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Dear Paltalk,
From all the members of Paltalk we are Requesting that you fix the video problem of 320-240 all the signatures below are reqesting that you fix problem
of the video loading here is an example

Copy and paste or click to show proof of what we are talking about everyone that broadcast their connections are just fine here are the list of the admins who need to see this petition
Medianoche (co-admin)
Moser (co-admin)
Daytime (palsupport)
Mack (palsupport)
Kiddo (palhost)

Pete (paltalk) We are requesting that you use the video codec used in Paltalk Express as this one does not lag! or use the older codec
the new codec or Paltalk 9.9 Lags and we are Fed up with it below are the signatures of Real Paltalk People who are tired of having to always change to a lower resolution just to not have it saying *Video loading* We request that you fix this and we are taking it Seriously Example in XWR The Xtreme Wrestling room the Room Owner foul_player has to broadcast Wrestling at a Lower Resolution just so the *video loading does not pop up this did not happen in versions of 9.8! for months we have dealt with it and hoped with the server resets this problem would be permanently fixed but has not been fixed We users of Paltalk pay Alot of money to use the chat program called Paltalk and not to have it lagging on us with the constant *brb i have to reset the room to get audio back* part FIX IT WE ALL KNOW YOU HAVE THE MONEY PALTALK AND HEAR ME FIX THE PROBLEM THATS ALL WE ARE ASKING *help lobby* Please reset paltalk or reinstall paltalk to fix the problem NO other program that we know of has this problem Except Paltalk we love this program but you guys need to step up to the plate sincerely A very loyal user of Paltalk THE PLANET EARTH....

Dear users of Paltalk please sign the petition below if you want Paltalk to Fix this issue and have are cams running at 100 precent Like in 9.8 if you are a Video and Audio Broadcaster I will be personally sending this to any Red Admin I can that will Take the time to Read it that is an Editor of Paltalk Thanks guys!

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 August 201550. Letha Mcknight
    Whats your problem Paltalk All the server resets and still problems with the video We want it to be fixed! FIX THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we cannot play videos in the African American Section
  • 05 May 201549. Jordan
    FIx The lag issues moFos
  • 27 April 201548. David J
    I support this petition
  • 09 April 201547. Mike Pugh
    i would like to be a red admin in paltalk thank you
  • 12 March 201546. Paltalk Hines
    YES FIX PALTALK!!!!!!!!!!!! LAG IS BAD 90 precent of the time!
  • 01 February 201545. Fix I
    Fix Paltalk! DJ COOL
  • 06 December 201444. Travis S
    I support this petition
  • 29 November 201443. Casey A
    Fix it period.... anymore the whole program lags... we can't even show videos anymore. at times when we have multitude in our rooms we have to close it and reopen due to the lag and people don't come back. It is only hindering what used to be the premier
  • 31 July 201442. James Aarons
    paltalk cams lag an they load up 2 slow an most of the time they dont even load up or start right
  • 22 July 201441. Anam Jefferson
    Hello Paltalk We are sick of your software we loved it back in the year 2006 now we are fed up with the constant lag and when you release paltalk verison 9.9 the video is all messed up Exact right on the money planet they have not fixed the problem yet an
  • 14 July 201440. Loverboi Gross
    Hello i have been complaing to Bugs and reports for months on in and have not got a reply yet Paltalk fix the problem! why do you think planet created the petition in the first place
  • 13 May 201439. Jellyfilleddonuts Trujillo
    Fix paltalk cannot dj on cam right
  • 06 May 201438. David J
    Paltalk Fix the video Problem We cannot Broadcast at high quality video because of your bad software
  • 10 April 201437. Djdavemcdermott David
    fixs the vidio player
  • 26 March 201436. Elija Burton
    Paltalk has been having issues since 9.8 came out i miss 8.5 that was the best verison of paltalk ever made
  • 14 November 201335. Gameboy Nash
  • 17 October 201334. Thom P
    please fix paltalk
  • 16 August 201333. Sueanne Collins
    pal needs to be fixed
  • 10 August 201332. Jellyfilleddonuts Cohen
    Fix paltalk cannot dj on cam right
  • 03 July 201331. Avery Sherman
    We are asking that you fix audio and video maybe 10.0 Paltalk?
  • 05 May 201330. Bigal Sellers
    Fix We have been waiting a long time
  • 16 February 201329. Fix P
    Please Fix the problems of paltalk the new profiles are no good go back to the old ones but mostly its the video and audio lag that im very upset with i have a VIP nick name and do not think this is good for anyone.. please fix it Tazmania
  • 30 January 201328. Hello Fixp
    FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • 20 November 201227. Loveslilangle Jacobson
    [email protected] /* */
  • 16 July 201226. Shazzy Akas
    I support this petition
  • 13 July 201225. Maham Reed
    Salam Alikum Paltalk You Charge us Outrages prices our cams are lagging we have slow connections to the server of Paltalk We Also notice Video and Audio and Chat Lag please fix! From Saudi Arabia
  • 27 April 201224. Jose Rivera
    aaa paltalk

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