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After a lot of thought and talking to a lot of people ive decided myself to try and do something about the situations on graal. Imp starting a petition. If you agree with what I have to say please sign this online petition when I reach 100+ people I will send this to the owners of graal and perhaps something finally will be done. Ill be server hopping to get supporters.

I believe I speak for many people when I say that I believe the management on graal should be more organized. And I dont speak of just the servers I mean the globals too some of them some indeed do their jobs but theres not enough who do and a lot of mistreatment rule breaking and harassment goes un punished on all levels of severity. And unfortunately the ones who really do care and want to do something are too small on their own and or try and are hassled for it.

I believe if enough people get together that we could have new rules established for Management such as new requirements, Certain standers that need to be met, and if they do not meet these requirements a penalty or firing should happen. Because there is none of this now and the management is such a mess thats why this game is so hard to play. I personally dont want to pay for it anymore because its getting so bad.

Dont you believe that you should have this for a game you play ad for some pay for; even gunbound is managed better than this. I believe that if we can fix the main management problems that graal will be a more user friendly game to play and it will be much more pleasant without the trolls, harassment, rule breaking, abuse, and hackers. I say this from some one who used to have fun here but over the 4 and a half years ive been playing graal it has done nothing but continue to go down hill. I like graal as a type of game...and I would like to do what I can to help it. The corruption needs to stop.

I see less and less people play and I would hate for graal to die out because some people cant play the other online games not only because of financial issues but because some may not have a computer suited for it. Or just may not like that kind of game. Graal is unique one of the few that allows you to have your own character, but unfortunately a lot of graphic stealing goes on and thats one of the things that might be fixed if some better management is taking place. Try putting your hardest work in something that means a lot to you and some one just recolor it and steals it and calls it their own I believe that would piss anyone off. Although it says it belongs to the company you still made it and I believe a account setting should be made for at least while you play the game so that only you can use it when your done perhaps have it deleted when you want a new one or some other solution of the sorts.

This game was said to be and is supposed to be IN THE intro a friendly environment...But so much harassment and abuse goes on that it is a very hostile environment now and seems that it only will get worse until graal is gone if we dont do something. Not only that but its sad when racism is even brought in and I see it a lot more as well. Most of my old friends that made it fun here are gone now because of a lot of this or they just went to a new game because its a more enjoyable environment and probably more opened minded, uniqueness seems to be harassed a lot here too.

My intentions are for the best for graal and its players if you can relate to any of this or agree somewhat I would appreciate the support. I would appreciate it if you dont want anything to do with this to just keep your mouth shut I dont have time for trolls. And if you think imp wrong for trying to help graal then poor on you at least imp making an effort to try and help.

After hearing me out here is what I will need from you to help out.

2. Age
3. How long youve been playing graal overall
4. What server you play
5.Comments if you have any (ex. why you agree or perhaps another suggestion that I did not offer)
6.any contact info you wish to give.

And it would make this go faster and help out alot more if you spread this link to those you think will help.

Thank you
Dark Lady Bassett

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