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This petition's purpose is to rid the National Football League of the most cancerous, unsportsmanlike, classless organizations for the betterment of society as a whole. Obviously such a request is shockingly abysmal to say the least, but the reasons and backing are conclusive and definite. The following topics and reasons are thus to be listed as proof of the need for said retraction of the Patriots organization from the NFL:


The Patriots fans are a bunch of bandwaggoners:

In 1992 the Patriots had just 19,000 season ticket holders an unbelievably low number by any standard especially for one of the top markets in the NFL. Just 12 years later the team had tens of thousands of people on the waiting list for season tickets a jump in demand of over 70,000 people.


Their proposed greatness by their cultist fans:

They won three super bowls by 9 points. That's it, that's all that I need to say.


They are cheaters (spy gate):

They were involved in the biggest cheating scandal ever to rock the NFL, showing that their cheating spanned possibly for years, and over several Super Bowl titles. But their head coach and generally their team, thought little if anything of it. Even U.S. Senator Arlen Specter got involved being quoted as saying "I am very concerned about the underlying facts on the taping, the reasons for the judgment on the limited penalties and, most of all, on the inexplicable destruction of the tapes" as well as later he "found a lot of questions unanswerable because of the tapes and notes had been destroyed."


They sport some of the most classless players/staff in the league:

Rodney Harrison - Harrison, for several years was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL (players agree with his reputation, "That's not a surprise," Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley said. "I would have bet my life savings on that one.") Not to mention getting suspended for violating the leagues substance abuse policy after he admitted taking Human Growth Hormone, which he stupidly ordered in his own name. Not the only player from the patriots caught using illegal substances, Kevin Faulk has been busted for marijuana, and Nicholas Kaczur for buying Oxycontin from drug dealers.

Bill Belichick - While he may be a good coach, he is a miserable person (not to mention an adulterer), and his demeanor, attitude and actions shine through his coaching. Whether its shoving photographers out of his way (on the way for a painful attempt at a hug with Eric Mangini), blowing off handshakes with other coaches (I guess he didn't care what Tony Dungy thought), or just generally being a callous and cold hard man

Vince Wilfork - Patriots DT Vince Wilfork was fined $12,500 by the NFL for a hit on JP Losman of the Buffalo Bills, and was fined $5,000 for a hit against Jason Witten of the Cowboys within four weeks of each other. In the final game of the season, Wilfork poked his fingers through the face mask and at the eyes of Brandon Jacobs of the Giants. He was fined $15,000 by the NFL. (other players seem to follow suit, like Logan Mankins was hit with a $5,000 fine by the NFL for unnecessary roughness during a Patriots' loss to the Broncos).

Randy Moss - Plead guilty to battery after being involved in a fight that left one person in the hospital, While on work release, tested positive for marijuana, Fined $40,000 for squirting an NFL referee with a water bottle during a game, Walked off the field during the game where his team was down by 3 points. He can be quoted as saying "I play when I want to play", certainly not a sportsmanlike attitude by any means.

Tom Brady - Had an illegitimate child (while it may not be football related, it's not exactly role model material, he's not even ever around the kid), he's generally rude and childish (tried to run away from Suzy Kolber as she tried to conduct a post game interview after Brady narrowly beat the bills, telling her repeatedly as he ran away that he was "going in" and he couldn't hear a word she was saying, as he never ONCE stopped. Good old Tom is also a very whiney brittle player who begs for flags after every play that resulted in a defensive player coming close to making him feel uncomfortable, let alone touch him (fans notice this, and players notice this, ask Ray Lewis. Or even better ask Rodney Harrison, one of the dirtiest players, now sports analyst; considering he remarked on Brady's lack of balls. If that wasn't enough, after his wedding, some photographers were shot at, and when Brady was questioned he just smiled and had "no comment".

Willie McGinest - McGinest faked an injury so the patriots could get that free injury time out, that was crucial to their game. McGinest then laughed about it later.

The Team's consensus - The same New England Patriots who go for it on 4th down when they are up by 38 points in the 4th quarter and say "it is the other teams job to stop us" didnt always sing that tune. In 2002 when the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers did their best to score in the final seconds of a 30-7 game that they were losing. After the game, Tedy Bruschi said:I did have some respect for that team, but after what they pulled on that last drive, its totally lost now" Bruschi said. Youre getting beat.just accept it with class. I know we would have if the tables were turned. But theyre out there calling timeouts, trying to get extra yards, padding their stats. Not that this at all comes into play when the Patriots themselves try to run up the score to boost their ego's.

Injury Report - At one point the Patriots has listed Tom Brady as questionable for 61 straight weeks despite him having the third longest streak among active quarterbacks for consecutive games started.This pretty much single-handedly destroyed the integrity of the injury report in the NFL.


Their lack of class is nothing new:

In 1990, Lisa Olson, while working at the Boston Herald, she was sexually harassed by New England Patriots football players in the team's locker room.This led to fines, staff firings, and a lawsuit on behalf of the incident. But considering the Patriots fans are just as worthless, after the incident became public, Olson was subjected to harassment from fans of the Patriots. Her tires were slashed, she received hate mail and death threats, and her apartment was burglarized.


Please, if youre a true fan of the NFL, help cure the leagues biggest cancer!

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