Restoration of the US-motto back to "E pluribus unum" (from in god we trust). sign now

This petition means to lay thought about returning the United States of Americas official motto back to "E pluribus unum". Reasons for such a move would be more than one, but not necessarily manyfold. We shall see.


Resons for argument: The United States of Americas motto was once changed to "in god we trust" to counter the Soviet Unions campaigning (;as we shall call it herein these lines) of extreme state atheism.


The following arguments for such a move of restoration, which shall be a rightful return of the natural state, can (;are) be given:


(1) The Soviet Union is gone.

(2) The main enemy of liberty, may it be in any form or (pattern of) thought is fundamental extremism, based on (but not solely) religious doctrine. Even if one may say, and such rightfully, to our thoughts, that religious doctrine is mostly used as an excuse to combat liberty of thought, the same was to some, but also at the same time a serious extent, to militant state atheism. (The Soviet Union had a 30pc muslim population.) Therefore it stands to argue, is, that the motto "in god we trust" is not up to the present times, state of (international) affairs, making a state, declaring a defining present state of affairs of the people of the United States of America, and and at least outdated and hampering the state of affairs of fundamental terrorism in the following way;

(2.1) Fundamental terrorism is making the claim, broadly, but assuredly not solely, that the United States of America are a fundamental "Christian state" with crusaders trying to christianize the whole planet. This is simply put into action on the grounds that "in god we trust" proclaims one single god, completely nullifying, if not solely discarding the thought, that everyone may pick their own god, if not at least none. Such an easy misuse was not thought upon, since fundamental terrorism on a grand planetary scale was not an issue, and not thought about to be used to bring grand discord about the people.

(2.2) It has been brougth forward, mutiple times, that "in god we trust" excludes unbelievers and believers of multiple deities. (Let us ignore at this point, that the founding fathers were also deitists.)

(2.3) It is hampering, may it be only for these reasonings brought forward above, international diplomacy. It is in such a sense also counter-productive and is sending the wrong message.

(3) One may say that changing the motto of a nation is an serious matter of affairs, and the author agrees to this. A motto is like a sign you place on your doorsteps for everyone to see, as is the motto you put over the oven in the living room. Fortunate enough such mottos are plenty. So not a lot may be lost, but some be gained (one has multiple such mottos in the home...right?!). There are multiple point why such a move may be costly but desirable;

(3.1) E plutibus unum is the original motto. As thought an brought forward by the founding fathers. So nothing is truly lost. One could actually come to argue, if for US-citizens anything would change at all.

(3.2) It is given to argue, that this motto would send a strong argument across the globe, especially about the Soviet Unions demise. And, may they be only imaginary, fears of it to ever return. (Note that in any such a case it wouldn't pose a problem, most obviously.)

(3.3) Since E pluribus unum includes everything possible it actually proclaims every kind of arguments of fundamental terrorism (or similar threaths of liberty) againt the USA would probably be void, and easily opposed or debunced on an diplomatic level. It would, of course, also state a strong message. Another message, of course, would be that "everythings back to normal" now. (Some people would probably debate this.)

(4) There would be various side-effects of such a legislative move;

(4.1) Change of seals, flags, and signs which would need to be re-issued. A not so pressing issue, since this got time.

(4.2) Re-issuing of the dollar. An updated dollar bill (of all bills) could be necessary, may it be only for the following effects, debatableas they may be;

(4.2.1) Counterfeit bills could be removed from circulation and new up-to-date bills, could be introduced. All bills not returned and traded in could be declared invalid. Note that international states would have no issues here, but Mexican drug dealers with trillion of dollars in their cellars in cash would suddenly have a serious problem of sorts.

(4.2.2) It was debated in the last years, that a certain president of the USA shall be removed from the dollar bills, because of issues about slavery.

(4.3) New shirt logos on ebay. Not much of a problem, eh?

(4.4) Teachers who would need to explain to their students why such a move and why this president was removed from a bill.

(5) The last reason(s) would be given as;

(5.1) It's the original, you dumbass.

(5.2) The founding fathers would be okay with it. (Uncle Ben would be okay with it, too, of course.)

(6) As an broader argument, just to state the obvious at last, is the fact of, everything back to normal. (Even while some christians would scratch their heads wondering where the problem lies.)

(6.1) The argument, that any and all such fundamental terroists, or similar people of their kinds, would not care about such a move, is invalid: The soviet did also not care, but their leaders, of couse, did. One could even come to wonder if changing the motto at all was for the better (;In terms of excluding some people, facts, and states of mind.) or of any necessity.

(7) On the general view: nothing is lost but much is gained.


This concludes this line of arguments. We shall hope, thing will be for the better, in any given future of possibilites.

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