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-So what's this all about?

Thank you, George Michael and the BBC for making the documentary 'A Different Story' so fantastic!Much praise for giving the viewers and fans such an insight into this amazing artist!Such a rare piece of television!

-So why this petition?
O.k. a bit silly maybe, but nothing tried nothing gained!Well, there are many fans worldwide who were not able to see it and might not see it.They feel they missed out on something special.Some have even been writing in.
With this petition we hope you will consider releasing the documentary on DVD.It would be much appreciated by many people.Thank you!

And to all visitors, thank you for signing this petition!You might just get lucky:-)

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 November 201550. Mavi Ware
    GM fans want "A different Story" on DVD... I'm Spanish! I couldn't see it!
  • 11 November 201449. Ioggie Stevenson
    A "Different Life" DVD, please ;o)
  • 29 October 201448. Norma K
    As I live in Australia and could not watch
  • 01 September 201447. Chris H
    we've only few dvd of this great artist! Please give us a new one!
  • 09 June 201446. Mandi C
    I live in South Africa and being a fan of 22 years, has been deprived of a lot of George Michael documentaries, interviews and of course concerts. Please make this possible for isolated fans like myself to see this very special programme. A portion of the
  • 26 May 201445. Harish M
    Please release it on DVD
  • 14 April 201444. Paul A
    Must have this out on BBC DVD very soon!!
  • 04 November 201243. Releb Ashley
    Would you please release the George Michael Documentary of " Different Life" on DVD? All George Michael Fans would be appreciated if you do so!
  • 27 April 201242. Green S
    Great show, pleeeease help us out!
  • 13 February 201241. Lara Barnett
    Please release A different Story on DVD
  • 31 October 201140. Kay Bray
    I've heard from many fans who were able to see this show that it was great. Please release it so all of George's fans can have a chance to see it.
  • 10 October 201139. Jane Cain
    PLEASE George, PLEASE Aegean!! Release the documentary on DVD, it will make so many of George's deserving fans happy. :o)
  • 26 September 201138. Karen P
    Please, please release this on DVD, I have no chance of seeing it otherwise.
  • 28 May 201137. Outita Levy
    I seriously doubt I'll have the opportunity to see the documentary unless it will be released as a DVD
  • 28 December 201036. Stefanie
    I've been told that this documentary is very good, but, as usual, I missed it as I'm not living in the UK. It would be great if we had the chance to buy it =)
  • 10 December 201035. Maja Mercer
  • 05 December 201034. Karen David
    I think this documentary should be released on DVD so all of George's fans have a chance of seeing it. There are many of us who will not be able to see it at all if it's not.
  • 09 October 201033. Denise N
    From the USA, reallyyy want to see the show!
  • 20 September 201032. Sanghee P
    Please release George's new doc. on DVD
  • 07 May 201031. Jeffrey R
    Please release the Different Life, Unplugged and Behind the Music documentaries on DVD, not only for fans but also for the gay community. This interview and this man is an inspiration!
  • 02 May 201030. Oreal E
    unfortunately, i havn't seen it in germany
  • 27 March 201029. Renee Myers
  • 30 November 200928. Holger P
    the best programme ive ever seen about george michael!!!!
  • 02 October 200927. Colleen Bm
    I would love to see this documentary. I love George Michael and respect him as an artist.
  • 02 July 200926. Dr Cm
    I concur with the afore-mentioned, pls record this documentary and make it available to the public.
  • 20 June 200925. Chloe Titcombe
    This was a great documentary and it would be great for the fans all across the world to be able to see it through an official DVD and not bootlegs.
  • 19 March 200924. Mandi C
    A lot of us have been deprived of what seems to be some of the best interviews George has done. Please help us to also share in this and consider this request favourably!

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Aegean and BBC


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