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To: Members of the Florida State Congress
We, the undersigned, while we believe in the importance of religious rights, also believe in the importance of scientific knowledge and the use of said such to save lives. In fact the use of the scientific data collected hereof shows sufficient proof in conjunction with significant high levels of danger with regard to Reparative Therapy used by Certified Counselors in the State of Florida. This is a social injustice. We are not concerned with the socio-political identity and lifestyle which such a man/women will or will not claim. Nor are we concerned with ideological ideas of debate i.e. ,Is change possible.

In fact the data is so significant it is easily understood that it is of no importance whether or not one may change their sexual identity. We are concerned with the lives themselves of human beings. And in relation to the American Psychological Association (homosexuality is not a disease) it is candidly unnecessary and preventable danger to expose one to Reparative Therapy. In the wake of knowledge and in the hard facts put upon us of the dangers of Reparative Therapy. We, the undersigned, see it fit that as in any case where there is a clear and present danger from consumption of a good or service that poses a threat that after this letter will be inherently known to the Congress, it is the Congress social obligation to inform the public as such. Not only would this save lives, lower the suicide risks, lower the anxiety, lower the depression, and among many other disorders that have been proven to arise from this Reparative Therapy, for people seeking counseling also the social implications would be advantageous with this being an educational front to inform people seeking counseling. Moreover that causes to spread to the social networks of these individuals and so forth. Lowering risks of disastrous drug and alcohol abuse, which lowers that which are abused that suffer. Moreover lowering the risk of suicide would lower the risk of losing human capital in our economy and actually having a plausible better outcome of said such. The medical bills arising from the effects of this therapy would also be lower, assuring that there be no needless harmful effects on raising the costs of healthcare. The psychology and psychosomatic problems that arise from Reparative Therapy are appalling. For that reason the social implications would be beneficial with a mandatory disclaimer. Action needs to be taken. It has been long enough that time has gone by that this Act might have already been able to save someones life.

We therefore call upon Congress to introduce this legislation, and to hold hearings if necessary on the benefits that it might have to people seeking counseling. Therefore making it mandatory that a Florida Certified Counselor be accountable to give a declaimer simply in print stating the harms that Reparative Therapy may cause before therapy continues.

Moreover this would free the Certified Counselor of liability while also insuring, hereof, that the disclaimer be given to patients seeking said such therapy from Certified Counselors. We do not believe that this disclaimer needs to or should go beyond this in the medical field of psychology. Therefore Religious Counseling is not accountable to this. We respect the difference of Religious guidance and personal private counseling in forms other than Florida Certified Counselors and of course would not be accountable to this disclaimer presentation before a patient. Only in regard to the health sciences as is used in Certified Counseling is this to be mandatory as a simple proclamation of risks involved in proceeding. If a patient would want to proceed after being presented with the disclaimer, then no liability would be put upon the Certified Counselor and they may proceed. The intention is not to stop the practice of reparative therapy , the intention is to inform people who want this therapy of the risks involved. This giving commonsensical hope that the risk would therefore be lowered if one goes into the therapy knowing before hand and if one chooses not to. Either way the benefits are important enough for the Congress to look upon this as a means of improving the social welfare of the community (medically related, work related, family related, economically related, and beyond) to having an educated disclaimer due to patients when in acting upon medical treatment Congress is aware of to have potential harm. This Congress is aware.

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