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I was born in a cave due to war in-between India and Pakistan. Hours before my birth few shells were dropped by an Indian plain which killed one cow and three camels. War did not last for long because both nations couldnt afford any more money to kill each other. At the time of my birth I didnt cry every one thought I will die the woman who helped my mom to bring me in this world told my father . He held me in his hands and start crying that his son will die. After few minutes I start crying and my mom and dad were happy, that tells us suffering is in human nature . It is pleasure for some and suffering for others. and I am alive today . There was no hospital neither my father had money to afford. But he was happy that I was crying . He went outside and set under the tree, gusty wind, heat and dust was giving taste of hell. Radio signal was braking from bbc world news which was the only source for world knowledge .

Few yards away from my home there was a cemetery and a saint used to live there whose name was baba,he came for news and for his food . My father was happy and gave him some food and one Goat . I was about five year old when first time my mother told me about this story, one day when she was arguing with my father that why he had given the Goat to the old man .The animal was the reason of their argument almost every week. I played all day long running around some time tried to catch butterflies in the graveyard, time went by quick and I happen to be here in United State watching morning news because I was laid off from AT&T few days befor plains stuck in the Twin Towers. The treagdy of Septmber 11, 2001 changed my life once again and reminded me my old days in madrasa " Jaam-e-Aloomm" .The mental affect of this treagdy was hurting millions of innocent muslim all over the world and all Americans muslim who had no idea what is going to happen next and who do not support violence .

Pakistan was all over in the news because it was safe haven for terrorist. I was sorry to see that my motherland was providing safe home for those who were consider "dagger Men" or extremist . They feed hearted in to innocent brains to use them for corruption and violence . They seek to magnify their influence and power to affect human brain to create mental illness for unjust culture , group, religion, and fear of loving God to keep them in their faith and path of terror. It was long due for all rich nations to realize and get involve not just for commercial reason for humanity to monitor and organize free elections in countries where nature needed to be changed .The most important is to monitor education system in all nations without any exception to improve human nature from barbarian life to meet international standard. Last two years I have been thinking why Pakistan was involved in this tragedy of conspiracy of 911.

If we look back in history it is true that Islamic system was tried as one of the most powerful and successful social system but it crippled after principal leaders of this system took ownership of Islam and became king of some kingdoms. Just few years back Pakistan was following the same path until president Pervez Musharraf jumped in and saved Republic of Pakistan to become Kingdom of Pakistan. Most of us know Pakistani education system is the legacy of the British . It was adopted without any change due to newborn nation in 1947. Although the system was not at all suitable to meet the need and requirements Pakistan had no choice because country was struggling to improve its others problems. Pakistan was created on majority of Muslim populated areas but mostly teachers were either Hindu or Sikh .

Due to their migration, Pakistan was hard hit because shortage of qualified teacher it was difficult for new nation to pay much attention on education . At that time all Pakistani leaders were struggling hard to sustain freedom from enemies. Many Muslim teachers who migrated from India joined their brothers and accepted the challenge to face difficult task. Other side India already had stable system and many qualified teachers who start working on system to improve and change structure of intermediate and primary stage of education which produced an army of engineers ,doctors ,scientists and experts in all major fields . Quaid-e-Azam dream for strong Pakistan became hope seeking struggling nation of Islam after his death.

Many crept leaders and army lost East Pakistan in 1971 just for their personal interest. In 80s Pakistani education Structure was destroyed but system continue which converted schools in to madrasa and jihad for better Pakistan become jihad for Shia , Sunni ,Punjabi, Mahajir and so on which produced hatred and bloodshed . It failed to produce Pakistani which was once dream of Quaid-e-Azam . Jahad is struggle for better life many used this word for their personal interest to permute hatered and terrorism . Al political parties used Pakistan as a personal bank account and used young college student to fulfill their personal aim . Last martial law injected religious , culture and language differences which caused major setback for new nation to meet it standard at the national stand point for human right groups and United Nation . Education becomes business for rich people and corporations and private schools start pooping up which cause higher schools fees and 25\% of population in small cities and villages start sending their innocent kid to madrasa or Urdu medium school some of them funded by our Arabs Muslim brothers to permute Islam in Islamic country to make one more Kingdome.

A large number of failures in government run public schools some time more then 70\% was not at all happy ending for parents and poor families waste of money, time and energy 25\% of these kids never return due to financial problems or lack of their parent interest. Today every one is talking about Pakistan not because we invent some new technology just because we were host and breading ground for few terrorist who used my mother land to kill innocent human to promote wrong immage of Islam and Pakistan. The most important issues have been ignored by all Pakistani leaders because of brothers and buddies systm and a Hug Culture . The enforcment of Tax law in the country in order to achieve goal and monitor quality of investment , Invite foreign investor and provide safety and security regardless of their color and religious back ground.

Communication technology can reduce coordination cost and improve industrialization and market access. Keeping basic education system under state or federal umbrella will control cost of education for poor families. September 11, 2001 changed life of all Pakistani living in United State and UK . Thousands of innocent people died .Thousands lost their jobs and millions of people thinks Islam is religious of heat. Because our young kinds were graduated from madrass to cheer and promote jihad instead of better Pakistan or Islam .Many innocent people die Islam
is fastest growing religious because we dont know who and when some one will take pleasure of this spiritual and moral sense of this great religion. Real sources of illnesses and evil is misunderstanding basic Islam and primary education for social system. It's time to change self love from social love and improve social system in countries where "dagger Men" is changing innocent brains to use them for corruption and violence. It is a tragedy that terrible injustices continue to occur in the 21st century . The real source of the illness is hiding in those Dictators, Kings, Monarchies, Army Chiefs, Organizations, Government officials, presidents, vice presidents, and Religious leaders who are driving humanity into a long struggle and conflicts to keep thair welth and power.
God Bless America and Pakistan .
Ajmal Mehdi
Bristol Fashions 16
The topic of the day "Freedom of the Press" here in my Home Town Bristol, State of Connecticut, and the Federal Government of the United State . Freedom of the press is an issue that has never been in the press . The question is why freedom of press need freedom from and whom ? The Valerie Plame incident .Journalist being fired for writing blogs . Be honest to journalism story never reported in press.The Patriot Act innocent family caught in crossfire. First I should start with my Constitution State where July 27, 2006 Governor signed New law for freedom of the press in Connecticut by shielding reporters from pressure to reveal confidential news sources. That day Connecticut joined over 30 other states known as a news media shield law thank to governor. October 1, 2006 a new Act was introduce called An Act Concerning Freedom of the Press . The public Act No. 06-140 and the House bill No. 5212 which I do not understand . It was Effective in October 1, 2006. Does freedom on speech is same category as freedom of press ? It is the First Amendment Bill of Right which protect freedom of press. The problem is almost all of these Newspapers, Radio Stations, TV, Web and Wire Services owned by big Brothers , Buddies and powerful government officials some are elected and some aren't. The media is forced to report what the Government wants us to watch, hear, read and browse. The Top Dogs at all of these major corporations are Buddies . The Bill of Right has nothing to do with these Buddies. The Government officers distinguishes which materials are public and what is protected .Ever newspaper, TV,and radio has several levels of clearance requirements to confirm that Top Dog is fine with regards to the news. Shell we have some Independent Association who should ensure the free flow of any report in a Democratic Society. The "Imminent threat" to our Press, Religion and Speech is within our society .The "martial law " or such as those operating in dictatorships and monarchies should change their unjust way of monopolizing our Great American school of freedom and press . It is scares to think that the relationships among people and organizations based on dictatorship ideology .I would like to request from all these Dictators, Kings, Monarchies, Army Chiefs, Organizations, Government officials,Presidents,Vice Presidents, and Religious leaders to adopt new philosophy of Human Faith and come out from the delusion of time capsule.
Bristol Fashions 15
Today Human mind is the central position in our discussion. Every Thought that originate in the mind advances Human knowledge based on previous philosophy of knowledge. Knowledge begins in the mind by asking question how, why, where, who , etc etc. Knowledge is the key to establish system of Life, Universe and the World. Every thought that originate knowledge brings best result by debating or denying it. All Human beings have certain knowledge in his/her life and most we learn from each other. The simple form of knowledge is that Post 911 Politician changed our laws and system of liberty and created a Database called Matrix Database. This data is collected to keep eyes on certain people who are from certain Nations and have different faith and name. In other words it called " Name Check ". When bank called me to sign Patriot Act a simple knowledge begin to doubt that my name could be in "Name Check ". Then after few months i was held from Oath . Hmm new knowledge begins Why my name is in " Name Check " Why, Where, How , Who no one knows. Our First Amendment Right does not protect us from spiritual freedom Constitution amendment is needed to protect us from spiritual feeling .
The soul that originate new thoughts in mind calls spiritual knowledge which in not very common in our fusion society. It is not recollection of our memory or part of unconscious.

Bristol Fashions 14
The Melting Pot of our culture is still recognized by name, face and faith.Thanks to our news media who makes such a Human bond to provide expression of danger from faces, nations and cultures who have same feeling from over ugly way of politics and establish cause of regaim change. My chain of treagdy has a name called " Bristol Fashions" which started in my soul in 1974 in India and Pakistan.The September 11, 2001 has cause suffring for all of us it refreshes the wound of my soul and started the Chain of treagdy in the steps of right direction to save our Constitution. The World problem that preoccupies our thoughts today is Hate and fear. It is deeply rooted in the distant time of our History . It has driven our forefathers into a long and nonsence struggle in the ideological and political fields and in the religious and culture barriers without investigating true Human Nature.Thus September 11, 2001 Treagddy is reapting our elder system of killing innocent Human being again and no one care. I do apologize to be very critical and hounest about my views.The Great American school of freedom thought me how to live, read and write just by living in this great nation without proper school education. American soil has changed under new laws by politicians which is better step for security.The question arise what system is good for all Humans and provide happy life like past 911.

Briatol Fashions 13
Respect teaches not only moral values it can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. Human Faith method of understanding both the Universe and life is based on unlimited confidence in individual by teaching Respect of Human Race . The pain full condition that effecting our family values is not understanding Human Spiritual and materialistic view of life in today's fusion society. Human Faith has that ancient wisdom with modern way of managing spiritual and materialistic view of life. The festival of life can be celebrated with wisdom of human faith knowledge. Going back to politic by asking why people loose interest in our political system ? My chain of tragedy is struggling various kind of dictatorship in which Laws are monopolized for political and religious reason.By signing Patriot Act I feel that the system of our new democracy is paralyzing Justice system in which judgment of the illness and evil are not easy to find out because they have become part of the system. Hum The battle will continue with no weapons other then my personal power with only one purposes that one day God will Bless America with good politicians.

Bristol Fashions 12
Today we shall touch the major issue of Environment . My chain of tragedy is divided in three different topics Politic, Religion and Environment.
It is true that the phenomena of life is stuck in the pressure of gravity which is loosing pressure due to temperature change. The reality of gravity is based on very small Elements individual and invisible substances around us and cannot been seen . This substances can transfer in the waves of sound and particle of oxygen in the deep ocean water.The Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of nature is no longer exist in today's matters of Civilizations Symbols of "Hate" . Only Human Faith members believe that the Earth can not exist without a matter of nature and environment. Once we realize that we are part of the nature then philosophy gives name of it's Crater ( Efficient Cause ) . The power which is beyond the limits of matter and time. I hope my reader is understanding the issue very sample way of saying this, We take a Cricket Bat . The Bat is just a material part and made of wood it can not exist without a matter of wood. It is clear that the material (wood) cause is not the real cause which is responsible of making it . The real maker of this Bat is some one other then matter. The Carpenter who made the Bat and philosophy give the carpenter the name " Efficient Cause" My main purpose is to show the Earth's Primary matter is " Material Cause " and it's real maker " Efficient Cause" .The phenomena of " Elements " is the efficient cause of life.We should not Waite for that day when destruction of Efficient cause will begin in the matter of time. Our chain of tragedy is stuck in the matter of Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, Language and Culture problems which is producing people like Uni Bomber, Shoe Bomber, Mullah Omer, Bush, Dick etc etc. It is time to disrupt their plans by intercepting fear of Hate in human beings and enforce true Human Nature by increasing diversity and introducing Human Faith.

Bristol Fashions 11
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) was working way before September 11 the only different is Justice system in no longer needed to pull cookies and tab telephones. My chain of tragedy started when my digestive doctor didn't find any Bug in my colon but he was able to find some piece of cookies and describe some clicking sound which is still make me feel that some one is spying on me. A warrantless wiretap was clicking on my telephone every 30 second even before i sign The Patriot Act. Unconstitutional Acts were authorizes in my constitutional State of Connecticut which contributed pain in my chain of tragedy. The New york Time revealed the existence of the chain of tragedy by reporting domestic spying program in December 2005 and U S District Court ruled the program Unconstitutional. Senator Spector (R) Act ( S . 2453 ) and Senator Mike Dewin (R) Act ( S. 2455 ) were approved by 10 to 8 without reading our First Amendment Right.
House Representative Heather Wilson (R) Introduced new Version Act ( 5825) which would work without approval from the Secret Court Authorization. Thus " No doubt we are Nation of Laws " I do respect them whom opposed these unconstitutional Acts. The "Imminent threat" to our Constitution and freedom is not from outside it is from Nonsense Acts .The expression of danger is coming from Washington in manor of Unjust Act. It is time to legislate new Law to protect our First Amendment Right and remind Human beings once again that the knowledge begins through true investigation of tragedy.

Bristol Fashions 10
The Human Faith message of life and spreading the understanding of true Human nature can bring peace and goodness in our life and in the life of those who are seeking truth. It advocate spiritual and moral principles on very high scales for the longest term in Human history. It is time to modernize our Faiths by adopting true Faith and educate Mankind in accordance with International principle of life. At this time of age we all should be united by common relations and bonds of Human Faith. The philosophy of the First Mother who give birth of Twin Adam and Eve hould be consider true and realistic. The conflict of nature can be cure by changing Human Nature when brain is premature. My chain of tragedy tarted in the series of gigantic battle against Democratic Fundamentalist who wants to change our First Amendment Right in the shadow of fear.
Bristol Fashions 9
I must point out that I am not racial at all this is the reality of chain which started in my soul in Saudi Arabia while growing . The only way available for us to capture the essence of reality and to uncover the secrets of the world which is hiding in fealty. Human Faith can relay lead to the goal of grasping an objective reality by mean of knowledge and experiences. Our universe does not contain anything that cannot be known, only certain things that are still unknown will be discover in near future . the real question we should ask our self in which general view must be formed and on whose basis our principal in life must be based ? The answer based on realistic notion is Human Faith.

Bristol Fashions 8
The overflow of our democracy had the message of happiness and piece with laughter and tears and we were swimming in overwhelming waves of this overflow . The new system of democracy virus linked together in it to create new system of security in the mean of Patriot Act to control power and flow of money .The First Amendment The Bill of Right is the most magnificent piece of legislation in Human history is based on unlimited confidence in the individual to engage in political, economic and religious freedom. I do appreciate Great American Philosophers whom uncover the secrets of diversity of the world in this piece of legislation.The only problem is when some one uneducated like me try to prove something it is called delusion and the same product gets new name and introduced by some privileged member of minority called illusion. Thus, The real source of illness is color and blood phenomenon which is driving humanity into a long struggle in the educational, ideological and political fields.

Bristol Fashions 7
It is time to reconcile differences from the spirit of doubt which is the outcome of dispute concerning who did what in the democracy in which the supreme power is held by the people and used by few individuals for their personal interest . The first step is to analyze condition of this universe and save hope seeking Struggling Human being from Poverty , Health, Culture, Religious and Political problems. The second baggiest problem is environment which is due to take it's toll in order to balance the system of nature . America is consider to be the world leader in the knowledge through investigation, studies and discoveries in all major fields except helping other nations achieve their aims. Therefore, We should educate our self about environment in which The Dot's are about to be disconnect in the chain of Earthquakes and natural deserters and change our foreign policy for the rest of the world to show mutual love and confidence in Human race to change climate of fear . The time capsule we are using to bring democracy in the Middle East by dividing faith in three separate pieces without diversity will increase problem in feature.
Human Faith members believe that the Human DNA is not connected to any animal . Our democracy overflows with freedom in which we educate our self not give up hope at the time when Patriot Act and Religious Act are introduce to change our First Amendment in the chain of tragedies.

Bristol Fashions 6
How did Human Beings come to know about politics . Religion is playing an important roll by exploiting Justice and freedom all over the World. Mr. James Madison Bill of Right is open example by reading the Religious Act H.R 2679 and Patriot Act which are contributing pain in my life like other steps in the chain of tragedies.It is true that religious and political matters are deeply connected and Human nature is Handicap in order to keep them away from each other. Religious is politics and politics is religious it has been through out human history only Human Faith members believe that religious should stay in CASA means (Holy place for Human Faith) and should be separate from politics. In Ancient , Medieval and Modern cultures we can see the political ruler was also religious leader or used religious for politics or considered Divine. Our First Amendment was based on keeping Church away from State. Act ( H. R . 2679 ) was approved on September 7, 2006 and Passed the House by 244 to 173 in constitution State only few true American Representative thought about First Amendment . It is time to realize the truth that we all have Trust in GOD and have faith in Humanity . My Human Faith Revolution started by reading the Religious Act H.R 2679 and signing the Patriot Act in the chain of tragedies to protect our First Amendment Right.

Bristol Fashions 5
We start our argument by asking when we will stop using the name of religion good and evil with'us or without'us as an instrument to establish cause of killing human being. The doctrine of Human nature is very clear that exploiting religion in an ugly way no metter which religion is that is wrong and nonsense. Human faith members believe that it is time to shake every one conscious and show them that our democracy is reduced just for some privileged minority who use Anaconda oil to grow their eager. The painful condition that is destroying world best democracy is not understanding Culture, religious and political problems in nations where democracy is nothing but another english word like ( demo crazy) People can not be happy under a rule or system where spiritual and moral values are in danger. Knowledge is the only source toward establishing a basic philosophy of human faith which started in my soul in the chain of tragedies.

Bristol Fashions 4
It is time to adopt new ideological principal of life and for this universe. My social love was stripped away for a while after singing The Patriot Act in the Chain of Tragedies. It is time to start silencing Human nature to create new and true nature of Human Faith. We should not wait for that day in which the Unified Code Council or Human Code Council will put Bar-Code on 10 to 12 Billions peoples. The complications of this currant method of Dividing Wealth, Education and Health and introducing Democracy by force is wrong. How could a human being aspire to freedom in any field when he is deprived of the freedom of his life. Some time when we see true Politics on television ,It seems that some are in struggle against each other instead they should be struggling to find correct diagnosis of the illness which is truth and honesty. We all know that stone falls to the ground if the support on which it was sitting is pulled from underneath it. The main cause of all the problem in this world is the Truth and the True Knowledge. Little more then five years ago I was in dreams then suddenly new knowledge changed my mental stage and metter originated in the Chain of Tragedies.

Bristol Fashions 3
It's necessary now here in our Homeland and rest the World to introduce Human Faith based on new life shining with light and full of happiness. This new idea of Human Faith is the real message of peace in the world. The goal that Human Faith set up for human being in their lives is the satisfaction and the moral value by means of which all actions must be measures to save Human life. The only way we can treat the World Phenomena of Poverty, population, Health,war,global warming, earth, children and racial issues and many more by developing and constructing Human Faith a new nature where social love is more important then selfishness.There fore, Human Faith must be introduce and constitute as a new subject in the direction of development human goal and eliminating the danger of religious and color conflicts all over the World.The idea of Human Faith which advocates treating the problem by developing human value and giving every individual spiritual and moral value of human

Bristol Fashions 2
I do appreciate our system of freedom which is protected by First Amendment to express my suffering. However it is right of all Humankind not to sacrifice any of their Freedom of right as long as it is not necessary for them to choose between Dignity or Patriot Act. By signing Patriot Act i am living continuously under threat that i am been Judged on every move I make some one is watching me and every breath i take some one listening me worry about slightest mistake .Fear is stealing away my life in the chain of tragedies.

Bristol Fashions 1
I wish we all can understand the links in the chain of tragedies that resulted from this new democracy, or post 911 system of justice, which is neither well studied nor philosophically based on our forefather system of liberty. Now imagine that the group which represents the nation's majority seize the power of Congress and legislation and justice system, then Question is what life would you expect for the minority specially those who are like me but with ( Human faith ) which is not written on the face. Would it be strange for the majority to legislate laws particularly in the light of it's own welfare to neglect the welfare of the minority and to fulfill it's own desire in a manner unjust. Question again, Who would save the minority's and defend them against the chain of tragedies. I do apologize to be very critical to express my views when suffering from psychological effect to prove my patriotism by signing Patriot Act.

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