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I am one of many college students that is being taken advantage of by private students loans and I think it is time that the federal government steps in and puts a cap on the interest rates that banks and loan companies are allowed to charge us.

I do not want to be in debt for the rest of my life and think that it is completely unfair that banks and loan companies are maximizing profits over dire necessities that are essential to success such as an education.

By signing this petition, I am in concurrence to the statements above and strongly urge the federal government to respond to my request.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 December 2015100. Jeremy M
  • 06 December 201599. Marie J
    Something needs to be done now I had 70k in student loans when I graduated 06 but can't pay them because I don't make enough and didn't get the job I should have been waiting for me when I got college and the payments that sallae mae wants me to pay is th
  • 13 October 201598. Jason S
    stop variable interest loans
  • 06 October 201597. Darlene J
    Please help. I am a good person, who was the first person in my family to attend college. I am a teacher now, and I can not afford the re-payment options. I need help.
  • 24 March 201596. T S
    Please fix this seriously unfair, criminal system!
  • 17 January 201595. Anna J
    I have a master's degree, which used to be worth something; but with the deception employed by lenders (public and private) and the nonchalant manner in which the money was loaned, I am completely unable to even make the payments required to keep the loan
  • 02 November 201494. Aaustin Bartlett
    This is urgent.
  • 27 August 201493. Jeannine B
    Our current system of private student loan funding for students to receive a college education (that we should all be entitled to without having to completely ruin our financial standing) is an atrocity! I think it should be considered a crime what our go
  • 05 April 201492. Michael Jd
    It is important that future doctors like myself are able to afford our education in order to meet the growing healthcare crisis.
  • 15 February 201491. Cris Jennings
    I have to pay half my monthly income on student loan payments. I can't afford to live like this!
  • 30 January 201490. Jami S
    Key Bank private loans take all my money!
  • 08 December 201389. Leonard A
    I originally borrowed 32,000 which are now at 86,000. I am trying to pay as much as I can but I only make 23,000 a year net pay. At the rate these loans are increasing I will be paying this till the day I die. All hope of a normal life or retirement is go
  • 25 September 201388. Carrie A
    +$70,000 in student loan debt.
  • 17 August 201387. Janessa W
    65K in undergraduate loans. Cant afford health insurance, cannot afford a decent home, cant afford a decent car, cant afford a vacation from my 50 hour work week., cant believe this is happening in the richest country in the world.
  • 12 August 201386. William T
    With rates so low we should be able to get better fixed rate loans. 8.56 fixed is ridiculous no one is making 8.5\% on loans I just got a car loan at 4.4\%. Hope this helps
  • 24 July 201385. Nicholas S
    50000 in Student Loan Debts
  • 04 May 201384. John Gould
    Students need bailout - it is not fair that we get educated and owe more than we earn. We make the economy move; it's our TAX dollars that the GOVERNMENT is using to bailout Financial Institutions. We should hold off on paying our student loans unitl we a
  • 09 April 201383. David Zavala
    To Congress - FIX THE BANKRUPTCY BILL OR ADMIT YOU WERE BRIBED! And if you weren't bribed you should resign beause you are too dumb to know when something is obviously ridiculous biased and unjust.
  • 29 March 201382. Kenneth T
    I am in 230,000 dollars in debt. Please help me with a solution. I do not want to spend the rest of my life dealing with stress.
  • 07 March 201381. Angie B
    there is no way I can afford this payment of nearly 1200 a month!
  • 25 February 201380. Stacy L
    I think private student loan interest rates should be capped and I think there should be a maximum amount cap. I also think teenagers should be give a full understanding of what they are signing away on. I also think it is irresponsible for anyone to grad
  • 11 February 201379. Pearl M
    education should be free
  • 23 January 201378. Justin W
    I went to college to better my life. Now, I feel as if I went to make my life miserable. I can't find a job that pays what I need in order to live on my own, pay bills, and pay off my loan (which has a monthy payment by itself that is more than living cos
  • 01 November 201277. Martha S
    My 3 children are strapped the rest of their lives with rediclous private student loans to repay and my husband co-signed for each of them, so we could also be ruined financially.
  • 30 October 201276. Sallie Maekilledm
    Originally borrowed 85k in private loans. It has accrued 56k in interest!!!!!! My rate is 17\% minimum payment is more tha I make a month!
  • 02 September 201275. John D
    I hope that the federal government stops the variable student loan interest rates. American Education Services increased one of my payments from 201 to 321. Moreover, the following year they will increase it to 421. If I had known that this was going to h
  • 07 August 201274. Matthew V

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