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Hi All,
Since the start of conflict in this world, propaganda has always played a part to mould mass's minds and to gain personal benefits which are in the interest of a certain group. Some of it does work and some of it fails but there are certain things which are taboo to talk about or even call it a conspiracy like the nazi war against jew's (which as we all know is a FACT).

Then again there are certain things which are used as a punching bag and are thrown around time and again. Unfortunately, I belong to such a nation as well which has been victimized for years and is considered normal attitude for anyone to take pot shots at us or portray us as terrorists, drug dealers and ignorant. Being a part of that nation I'm forced for the sake of my honor and my national duty to raise this petition and draw attention to authorities who are in a position to take appropriate action about it.

This petition is a result of a recent incident that I came across in the form of a film. Never have I been horrified by such extreme insulting sketch of a nation drawn by the likes of Pierre Morel in his film "From Paris with Love". Who knows what was on his mind when he was making that movie and why would John Travolta participate in such a kind of controversial film. Humor has it's limits and you draw a line where it starts getting pathetic and insulting. While watching the film I was completely in a daze watching my nation being insulted and de-meaned. It was the most uncomfortable experience of my life and the most difficult 90 minutes through which it seemed like an eternity and I was hoping that it would stop and re-gain my interest. Just like any other typical movie, the theme is based on an American delegate visiting an important conference in Paris which Pakistani terrorists, who are shown as pimps, drug dealers and people who go around with explosives strapped to them under their burcas, are trying to sabotage the conference. John Travolta as a CIA agent saves the day and American CIA is victorious. We know how bad the Pakistani nation is, over years and years of false media coverage and the lies spun by a lobby behind all the current atmosphere that it has created by the propaganda. Myself being a pakistani just like millions all over the world do not accept being painted with the same brush and be a part of a stereotype.

I'm quite broad minded and do have a threshold for entertainment that involves my religion and culture but when it comes to a stage when I have a gut feeling that I don't feel right about watching whatever I am watching, then I do have a right to raise my voice against it, especially if it concerns me and my national image on a world level.

I plead to all Pakistanis who have come as far as reading this message to take part in this effort to condemn the unfair western policy and to make sure that places like Hollywood can hear our voice and stop participating in the pshycological warfare of which we have enough all around us day and night.

I hereby urge every Pakistani National to join in the efforts to have this film removed from cinema listings as a symbol of protest in the interest of safeguarding our national image on the stage of the world. Any Pakistani who watches that film will have his head hung in shame and if any of us has any bit of Nationalism lefft inside us we would join efforts to raise our voice against this unfair manner in which we are dealt and taken for granted by everybody. We are a nation of nearly 200 million + all over the world and we exist. And we will raise our voice on any level where the name of Pakistan would be at stake.

If anyone else wouldn't I would. Because it's a matter of my country's honor. My Honor & yours as well.

Allah Hafiz

Omar Butt

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