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Class descriptions should be introduced into legislation for black people of this country, the same as it is for white people. It cannot possibly remain just "the black class". Black people (or African-Americans) have class levels too. Too many problems are obvious with the lack of classifications. White people have lower class, middle class and upper class basically. It is usually the middle class and upper class of every race that are educated. Problems arise when an uneducated black person makes complaint against a white person "because they are black" when actually the real problem is that they are too ignorant to comprehend the world in a realistic, logical way and are making a stupid, moronic, senseless complaint. If an uneducated, poor black person robs a middle class black person, then it is automatically deemed "black-on-black crime" when actually it's a jealousy and covetous move against a person that has put more education and effort into financial stability instead of waiting for a hand-out.

Those facts don't change just because some lower class black people are law abiding citizens and don't bother anybody.

When the unfairness of a lower-class black person against a middle-class black person occurs, the middle-class black person has no legal recourse, but is told that they are both black, therefore there is no problem. Class prejudice will never be an issue.

Middle class black people especially have always been targeted by some white people that wish to cause problems. They, in turn, get the lower class, uneducated blacks to harass and with words they don't comprehend, but misinterpret, and they go about harassing, believing that everything is just handed to a person without education or effort. They actually believe that by harassing people they will receive "favor" and will "trade places" with the black person that has more money and financial stability. Education means nothing to the uneducated, lower class black person.

For instance, the white people wanted to cause problems for a high achiever in a majority-white school (that the lower class blacks couldn't afford and didn't attend) and then she was having a baby. Going around to the lower class black people, they told them she was a "whore". By the time word got around, even the idiotic father of the baby (also black) was confused and calling her a "whore" and refused to support his baby. The people calling the young woman foul names had unmarried parents and they themselves had babies without being married. Giving a baby up for adoption was not in their culture. Nor was calling an unwed pregancy "being in trouble". The lower class black people thought that meant "trouble with the police" because that's the only kind of "trouble" they ever heard of. When those local white people realized the lower class black people hated that young woman even more than they did, and they could continue a life-long tirade of harassment and interference, they insisted in telling the young woman to become a lesbian, which is a ridiculous idea since she is no lesbian. Interfering with any relationship she has in life will never change that fact. She has lost money, jobs, career and reputation as a result of the utilization of lower class blacks against her and is constantly starting over and struggling against all odds.

None of the slander was necessary because she already had office skills when she graduated from high school and went directly to a professional job at a bank and had enough money for a day care and to take care of her baby. There were other single parents at her job that were not being slandered. Even some of the people she worked with thought it must be some other reason for the slander, because they also were single mothers and no one was calling them foul names with such intensity.

Many middle class white people that didn't particularly like this "uppity" young black woman joined in and pretended that lower class white people that started the slander were justified because they shouldn't have to feel "inferior" to any black person. The damage to this young woman could never have happened if those middle class white people hadn't joined in. Both middle class white people and middle class black people that tried to help this young black woman got their own careers interfered with.

Both black and white, many people that didn't even know her were actually killing each other in the streets over disputes regarding the slander and defamation of character. When the lower class was approached and told what they were doing was defamation, they didn't know that word, but to them, it sure sounded like "defecation" and so that became, in their words, the prerequisite for this young woman's job duties and so the slander intensified with that addition to it. Since they think everything is a hand-out, education, skills or qualifications mean nothing to them.

This is just one instance where the lack of class-level legislation caused mayhem, travesty and injustice. There are many people in this country, black and white that have been forced to fight a battle that should never have to be fought in an effort to obtain the things that this country is supposed to stand for.

The legislation would not be to further cause divisions or racism or even class-ism. It will be as a protection for people who don't deserve to be treated unfairly in this country as a citizen.

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