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Recently an inspiring game was produced in North America. It was called Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney. Its amazing story captivated the hearts of many gamer's alike. Produced by the well-known game company, Capcom the game never ceased to amaze those who had the honor of playing it.

Originally the popular DS title was made in Japan, also developed by the game company, Capcom.

Phoenix Wright was a game transfered to english from its japanese counterpart.

Now Capcom MIGHT not make a sequel to this game in North America which Will deprive many gamers taken aback by this truly aweinspiring series of the privelige to play a sequel to the game they have come to love.

Such a Bond should not be broken, that Is the reason for this petition.

It is going to be sent to capcom when enough signatures are added. We can only hope that perhaps Capcom will reconsider bringing the rest of the series to North America.

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Latest Signatures

  • 28 October 201597. Jason C
  • 25 October 201596. Matthias Kennedy
    I hope Phoenix Wright continues to sell more games.
  • 27 September 201595. Zip Shields
    Sounds good. =)
  • 08 September 201594. Anthony Ms
    Capcom is making the children cry by not releasing GS2 and 3 sateside.
  • 01 September 201593. Mariobasher Blackburn
  • 04 August 201592. Smartgurl Pope
    Yes, save Pheonix Wright!
  • 24 May 201591. Greg J
  • 29 April 201590. Chris L
    Although I think this petition could have been written better I too would be disappointed in the absence of future localized comeback courtroom titles. Being an early adopter of Phoenix Wright I thoroughly enjoyed the title and could not put it down for a
  • 11 January 201589. Aoshi Barker
    Dammit, advertise and it would sell well, Capcom!
  • 25 October 201488. Chesu Perry
    It would be nice if Gyakuten Saiban II was ported to the DS, but I would really like a DS version of Gyakuten Saiban III. Young Ryuichi is fun!
  • 08 July 201487. John S
    one of the best games Ive played.Need more.
  • 16 February 201486. Robert T
    I really, really hope they bring them to Europe aswell or i will miss out =(
  • 25 January 201485. Dscubed Estrada
    I support this petition
  • 09 December 201384. Vincent A
    I loved the first game, and am looking forward to playing the others
  • 30 August 201383. Megamanwily Rojas
    Entirely unfair. I'll have whoever's responsible's Head for this.
  • 28 January 201382. Charlie O
    Yes, please save Phoenix Wright! It's an amazing game, one of my Top 5 best games of ALL TIME! (And not just on the cell phone... Let's see a GBA/DS sequel!)
  • 29 December 201281. Wesley Vanw
  • 25 December 201280. Thepublicenemy Harding
    yah crapcom bring it back
  • 15 November 201279. Jack L
    Give me Phoenix Wright or give me death. :D
  • 19 July 201278. Thelastchance Mcneil
    C'mon, Capcom!
  • 18 May 201277. Nightbringa Benjamin
    WHAAAAAT?!!! Why wouldn't they deprive us of even more games coming to the U.S. eh? Instead we get all these sport games, bloody shooters, and other POS's that we're tired of? No. Send us the good stuff Capcom, send us the different stuff... like this! We
  • 16 May 201276. Hyrulegirl Hobbs
    Phoenix Wright is (in my opinion) one of the best DS games right now. Sometimes I can just finish charging my DS, start playing Phoenix Wright, then stop playing and have to charge the DS again because I couldn't put the game down, even after I have beate
  • 20 March 201275. John B
    This game is too good, not to bring over to here, I played the first one and was shocked and amazed with its greatness, It saddens me to think I might not be able to play the rest of the series, Please reconsider Capcom! =(
  • 17 March 201274. Sam F
    I love this game and would do almost anything to get a sequel!
  • 04 January 201273. Kasey C
    Even though I can't find the original for cheap anymore, I want another one! 5 cases just isn't enough for such a creative character like Phoenix Wright. Oh, and I demand more Edgeworth too!
  • 14 December 201172. Chris D
    Phoenix Wright was incredible! Bring us #2!
  • 18 November 201171. Maddie C
    CAPCOM has seen that America loves Phoenix Wright. They already made the mistake of dicontinuing it once, so, if they're smart, they'll realize it would be a wise desicion to release the rest of the series in America.

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Politics and GovernmentIn:
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All Phoenix Wright fans, as well as Capcom


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