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The American adaptation of Life On Mars has been canceled.

I, for one, refuse to accept this. Reality programming, teeny dramas, and political punditry are apparently the only things that qualify as entertainment anymore; I find this notion beyond offensive.

With the proliferation of brainless, talentless, meaningless "reality" programming, I`m forced to wonder what would the literary equivalent be... Newspapers, i suppose. And where would human history and society be without literature... Only news... No Twain, Tolkien, Wilde, Shakespeare...

Life On Mars is, from tip to tip, one of the best television shows to grace North American airwaves in years. Every aspect. From the dedication to continuity in set design, costuming, vernacular, music, styles, and on, Life On Mars conveys such a lush, rich, vibrant ambiance.

Further, the show is brilliantly cast. It is brilliantly written, performed, and executed in every way. The chemistry and acting of the cast is phenomenal. The story is simultaneously sad, happy, funny, gripping, intriguing, compelling, and entertaining in every way. From one episode to the next, the characters become more endearing and enmeshed in our lives. The storytelling becomes more gripping with every installment.

With such a deficit of talented writing and acting in mainstream media, how dare ABC cancel such a brilliant production? I refuse to accept this. I insist you allow this show to complete its' season, and renew it for at least one more. This show deserves a chance to grow.

Arrested Development, Carnivale, Surface, all brilliant shows cut down before their time. Seinfeld was nearly canceled after its' first season, and look how that turned out. Family Guy DID get canceled, then brought back, and look how THAT turned out.

ABC, we implore you, don't demean yourself by dropping Life On Mars in favor of... well, anything else. No one needs "Who Wants To Be An Amazing Race Bachelor Idol Dancing With Big Brother Moles".

Thank you.

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 December 2015100. Sheryl S
    I support this petition
  • 03 December 201599. Don B
    Best Show on TV.
  • 26 November 201598. Donna T
  • 26 November 201597. Gretchen P
    This show is too good to be cancelled. Way better than the Brittish version.
  • 15 November 201596. Heidi H
    Please reconsider your decision and keep Life on Mars.
  • 08 November 201595. Katherine S
    Life on Mars is a great show. My husband and I look forward to watching it every week. The actors are awesome; especially Harvey Keitel, who's my favorite! Why would ABC make a dumb decision to take "Life on Mars" off the air. I'm also a viewer of Brother
  • 01 November 201594. Robin R
    see the 13,000 on they are crazy to pull one of the BEST tv shows probably in 20+ years! steve mcpherson 818-560-1000 call call call call
  • 01 November 201593. Larry P
    save the show
  • 20 September 201592. Ennio C
    I support this petition
  • 20 September 201591. Kristi N
    Please save at least ONE show I like!
  • 09 September 201590. Natalie B
    Please save this show!!! I LOVE Life on Mars..
  • 08 September 201589. Robin S
    Great Show
  • 26 August 201588. Hayk V
    I support this petition
  • 15 August 201587. Alex S
    I support this petition
  • 10 August 201586. Terry M
    best damn cop show i've ever seen!!!
  • 01 July 201585. Dan W
    don't cancel. I like this story and can continue to watch long after LOST has run its course.
  • 28 June 201584. Eddie M
    Bring it back!!! It's a tragedy to end this show!
  • 12 June 201583. Richard G
    I support this petition
  • 10 June 201582. Emerson L
  • 07 June 201581. Tracy G
    This is the best show on t.v. I'm gonna quit watching ABC.
  • 31 May 201580. Cindy S
    Please reconsider ending one of the best shows on TV. There are so few good thought AND emotion provoking shows anymore. LOM deserves way more time on TV than one short season. Please.....please rethink this foolish decision.
  • 16 April 201579. Rob R
    Please don't end this great show
  • 09 April 201578. Dennis F
    great writting, great cast, great music
  • 24 March 201577. Maggie P
    Life on Mars is one of the best shows ever! Please don't cancel it, I look forward to watching it every week.
  • 20 March 201576. D P
    how can you cancel the best show on TV? shame on you!!!!
  • 10 March 201575. Paul B
    I hope that the programmers at ABC realize the possibility of Life On Mars becoming another slow-to-catch-on but ultimately-huge-hit program like Cheers and Seinfeld. Please don't cancel this quality show!
  • 18 February 201574. Josh J
    the workers at abc are mindless drones who only look at the ratings board

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