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In the past few years Ozzy Osbourne has shown a record of consistently missing tour dates. It is extremely disappointing to look forward to a show for days, weeks and even months, only to get to the venue and realize the band you want to see will not be playing. Ozzys fans have been let down time after time.
When there is a cancellation there is never an attempt to bring Ozzy back to do a makeup show of any kind. Scheduling a make-up show for cancelled or Ozzy-less gigs would be the right thing to do by the fans. Give the fans the option to see the show they paid for, even if it is on another date.
The undersigned believe that Ozzy should come back to play make-up shows for dates where he did not perform.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 2015100. Matthew M
    Do the right thing...
  • 02 December 201599. Amanda Carrillo
    i understand people get sick, but it would be a way to make it up to the fans at columbus show
  • 10 November 201598. Stuart S
    ozzy missed a birmingham, england show last year andwe would love to see him on home turf again
  • 02 November 201597. Michael P
    I wasted $500 and 3 days of my life to see Sabbath on August 2nd and they didn't even show up to say SORRY!
  • 24 October 201596. Ben R
    I support this petition
  • 01 October 201595. Matt D
    I support this petition
  • 25 September 201594. Gabriel R
    Deliver what you promise!
  • 08 September 201593. Slc Wantsm
    Its not all about Sabbath, alot of great bands on the tour also. At least re-schedule the show PLEASE!
  • 14 August 201592. Belial Lambert
  • 19 July 201591. Kevin S
    i agree ... you ( ozzy,sharon, other management obviously knew of ozzy's health or lack thereof... its obvious you decided to say screw you to the people who buy the tickets ... ill not be going to anymore of these shows only to be cancelled cause of his
  • 23 June 201590. Jack C
    Please play the Salt Lake City, Utah Show!!!
  • 17 June 201589. Jeff R
    You told Columbus before you would.
  • 09 June 201588. Alan B
    I support this petition
  • 29 May 201587. Dusty R
    I pray this works. I want to one day see my favorite guitarist and his best band BLS!!! come on OZ re-schedule!!!
  • 18 April 201586. Sky P
    Ozzy can't help that he gets sick, but the shows should be made up. I myself put over $450 into getting to SLC to see him in Ozzfest this year, and that is a lot of money to someone who's 17. The $65 for te ticket will be nice to get back but it still lea
  • 06 April 201585. Reynaldo V
    I support this petition
  • 28 March 201584. Scott Sd
    Long Live OZZY! Ozzy is my favorite besides the orginal Sabbath, Metallica and Zombie. I believe Mike "Oz" Osbourne should have something set up to where the dates Oz canceled he should make shows up for the true fans. One of those fans would be me. It wo
  • 27 March 201583. Sam S
    Looked forward to seeing Sabbath at Indianapolis Ozzy was sick.. no apology or anything. Very disapointed.
  • 12 March 201582. Adam D
  • 13 February 201581. Kevin D
    thanks for the 10 extra minutes of Iron Maide, it totally makes up for no Black Sabbath. Invest my money wisely cause you will never see another penny from me.
  • 15 January 201580. Trent M
    ozzfest was good, but would of been better w/ ozzy. hope he's feeling better!
  • 03 December 201479. John Ac
    We want the returned of the Osbournes and we want to see if they can also do another really show with Kelly and Jack also
  • 03 December 201478. Rob Kane
    just let the other bands play the show
  • 09 November 201477. Nicholas H
    GET WELL SOON OZZY! Good luck for the fall US arena tour!
  • 02 November 201476. Jeff W
    Give the fans what they paid for and be respectfull to the people that made you what you are
  • 17 October 201475. Chris R
    We Want Our SLC show!
  • 04 October 201474. Devon S
    Show up to this one, Ozzy!

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Sharon Osbourne and all those involved in managing and organizing Black Sabbath and Ozzfest


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