Are YOU sick of DEAD BEAT DADS? Not only the ones that Not see YOUR Child/ren, but those who complain when its time to pay or have support raised? The ones that seem to lose their J-O-Bs When its time for a increase possibility in support, just so they dont have to pay an increase, even though..their sorry butts are still only paying the STATES lowest possible minium in the first place from day one, cause he swore to the case worker he was trying to work things out with you when you went for support in the first place!!!!

Are YOU sick of His NEW WIFE butting in where she DOESNT belong? Asking when YOUR gonna get married cause they want to sign away rights, cause they dont want to pay for the child, even though the father barely ever pays, or what he does pay couldnt even buy diapers for a new born let alone support a 8 year old (example)!!! Are you sick of hearing her accuse you that YOUR CHILD IS NOT HIS!! Cause Believe Me..I AM!! If Anything..I WISH I COULD HAVE HIM SIGN OFF TODAY!!

But I am Writting this Petition in Search For Other Mothers Whom Might feel the Same as Me.

My son and I are happy and we dont need to be harrassed 17 times in a 3 day period about me getting married so his father can sign away rights. Its not fair. My son is the best thing in my life, a blessing. So to have his fathers' wife call me about signing off rights boils me!!

I live in the State of Pennsylvania. Within the Laws of Pennsylvania you can not alloow the father to sign off rights unless you marry and then the biological father must sign away rights to New Husband, and this is only if he wants to adopt..otherwise the biological father still cant sign away rights. They claim this is because of incase of the child becoming an orphan.

Well let me just say..whats the difference if something would happen to me and then his father would sign him over to the state..he would still be an orphan. Why make the child live in Pain of seeing his mother being harrassed daily by his father and his new wife!! Why must there be a law stating she the biological mother must get married. I been married it no dame picnic!! Matter of makes me want to stay single in many ways!!


What happen to Freedom of Speech? I mean they dont make the MOVIE STARs get Married when they decide to Adopt or have a Wedlock...they dont and arent required to have a fathers name on the birth why do normal citizens. As long as my son is happy, healthy and unharmed from seeing the torture and being used as a pawn I believe it would only be fair to have the right if we would want to give the father the right to sign off or not.


So for all you single mothers out there, Divorced mothers, that barely get support, have dead beat dads, or just dont want to deal with the hassel anymore...if you are behind me in matter what state you are in..please help me pass this law..Not only for US..but for the better future of our children!!!

I used to think..he helped make my son..he can help support him...but what little bit he pays when he does, and what harrasement he and his wife put us through...its not worth it.

I mean think about it ladies..they will always rule something...cause if they have the right to sign off when you get married again..if they want to be a real jerk about it...they can say no to the man who will want to be there for your child/ren...they have the right to deprive your child/ren from having a real father one day if you do decide to marry someone...dont let them rule your world...its no longer a mans world...its time we stand up again!!!

** I have nothing against dedicated fathers and real men..Just the dead beats and those who think they rule the world, cause YOU DON'T!! **

Kathy Troxel

Single Mother of a Wonderful 8 year old little boy!!!

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