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Response to 'DarshanTV, Washingon DC area' Show on India and Gujarat

The popular Indian TV Show "Darshan" operating on MHz (Channel 56) broadcast an interview on June 25, 2005, of Naffisa Ali, a Muslim activist in India. She initially spoke on the subject of aids. However, during the ensuing conversation, Ms. Ali made a statement highly objectionable to the Hindus of the Washington Metropolitan area, and to the Hindus in general. She brought up the issue of the Godhara incident and stated that it was a conspiracy by the Hindus against the minority, the Muslims. She called Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat in India, a Hitler of Gujarat. Such a statement on a Public TV channel is not only an irresponsible and infantile, patently anti- Hindu, slur, against a democratically elected and greatly respected leader of India, but also a gross and malicious distortion of widely known facts and historical perspective involved.

The Hindus must not silently tolerate such anti-Hindu statements on Public channels. The media is supposed to be neutral, and not biased against any community or religion. We, the Hindus of the DC Metropolitan area as well as of the USA as a whole must raise a voice to register our strong objection to such broadcasts on a Public channel.

We request all Indian and Hindu riligious organizations of the DC area, to sign this petition, to call on phone, or to write a letter to the Darshan TV, demonstrating and setting for the record your objection against the June 25, 2005 broadcast of Naffisa Ali's interview. Darshan's email address is [email protected], telephone number is 703-671-7777, and fax number 703-671-0931. Please express your opposition to the said broadcast in large numbers, demanding that the Darshan program management submit to the Hindu community a clarification and an apology for airing such a biased and inappropriate interview.

In this connection, needless to say, the Darshan TV, Ms. Naffisa Ali, and others making reference to the Gujarat communal riots conveniently forget just what led to the riots - the Godhra incident. A railway compartment carrying innocent Hindu devotees returning from a pilgrimage was purposely set on fire by Muslim mobs. A large number of men, women and children perished, charred to the bone. Many say perhaps this ghastly incident occurred under the instigation of the ISI of Pakistan, constantly following the tactics of spreading unrest and terror to build Hindu-Muslim communal tension in India, to their benefit. Innumerable such acts of terror engineered by Pakistan have taken place in India, including daily infiltration of terrorists, trained and equipped in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, into India to kill innocent men, women and children; attack on the Indian Parliament House in New Delhi; and on the Akshardham Temple in Gujarat, to mention just a few. The Indian Hindus have meekly tolerated these bloody incursions for years. For over a thousand years, the Indian history is replete with Muslim tyranny on the majority Hindus without any retaliation or reaction on part of the complacent and tolerant Hindus. If the Godhra incident incited a riot in Gujarat in which, by the very nature of riots, people of both the communities lost their lives, the cause-and-effect relationship of the riot should not be forgotten. One must heed to history to avoid its tragic repetition. A communal riot is no doubt a painful and tragic event for all. But pretending as if the Godhra incident did not take place, or was not the sole cause of the Gujarat riots that followed undoubtedly injuring both the communities, would be the height of folly.

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  • 23 November 201550. Dr Atmart
    What Naffisa said was deploration but what Butani and his cohost, Ms. Hart said attrocious. He should be condemned City, State Silver Spring, MD 20902
  • 26 October 201549. Dwivedi Guerra
    В City, State Bowie, MD
  • 09 October 201548. Alap Wade
    One should not blame anyone until he/she knows the truth in depth. City, State London
  • 30 September 201547. Suresh C
    DARSHAN host or interviewer or representative must make sure that people dont use the program to make irresponsible and inaccurate that offend and/or insult the people of any religion. Whatever Ms. Ali said on the TV was untrue and very offensive to all
  • 30 August 201546. Jon B
    Muslims seem to be intolerant of ALL those who are not Muslim. City, State North Las Vegas, NV
  • 28 December 201445. Jagdish M
    I support this petition
  • 13 September 201444. Vikrant S
    Darshan TV, pleasetake corrective actions. You should not get such people like Nafiza Ali, who want to break India on communal lines. City, State Bharat
  • 02 March 201443. Shivaram S
    I strongly condemn broadcasting of one sided, biased and factually incorrect viewes City, State Germantown, MD
  • 25 December 201342. Kefedi Clayton
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  • 08 November 201341. Kumar N
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  • 01 July 201340. Raghu R
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  • 27 February 201338. Kalyan Carey
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  • 23 January 201337. Keval D
    I support this petition
  • 20 November 201236. Nalavde Pollard
    I support this petition
  • 26 October 201135. Nsuresh Sweeney
    SIR- Hinduism is the only religion in the world which does not subsribe to the 'one god only' concept. so a hindu can even worship gods of other religions!! it is so tolerant and democratic and so it should be respected accordingly.BUT TOLERANCE SHOULD NO
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  • 14 September 201132. Rameshwar P
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  • 28 August 201031. Amit D
    muslims are creating problems all over,but in india we have only 15\% of we must start reforming them City, State sonepat,haryana
  • 17 August 201030. Manish K
    I support this petition
  • 11 July 201029. Sachchida Ng
    Darshan is doing disservice to our community by giving time to communalists City, State Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • 21 December 200928. Hitesh Hatfield
    She needs to learn what led to this incident. What about the bomb blast in Bombay? City, State any State, Cali
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  • 16 September 200926. Dinesh P
    People in public media should be careful in having some folks come and make which is notr b ased on facts. drashan should avoid providing darshans to such people . What shame -- even congress and opposisition party have not uttered such un civilized stat
  • 15 September 200925. Garter Beltlesbianp
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  • 26 August 200924. Gobinda C
    I support this petition

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