
target, Ganguly did not give the ball to his 'pet' and 'front man' Harbhajan Singh
until a part-time spinner (Tendulkar) had turned his arm for 14+ overs. Harbhajan
Singh had been the most successful bowler in the first innings, with 6 wkts!!
Poor John Wright, the then coach, must have been tearing his hair out in frustration.

Mr. A C Muthiah, former BCCI president , raises a pertinent point when he asks,
"Where is the need for a special review committee?" If Sunil Gavaskar doesn't
make it to the review meeting owing to his father's illness, it is guaranteed to
end in a farce, with everybody meekly rubber-stamping (Dollar-Miyan) Dalmiya.

To summarize, Ganguly is
- selfish
- arrogant
- petty
- wily
- struggling with cricket.
He is going the Azhar way ... down a slippery slope. There are too many things
going on in his head right now. We demand that he be removed immediately
from the Indian cricket team and given time to sort out his problems.

We have a parting word of advice for Ganguly,
"Why are you wasting your time trying to stick on to the Indian cricket team?
Your awesome 'talents' are being wasted on the cricket field. You should be
in POLITICS. You would make 1000 times more money, plus run the country
to boot. Else there is always BCCI crying out for a man of your pettiness and
wiles. You would take to board politics like a duck takes to water."

_____________________________________ Some references________

Chappell's e-mail to the BCCI: cannot be more damning than this

Sad & sickening state of affairs - Arvind Lavakare

Sourav's now an embarrassment - Arvind Lavakare

Wright quit because of Ganguly, Dalmiya
[*] http://in.rediff.com/cricket/2005/sep/26bcci.htm

"Is this review committee a super committee?" - A C Muthiah, former BCCI president

"I doubt that Mr Dalmiya will let anything happen to Ganguly."


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