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We have started this petition to save Alex Browning the main character of the movie Final Destination. Now we have heard that this character will be killed off in the sequal. Now if the actor is not to return to the movie we request that at less there be no mention of the where abouts of the character it's self. We are very upset that the main character will not be returning but we find it to be very assuring that the character not be killed off but instead missing from the movie. We also will like to say that if Alex Browning is put into the movie but played by a different actor we will find this to be very insulting and will not except that therefore a boycott will be put together. So if Devon Sawa is not going to play the character of Alex Browning there will be no Alex Browning in the movie at all. We only ask that the character not be killed off but instead labeled missing from the movie. Who are we you may ask? We are the teens to teenagers to young adults who watch these movies. We are the people who these movies are made for so if you choose not to listen to our thoughts or opinions it will lead to a boxoffice failure which will not benefit you as the filmmakers of the movie.

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Latest Signatures

  • 27 December 2015100. Megan Vance
    I think the acters did a geat jod in both of the movies also I think the part devon plays witch is alex I think he looks really cute! Birthdate March 19 1988
  • 04 December 201599. Amber Hobbs
    I support this petition
  • 18 November 201598. Meghan H
    I support this petition
  • 29 October 201597. Jasmine S
    don't kill Alex!!! Birthdate 31/08/1979
  • 21 October 201596. Lindsey C
    I agree im a massive fan of Devon Sawa ive been a fan for years and if he is killed off i wont watch the sequel and i will be devastated. He was the part in the movie it is not right to kill him off. Birthdate 30.01.1987
  • 13 October 201595. Nikki Lucas
    I support this petition
  • 05 October 201594. Kylee C
    why did they kill him off? Birthdate november 17,1991
  • 28 September 201593. Tommi N
    I support this petition
  • 24 September 201592. Yesenia M
    I want Devon in the movie damnit! Birthdate 10/17/88
  • 22 September 201591. Mellodie Tran
    I don't think that there should be a different alex....if you can't work it out so that devon plays the lead than i don't think that many people will want to see it. Lets face it its hard to replace an actor. Everyone who already saw the movie will find i
  • 16 September 201590. Beatriz Hansons
    I support this petition
  • 26 August 201589. Tanya R
    I think he should of been in final destination 2 Birthdate 31/05/92
  • 19 August 201588. Chloe T
    I support this petition
  • 08 August 201587. Dakota Nash
    Final Destination was based on Alex Browning. He was the one with the vision! Don't kill him off ... PLEASE!! Birthdate 3-5-87
  • 06 August 201586. Dc Fleming
    please let devon sawa as alex browning stay...hes hot and cute and I want him in the final destination 2 movie and so on.....please let him stay....he's such an awesome actor.....the best one I've seen in my life....please let him stay and don't let him d
  • 02 August 201585. Kirsten Jarvis
    I support this petition
  • 19 July 201584. Star Roberts
    i think he should live becuase he could help the other people in the sequal and plus hes like really really hot! Birthdate 1/8/86
  • 19 July 201583. Kaylin M
    I would like to say to the Filmmakers of the sequel to Final Destination: With all do respect, Final Destination 2 and if there is a Final Destination 3 This movie is nothing without Devon Sawa as Alex Browning, I absolutely loved Final Destination and I
  • 24 June 201582. Lauren Hurley
    devin is so hoooottttt you have to sign and he will stay!!!! Birthdate 7/13/89
  • 24 June 201581. Retr Small
    I support this petition
  • 19 June 201580. Janna Russo
    WE NEED ALEX BACK!!!!!!!!!! Birthdate 02.16.88
  • 17 June 201579. Erin Morrison
    Please keep him in!!! He was da bomb in the movie!!! Birthdate 07/02/87
  • 08 June 201578. Jenn Serrano
    devon was so hot in the 1st, how can he not be in the sequel? Birthdate July 14, 1987
  • 28 May 201577. Penny S
    It would be really wrong to kill off the character and I believe it would be in movie makers best interests to save Alex. Birthdate 9/20/84
  • 17 May 201576. Jessica Parsons
    alex has to be in final destination 2 Birthdate november 23, 1978
  • 10 May 201575. Abbey G
    I think that FD is the best movie eva made, and I would never watch a sequel if it didn't include Devon Sawa, who is the best actor eva!!! Birthdate 24/03/87
  • 23 April 201574. Dafydd B
    I hope they make a Sequel Birthdate January 16th, 1986

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The Filmmakers of the sequal to Final Destination


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