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Dear Nobuo Uematsu, Shiro Hamaguchi Square-Enix Japan and Smile Please Co.

Final Fantasy VII. It's the game that everyone knows about, from teenagers to adults. People have loved the game since it was released in 1997 and (sales wise) is the most popular Final Fantasy game in the series. It's success is huge, selling over 9 million copies world wide and defined the Playstation as the console to have in it's generation. The Playstation's newly introduced format of Compact Discs allowed games to have better graphics, longer games and of course, better sound quality but that is quite the contrary for Final Fantasy VII.

With the ability to play CD-quality music, it makes many fans of Final Fantasy VII wonder why high quality MIDI Production was not used, whilst it was in Final Fantasy VIII and IX. The technology was there at the time, but it was not used, and thus the reason why so there are so many criticisms over the game's sound quality and sounding "too MIDIish". It's a shame to see how the beautiful music from Final Fantasy VII, composed by Nobuo Uematsu is treated in such a harsh manner with it's synthetic sounds.

Final Fantasy VII's music has had a poor history. Every Final Fantasy game including early games such as Final Fantasy I and II received many spectacular arranged albums such as Final Fantasy: Symphonic Suite (Which is highly regarded as one of the best Final Fantasy soundtracks ever).

Final Fantasy VII's first arranged album was "Reunion Tracks" which to everyone's shock and disappointment only contained 3 new songs, orchestrated versions of "FFVII Main Theme", "Aerith's Theme" and "One Winged Angel". While these arrangements were magnificent, the rest of the CD were just unedited songs from the original soundtrack. This was a huge blow to owners of the original soundtrack and were better off downloading these songs instead of spending money to buy just 3 new songs. To make matters even worse for Final Fantasy VII, it did not receive a Piano arrangement album until years after the game, whilst other FF games received it only a matter of months after it's release.

The movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children was a last shot for fans to see some of Final Fantasy VII's music again. While the album was an excellent treat for rock fans, it missed what made Final Fantasy so popular. The absence of various character themes was a disappointment among fans, and there was simply an overuse of rock.

With a poor treatment to one of the best Final Fantasy Original Soundtracks, fans of it's music have rallied together to form this Petition.

We the undersigned, the fans of Final Fantasy VII and it's music have requested that Nobuo Uematsu, former Square-Enix employee and composer of Final Fantasy VII, with the assistance of Shiro Hamaguchi, Square-Enix employee and arranger of Nobuos music, re-create what the "Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks" should have been. This new Orchestrated Album of Final Fantasy VII should include the full orchestrations of popular Final Fantasy VII songs such as "Cid's Theme", "Cosmo Canyon", "Opening Theme ~ Bombing Mission", "Fighting", "Tifa's Theme", "Shin-Ra Company", "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" and "Great Warrior" just to name ...a few. The already orchestrated songs; "One Winged Angel", "Aerith's Theme" and "FFVII Main Theme" need not another orchestration, but rather, devote this album to the other songs of Final Fantasy VII. We do acknowledge that Nobuo Uematsu is busy with his company "Smile Please" and Final Fantasy XII, so there is no need to rush or even do the album at all as it is asking for a bit much, but it would certainly make a few million Final Fantasy fans happy.

Thank you very much.

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