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This petition is intended as a call for punishements for corporations who abuse animals, and for tougher legislation to prevent the abuse from occuring in the first place. Specifically who it is sent to is up to the signers, (suggestions for this is one of the fields). This petition is specifically targeting three especially bad companies.

1. 'KFC'(a subsiderary of ''yum' foods' and associated with 'pilgrims pride').

On July 20, 2004, PETA released the results of an undercover investigation into a KFC chicken slaughterhouse in Moorefield, W.Va., where workers were caught on video stomping birds, kicking them, and slamming them against floors and walls. Workers ripped the animals' beaks off, twisted their heads off, spat tobacco into their eyes and mouths, spray-painted their faces, and squeezed their bodies so hard that the birds expelled feces.

The investigation was conducted at this location because it was the site of a KFC "Supplier of the Year" Award ceremony, and PETA wanted to see the "best" that a KFC supplier had to offer. This slaughterhouse is run by Pilgrim's Pride, the second-largest chicken company in the U.S., after Tyson Foods.

Animal-welfare experts are in agreement that the cruelty at this KFC supplier is reprehensible. Colorado State University professor of animal science, biomedical sciences, and philosophy, university distinguished professor, and university bioethicist Dr. Bernard Rollin writes, "I can unequivocally state that the behavior I saw exemplified in [this] videotape was totally unacceptable. The tape showed evidence of a work force that apparently failed to recognize that chickens are living sentient beings capable of feeling pain and distress." Dr. Temple Grandin, perhaps the industry's leading farmed-animal welfare expert, writes, "The behavior of the plant employees was atrocious," and asserts that even though she has toured poultry facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, and the U.K., the video showed "the WORST employee behavior I have ever seen in a poultry plant." University of Guelph professor of applied ethology and university chair in animal welfare Dr. Ian Duncan writes, "This tape depicts scenes of the worst cruelty I have ever witnessed against chickens. and it is extremely hard to accept that this is occurring in the United States of America." University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine graduate and avian veterinarian Dr. Laurie Siperstein-Cook writes, "In NO case can the behavior of the workers be considered a necessary or acceptable way of killing or stunning chickens."
From PETA website.

2. 'IAMS'(and also procteur&gamble, their parent company)

For nearly 10 months in 2002 and early 2003, a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory and discovered a dark and sordid secret beneath the wholesome image of the dog- and cat-food manufacturer: dogs gone crazy from intense confinement to barren steel cages and cement cells, dogs left piled on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs; dogs surgically debarked; horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no veterinary care.

Iams lied to PETA with promises to improve the conditions for animals in its contract laboratories, even assuring us that enrichment programs were already in place, but our undercover investigator saw otherwise. She fought for six months to have a single cheap, rubber toy placed in each cold, lonely kennel. This is Iams idea of enrichment.

Our video footage shows Iams representatives touring the facility and witnessing dogs endless circling in barren cells, sweltering in the summer heat. Iams knew the truth yet did nothing to protect the animals.

The dogs and cats in Iams tests are no different from our dogs and cats at home when it comes to deserving companionship, play, a stimulating environment, and the right not to be tormented in painful experiments.

Luckily, caring consumers know that advances in nutrition dont have to come at the expense of animals in labs. Help PETA force Iams to end these painful and unnecessary tests, as many compassionate companies have already done.

The Investigation
Our investigator videotaped Iams representatives touring the facility. They saw the sad, distressed dogs. They felt the sweltering heat and humidity in the kennels. Then they walked out. But the animals couldnt.

An Iams veterinarian inspecting a group of dogs purchased from a USDA Class B dealer did nothing when he saw that a mother dog who had just given birth in a cement kennel had been provided with no bedding to rest on. A puppy and an adult dog from that group died during our investigation, most likely the result of neglect and temperatures that fell below 34 degrees in the building.

An Iams behaviorist saw dogs spinning in their cages out of madness and yet said nothing. An Iams cat dental researcher even overheard two employees talking about animals who were treated inhumanely at the facility yet Iams continued to conduct business there as usual.

Despite assurances in the Iams research policy that no animal would ever be killed, our investigator documented the destruction of 27 out of 60 dogs who underwent an invasive procedure that involved having huge chunks of muscle cut out of their legs. Two more of those dogs were found dead in their cages after the surgery; one had been suffering for 11 days prior to her death.

When our investigator reported that Humbug, an Iams dog, was limping, she was told by a vet tech that the laboratory had an x-ray machine that dated back to the 1960s but no film for it and that the director of the laboratory preferred to kill, rather than treat, animals with broken bones. In addition, Fifi and the other dogs used in Iams metabolic studies were bled by the laboratory in order to sell their blood to other companies even though the studies do not call for blood draws.

Finally, shortly before our investigator left, the lab director told the vet techs to debark all the Iams dogs as he was being disturbed by their desperate cries for attention. Our investigator e-mailed Iams researchers in Dayton with this information, hoping that Iams would intervene. But all she got was the sickening sight of a lab technician covered in blood after a day of performing the debarking surgery.

When our investigator resigned, she told the Iams representative and the lab director that she was leaving because despite her best efforts, nothing was being done to enhance the desperately boring, lonely, harsh lives of the animals. The Iams representative admitted that both he and the lab director were from the old school.

What Our Investigator Found: Iams Den of Horrors
Iams dogs dumped on cold concrete flooring after having huge chunks of muscle cut out of their thighs

dogs and cats gone stir-crazy from confinement; dogs and cats in windowless, dungeon-like buildings

a coworker who instructed her to hit the dogs on the chest if they quit breathing; another coworker who talked about an Iams dog found dead in his cage, bleeding from his mouth

a dog who limped in pain from Lyme disease

cruel studies done by Iams involving sticking tubes down dogs throats to force them to ingest vegetable oil

Iams dogs with such severe tartar buildup on their teeth that it was painful for them to eat

vet technicians with inadequate training and experience performing invasive procedures

coworkers who talked about a live kitten who was washed down a drain

coworkers who talked about how they had to go home because the ammonia fumes in the animal trailers were so overpowering that it made their eyes burn (try being one of the animals in those cages!)

cats kept in a cinderblock room with crude wooden resting boards that had nails sticking out of them; one of the boards fell on a cat, crushing her to death, while our investigator was there yet the lab director did not remove the boards when the cat was crushedhe removed them when he was told that the lab was going to be inspected because he knew they were illegal
From PETA website.

3. Covance labs

"New arrivals were carried into the unit in groups of six to eight monkeys in each cage. They were extremely frightened. It was easy to see the panic in their eyes. They desperately held onto each other crying as, one by one, they were forcibly dragged from the cage. Sometimes the struggling was so bad that as the monkeys were pulled out of the cage, the cage door would smash down cutting their tails or hitting a leg.

The whole process was like a production line. First the monkeys were anaesthetised and tattooed on their chest. Next their abdomen was cut open and an optical fibre lens inserted to examine internal organs. No pain relief was given before they were placed in a tiny metal quarantine cage, which was to be their 'home' for the next few weeks. The cages were bare. Slowly the monkeys started to come round from the anaesthetic. They would stumble around and often collapse, falling and knocking their heads on the metal bars. They would awaken to the awful sounds of blaring music and staff shouting. In total shock at this horror, the monkeys would sit motionless and silent in their tiny prison. This had now become their hell.

I found working in the Reproductive Toxicity Unit deeply upsetting. The unit was full of pregnant females and mothers with their infants. The cages were just as barren as those for the other monkeys. The infants were forcibly separated from their mothers on a regular basis to be weighed and for blood to be taken. The mothers would desperately try to protect their young, crying out and smashing themselves against the cage walls. It was really difficult to watch the desperation in the mothers' eyes as they fought the inevitable. Two technicians would literally pull the mother and baby apart by pulling on their tails and arms.

Every day hundreds of monkeys were dosed with test substances. On one occasion I watched as the other technicians stood around joking, laughing and talking to the researchers during the dosing of one monkey after another. Music was blaring in the background. One monkey resisted and the technician became aggressive and began shaking the monkey who started crying out. The researcher had problems trying to force the tube down his throat. She was chatting to the animal technicians and moving to the music. The technician holding the monkey began moving the animal to the rhythm on the radio. The researcher eventually got the tube into the animal and pumped the test substance into his stomach. The monkey appeared to go into a state of shock and stopped struggling. Only his eyes betrayed the panic and fear. After the dosing, the technician holding the monkey by just one arm, literally threw him back into his cage allowing the door to smash down behind him."
From BUAV website.
I would also add to that the fact that covance sell animals for reasearch catalougued like office stationary on their website.


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