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To: The United Nations Secretary-General Mister Ban Ki-moon

In the name of a broad community from many countries (America, Europe and Israel) I turn to you and ask you to organize a Public International Trial for Those Who Encourage Terror and especially terror by means of Suicide Bombers. If the United Nations Organization does not address this immediately, than the peace and stability of the entire world will be continuously undermined and shattered. I believe an International Trial could be a highly effective and humane way of dealing with such heinous crimes against humanity, without war and bloodshed.
Please see my detailed argument below.

In the 21st century, when civilization is at its height, Muslim fundamentalists cloak themselves in religious garb and organize a mass industry that trains suicide terrorists. Through horrific brainwashing techniques, they convince their victims that the more innocent people they kill, including non-Muslim women, children, and elderly persons, the sooner they will reach paradise, where all their dreams will come true. The victims of these Muslim fundamentalists have included not only simple-minded youths, but also eighteen relatively educated pilots.
No religion including Islam! condones suicide; the opposite is true. German Nazis, who performed experiments on live human beings, have been charged with crimes against humanity by an international court. We believe that a similar public international trial must be carried against countries, organizations, and leaders that apply a twisted, perverse interpretation of religious laws in order to poison the minds of innocent people. Such a public trial, which will undoubtedly be covered in detail by the mass media around the globe, will eradicate once and for all the moral basis for suicide terror. Moreover, it will render superfluous the need to form an artificial coalition against terror composed of just a few leaders and countries: an objective, international court will pronounce its verdict to the entire world. We are convinced that the ruling of this court will receive the blessing of everyone, including millions of Muslims (including those in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Palestine) who suffer tremendously from this cynical abuse of their religion.
If we fail to bring the suicide-terror industry to international justice immediately it will only gain strength, threatening the stability of the entire Western civilization (including Europe). The Unites States, where thousands were murdered in matters of minutes in an attack of suicide terrorists -(09.11.2001), is the preferred location to conduct the trial.
Unfortunately until today the civilized countries have not used anything effective way to eradicate these acts of massive terror.

Endeavour to punish terror by tanks and by massive bombardment do not produce until today any positive results. These punishment methods , which have been used for several years in Iraq, resulting in the killing many tens of thousands of innocent civilians have not reduced the number of terror acts and suicide bombings, rather caused the opposite.
At present in all world of Muslim and Christian are organized massive demonstrations against war in Iraq. Therefore only by tanks and by massive bombardment impossible conquer world terror and terror by suicides.

In the nearest future terror by Muslim fundamentalists will become even more dangerous factor for world humanity. Because at present the Muslim Humeinisty country- Iran works very intensively towards the development of atomic weapon. However, almost all Europe and also United States, limitations only by declarative statements. They do not employ any effective acts against this very dangerous threat to world humanity. At the same time the Russian government even assist to Iran to develop atomic weapon. Possibly world by erroneous think, that the atomic weapon of Iran will threaten only to Israel and not to America, Europe or Russia?

However at present, the government Humeiny of Iran, in every possible way help to terrorist organizations as Xizbolla, Khamas, Djihad-Islamy and maybe even to El-kaida. At the same time ought to not forget that in nearest future maybe the terrorist organizations will success to obtain also the atomic weapon. If in Muslim Pakistan, which today has the atomic weapon, will occur revolution and the authority will capture Muslims fundamentalists, than the terrorist organizations can obtain also atomic weapon. Recollect that at still in half of twentieth century a great physicist Albert Einshtein come to scientific conclusion that in case of nuclear splitting it is possible obtain the atomic energy equally to mass multiply on square velocity of light. Than ask to scientist his autobiography mister Moshkovski: what this scientific discovery signify? Than Einshtein replied that possibly there will come a time when a small group of adventurers terrorists could bring the entire world to kneel.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned facts, and in order to not find ourselves in such dangerous situation, it is necessary to immediately organize a Public International Trial to Those Who Encourage Terror, Especially Terror by Means of Suicide.

Dear friends,
If you agree please sign the petition and let your friends know. If millions of people from all over the world sign the petition it may force Mr Ban Ki-moon to organize an international trial.

Prof. Tzivion Shalva
Tel Aviv University
Tel. Office 972-3-6408242
Fax. 972-3-6409282
e-mail: [email protected]

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