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We are signing this petition to strongly detest the U.S. military involvement in Iraq since the military objective of removing Hussein from power had been accomplished. Also we are very upset by the large expenditure of tax dollars authorized by congress to establish a democratic government in Iraq. According to the National Priorities Project on April 9, 2006 the cost of the Iraq war for tax payers had reached 272 billion dollars. There is no doubt that this sum will increase appreciably if the same U.S. program is maintained and it is very likely that many more U.S. soldiers will die and the American economy will be severely crippled without achieving the desired goal. The following facts support our decision for signing this petition.

The Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other. Sunnis are attacking Shiite mosques. Shiites are attacking Sunni mosques. Both have death squads. Many Iraqi citizens, both Sunni and Shiite, hate American soldiers who freed them from one of the most despicable dictators in the past century. Any one with common sense will recognize that establishment of a democracy in this country is almost an impossible task. Even President Bush has stated that it will be in the term of the next president before many American soldiers will be removed from Iraq. We think the American people will insist on removal of American soldiers before the end of 2006.

The United States is spending approximately 7 billions of dollars per month in this military activity in Iraq. We are literally borrowing billions of dollars from China, India, Japan, etc to sustain this endeavor for mostly ungrateful people. We can not continue this activity which will tend to bankrupt our country. We have many problems of our own such as the hurricane damage to New Orleans for which our money should be used along with many other nature related catastrophes. Also, there are many other countries with impoverished citizens who would greatly appreciate help from the United States. The National Priorities Project

Listed the following state level costs for the Iraq war (example):
Alabama - 3 billion dollars
California 40.6 billion dollars
Colorado - 5 billion dollars
Florida - 15.5 billion
Georgia - 9.5 billion
Tennessee - 5.2 billion dollars

The above funds would greatly help state projects that are in dire need of financial support.

The Sunnis and the Shiites will for the most part hate each other for years to come. The only solution to minimize the hostility between the three population groups is probably to partition the country. It is very likely that the relationship between the Sunnis and Shiites will be very similar to the Jews and the Palestinians. Separate states have existed between them for about 50 years with continued hostility between citizens of each country. If partition is performed it is unlikely that the United States will ever be concerned about weapons of mass destruction from these population groups.

There is no doubt that the Sunnis hate the Shiites because of their concern that the Shiites will acquire the good jobs and money that they acquired for many years under Saddam Hussein. The Shiites and the Kurds outnumber the Sunnis. If the United States evacuates from Iraq it will be up to the citizens of Iraq to resolve their form of government. The United States should not impose a democracy on them with such diverse citizenry. No other country intervened to any extent in our civil war. Why not let the Iraqi citizens determine their own future.

The present administration infers that we must fight the terrorists
in Iraq to prevent their coming to our shores to cause havoc. The terrorists
are in many countries striving to topple existing governments so Muslims
can virtually control the world. Our evacuation from Iraq will not increase
or reduce our concern of terrorist activity. This should not be a basis for
retaining our troops in Iraq. We must protect our own shores without
regard to terrorists in Iraq.

There was a recent article in U.S. News & World Report or Newsweek that discussed the reluctance of past presidents to admit that they had made a mistake. This writer believes that our president did a very good thing for the world in removing evil Hussein from the leadership of Iraq. However, I believe that there was a very serious mistake in not partitioning the country to separate the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. If partitioning could have been accomplished with equal sharing of the petroleum reserves for citizens of each political group then the conflict as seen today may not have occurred.

If President Bush does not admit that our prolonged stay in Iraq was a mistake with the loss of life and fantastic expenditure of our funds (mostly borrowed) the American public will force this withdrawal and he will not be a highly regarded president in history.

In the past Vietnam war the basic cause of our involvement was the concern that our leaders had about the domino effect. In other words; if North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam then that there would be a domino effect and New Zealand, Australia, and others would become communist nations. As we know we lost our first war with about 60,000 American casualties and the nations mentioned above did not go communist from the domino effect. THE AVERAGE CITIZEN SOMETIMES KNOWS MORE THAN THE LEADERS. IT WAS THE EFFORT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT STOPPED THIS WAR.

The writer of this petition voted for George Bush and his father in previous elections. If American troops are still in Iraq at the time of the next presidential election I will not vote for any republican candidate for congress or the presidency.

Mr. President we live in the greatest country in the world. We have entered many wars in this century in an effort to overcome dictatorships and achieve freedom for their citizens. It is now time to pull out of Iraq and let Iraqi citizens establish their own form of government and destiny. We wish the best for them but they should fight their own fight and we should conserve our funds to overcome our problems. Do not let your ego be involved. I urge you to do what is best for the American people. Believe me you will remembered in history that you recognized the fallacy of the present Iraqi effort and changed course for the benefit of our country and the American people.


James K. Hayes
Nashville, TN
Email [email protected]
or [email protected]

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