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We have signed this petition because we believe that the Youtube account of Nicholas Walstorm, 'WalrusGuy' was unfairly suspended due to a copyright claim by Colgate-Palmolive against the video "Mama Luigi Leaves the Stove On".

Colgate-Palmolive filed the complaint under the terms that a movie submitted by the account WalrusGuy was breaking copyright laws by containing content from 'Dr. Rabbit's World Tour', an educational cartoon, copyrighted under the Colgate-Palmolive company.

After the owner of the account filed a counter-copyright claim, no further contact was made to him and the Youtube account, along with ALL videos submitted under that account, and all other accounts owned by Nicholas Walstorm remain deleted.

We believe that the video and account were wrongly removed for the following reasons:

*The video was making fun of 'Dr Rabbit' and was therefore used as a parody video, which are generally allowed.

*Only a small fraction of the original video was used, the video consisted of short parts of audio rearranged onto 2 seconds of video which was looped for just over a minute.

*The original video of 'Dr Rabbit's World Tour' was not ripped by Nicholas Walstorm, but another individual who uploaded it onto the internet, making it public. It is uncertain whether or not this video was taken down.

*"Mama Luigi Leaves the Stove On" was only one of as many as 100 videos submitted to YouTube featuring Colgate-Palmolive content, yet only the videos by Nicholas Walstorm were removed. We find this very unfair.

*Absolutely no profit was being made from the video whatsoever, it was merely uploaded as a joke.

We plead of Youtube and Colgate-Palmolive of the restoration of the account and video. We would understand if the entire video of "Dr. Rabbit's World Tour" was uploaded, but not just a short parody. We were extremely disappointed when the WalrusGuy account was suspended because he was the creator of some of the most popular parodies of the type.

The minimum we ask of you is that the account is restored without any Colgate-Palmolive material but we think that restoration of the Dr Rabbit material would be very good, as it was very popular with the community.

We hope that either Colgate-Palmolive or Youtube take time to read through this petition and consider all of the points mentioned. We hope to see the restoration of the 'WalrusGuy' account soon.

Thank you for your time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 201550. Silent W
    I support this petition
  • 05 November 201549. William Shepherd
    I support this petition
  • 12 September 201548. Greg M
    I support this petition
  • 17 April 201547. Austin Hartman
    WalrusGuy was suspended in a very cheap way, why do you piss so much over some random parodies, Colgate? Youtube account. FireChidori
  • 07 January 201546. Dr R
    It's okay! Did you know, everyone has their nonprofit jokes once in a while simply to entertain?
  • 28 November 201445. D Steele
    WalrusGuy had some of the best stuff I've ever seen on Youtube, I'm really angry his account has been taken down. Besides, Colgate should be glad someone cared about (and improved) Dr. Rabbit and his craptastic cartoon.
  • 16 October 201444. Taylor H
    I support this petition
  • 05 July 201443. Christian Barnett
    I would go to court personally..... Youtube account. lordbababa1
  • 17 December 201342. Flazethehedgehog Webb
    Colgate sucks huge ass. Crest for the win! Youtube account. FlazeTheHedgehog
  • 03 December 201341. Campin C
    I support this petition
  • 04 July 201340. John Faulkner
    Stupid toothpaste jerks, getting all sensitive to a little rubbing. Hmm, Sensodine eh? Yeah, I'll buy that brand instead next time. Youtube account. MagikGimp
  • 01 July 201339. Dr R
  • 17 June 201338. Ivan R
    Me and my pingas were dispointed when the account was removed. Bring back WalrusGuy! Youtube account. rohedin
  • 05 June 201337. Daniel B
    I support this petition
  • 12 February 201336. Kurt M
    TENTACLESS!!! Youtube account. MetalAwesome14
  • 27 July 201235. Sara T
    not fair Youtube account. setsukisan
  • 29 May 201234. Amanda Bender
    Bring WalrusGuy's account back! Down with Colgate! Youtube account. Athena92
  • 15 March 201233. Cameron Bailey
    Best pooper ever Youtube account. BloodWraith23
  • 29 January 201232. Quade Harmon
    He was an insparation to us all... Youtube account. MexicanSunflower
  • 31 October 201131. Emily H
    WTF who ever is doing this thay are so stupid
  • 06 October 201130. Scott C
    WalrusGuy is one of the gods of YouTube Poop. He must return. Youtube account. NinStarRune
  • 12 August 201129. Screw Youc
    Colgate sucks ass! Bring back WalrusGuy, his YTP's were awesome. ):U He did something that Colgate failed to do; make Dr. Rabbit worth watching!
  • 07 June 201128. Joshomedia Hurley
    GET WALRUSGUY BACK!!!!! Youtube account. Joshomedia
  • 03 October 201027. Clouddyl Blankenship
    Bring it back!
  • 13 September 200926. Maddie Roman
    I think it should be restored because I miss him making videos and I want him back. Youtube account. clubpenguinfan29
  • 21 August 200925. Jacob P
    I support this petition
  • 15 July 200924. Wusodoolo Thornton
    I support this petition

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Youtube LLC & The Colgate Palmolive Company


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