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The student body, SMOG officers, the Student Association Government, and the Bard Administration all agree that the central issue up for discussion is the prevalence of campus-wide destructive behavior due to excessive alcohol consumption. The number of hospitalizations that have occurred due to binge drinking in the past year are a cause for concern for the college. Drinking at SMOG has the added concern due to possibly liability issues. Most importantly, however, these are our fellow students,and we have an obligation to protect them from self-destruction. Bard College isnt just an institution. We are a community so lets take care of each other.

SMOG has received the bulk of attention regarding the aforementioned alcohol issue because it is a public social space on campus. All parties involved have an interest in keeping SMOG open. We view SMOG as a multi-purpose venue for any artistic medium.

The closure of SMOG is not a solution. There must be a recognition of the importance of SMOG as one of the limited student space areas to student life. In addition, this discussion has illuminated the need for more student space on campus. The Student Government Association will form a student space committee to work with members of Bard Administration to form a concrete plan for more student space on campus.

Issues arising from binge drinking are prevalent everywhere in Bard social life. The longevity of SMOG does not necessarily rely on abstaining from alcohol, but a shift in student attitudes toward the space. The space must be respected. There can be no more incidents of smashed bottles, rampant littering, and destruction of SMOG property. This behavior undermines the integrity of the student body as a whole. It is our obligation to prove that we are a progressive community interested in recycling and preventing waste. We can prove that litter is not the marker of a successful social event by not perpetuating a culture of consumption that exists in the rest of society. Bard students are above this sort of behavior.
While we request that the Bard administration acknowledge the importance of SMOG to campus life, the student body has the burden of proof to show administrators that we value the space. We cannot take SMOG for granted. It is an immense privilege to have a space in which all forms of student-led creative innovation can be pursued. The amount of cigarette smoking inside of SMOG is
perhaps more perplexing than the destructive behavior. SMOG is a small, enclosed space, and while the Bard winter is notoriously harsh and conducive to chain-smoking, students have the right to attend an artistic event without risking their lives due to copious amounts of second-hand smoke. It also leads to the college getting in trouble with the fire marshal. With this in mind, please dispose of your cigarettes in the proper container. The amount of cigarette butts that are littered around SMOG after a typical weekend night is unacceptable and cannot continue

The college cannot explicitly condone underage drinking or drug use because they are against the law. We must make their job easier and give them the respect that they give us. Such activities at SMOG must be invisible. SMOG will continue to remain a student space provided that
students can adhere to standards of decency.

By signing this petition we pledge to do my part in the Bard community by adhering to the standards of behavior detailed in this statement.

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