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To all Mucha Lucha fans: I've contacted Eddie Mort, and he has told me that WB is not making another season of Mucha Lucha. However, he also said that since the show is so popular, it's possible for the future, as well as if they do anymore episodes, they will explore the relationship between Rikochet and Buena Girl! So, let's show WB how much we want more Mucha Lucha and Rik/BG! Once I think there are enough signatures, I will send the petition to Eddie Mort. If we can show them how much we love this show, we will get more! So, people, LET'S GET OUR MUCHA LUCHA!

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 February 2016101. Ricardo Silva (unverified)
    We need a DVD or iTunes release.
  • 17 December 2015100. Kuki Sampiraalecerdkikikimiandm
    We need ML Rik/BG Electricity/Megawatt! Sometimes we explode, it happens! State/Country USA
  • 15 December 201599. Dana M
    Mucha Lucha, now and forever! State/Country Nowhere, USA
  • 21 October 201598. Gabriela Ali
    ML!! Rik/BG!!! give us what we want!!!! Eddie what do we have 2 do 2 have it?? Anything!! State/Country Puerto Rico
  • 02 October 201597. Eris D
    Rik/BG rocks out loud! So does the whole show! WE WANT MORE! State/Country USA
  • 23 September 201596. Gabriela Irisgenesissarais
    We all need more of ML!!! Gabriela, (my grandma), (my lil sis), (my sis relative), (my cat) WE NEED RIK/BG TOO!!!!!! State/Country Puerto Rico
  • 02 June 201595. Seconteen Warren
    RIK/BG, ZK/LP, Megawatt/Electricity, Minotoro/Me... I need more of it.... I wuv Mucha Lucha. State/Country NC USA
  • 18 April 201594. Ami Bolton
    I need more Mucha Lucha! State/Country Colorado
  • 31 March 201593. Samantha S
    We want our ML! State/Country WV/USA
  • 02 March 201592. Gabriela Sawyer
  • 23 February 201591. Gabriela Sanford
    Come on!!! ML and all the couples I support!!! PLEEAAASEEE!!! State/Country PR
  • 11 February 201590. Danielle Chang
    I want more Mucha Lucha. I would love to see it. ^_^ It ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! State/Country North Carolina, USA
  • 30 June 201489. Gabriela Nguyen
    Oh yeah, make sure that when there's a new season, NOT JUST 1 POOR EPISODE OF RIK/BG , COVER MOST OF THE WHOLE SEASON. State/Country Puerto Rico
  • 18 June 201488. Danielle Daminotorol
    dis show is AWESOME. if I lose dis show... I lose my boyfriend. I WUV him. State/Country North Carolina, USA
  • 09 May 201487. Raquel Rosario
    Don't not get rid of ML! And especially don't get rid of Rik/BG! State/Country Mexico
  • 15 April 201486. Meg R
    SAVE ML! State/Country Wisconsin/USA
  • 24 February 201485. Zklp S
    Mucha Lucha is good for my soul so bring it back!!!! State/Country U.S
  • 19 December 201384. La P
    I need more Mucha Lucha! KidsWb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! State/Country Colorado
  • 23 October 201383. Karen Potts
    I love Mucha Lucha...And I LOVE Zero Kelvin State/Country North Carolina USA
  • 19 September 201382. Samantha S
    Rik/BG! Rik/BG! ML 4EVER, yes siree! State/Country WV/USA
  • 25 July 201381. Ethan L
    Even us people from North Dakota like ML! We want more! State/Country ND, USA
  • 22 June 201380. Samantha S
    We want Mucha Lucha! We want Rik/BG! State/Country WV/USA
  • 06 June 201379. Clairese Mitchell
    Come on WB! I NEEEEED Rik/BG and ML as part of my daily diet. State/Country Alaska, USA
  • 04 June 201378. Luna S
    If you take away ML, I'll be really upset! If you make more, I'll throw a wild party! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! State/Country Minnesota
  • 30 April 201377. Samantha S
    I told you I'd sign this a lot! I want ML and Rik/BG! YEAH! State/Country WV/USA
  • 18 March 201376. Kuki Sampiraalecerdkikikimiandm
    We'll sign this thin 100 times if we have to just bring Mucha Lucha and Rik/Bg romance back, hang on...BOO ON JUST FOURTH SEASON, MAKE A FOURTH AND FIFTH SEASON!!!! State/Country USA
  • 19 December 201275. Kacy Hatfield
    I love the idea of Rik/BG too, so it's only natural for me to sign this petition. I'm already upset that Disney cancelled "Teamo Supremo" without any admittance of Crandall/Brenda romance; I don't want the same thing to happen with Rikochet & Buena Gi

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Eddie Mort


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