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Dear Friends,

50 km from Belgrade (capital of Serbia), on the Zrenjanin Belgrade road (near the village of Perlez), and only some 200 m from the Special Nature Reserve Stari Begej -CARSKA BARA (Old Begej - CZAR MARSH) which is a RAMSAR wetland, IBA and IPA region, an ILLEGAL shipyard is being built. All this is happening without provision in the urban development plan, and without consent and permission of the relevant official and environmental institutions. Two state laws on protection of nature were violated (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia: No.56/94 and No.86/2005) through article No.13 from these laws. Beside that, the Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia has made a NEGATIVE evaluation of the Investor's plans and their likely impact on the living environment; therefore, by law, further permissions would be required for construction. Also, on 26th October 2007 the Municipality Commission (from the town of Zrenjanin) in response to the negative finding of the evaluation of the influence on the living environment, did not provide a conclusion.

The shipyard would cover 5.4 hectares (54,000 m2) and that is just the first phase of the development. There are also plans to build a repair facility for ships which would produce produce CHEMICAL POLLUTION. The shipyard would also be a big contaminator of the living environment with NOISE and SPOTLIGHTS; this 24 hour disturbance on the edge of the reserve would disrupt birds during breeding and during migration periods.

As above mentioned, this location is in the immediate vicinity of the unique habitat of marsh birds (Pygmy Cormorant, Spoonbill, Red-breasted Goose, Ferruginous Duck, White - tailed Eagle, Osprey,...) and other rare European animal and bird species (over 260 recorded species). Also, at the same location, the famous Batka archaeological site from the 5th Century B.C. is threatened.

The regional authorities are mute towards this vandalism, moreover, they are present at the public ceremony of opening of the building site in spite of media attention pointing out the illegality of these activities; according to the Building Law of Republic Serbia these activities constitute a crime (construction without permission - article 149, anticipating a jail sentence of 1-3 years).

The perpetrators of this criminal deed are the investor Share Holding Company SHIPYARD BOMEKS 4M from Belgrade (Bulevar Avnoja 44) and project managers are SERVO MIHALJ - Engineering from Zrenjanin (Petra Drapina 15). This is made public by the bill-boards put up at the building site, next to the road Zrenjanin-Belgrade.

The responsible authorities of Zrenjanin Municipality, Department for urbanism, building, communal tasks and protection of living environment, indicate that the investor has permission only for constructing the dock (plateau with the installation on which the ship is built, which is actually 80\% of the whole shipyard). This appears doubtful since permission is necessary for these works with all previous conditions, permissions, changes in the urban plan, technical documentation, technical evaluation and permission from the relevant Ministry. If the preparative as well as previous jobs of this magnitude were in question, it is necessary to have all necessary permissions and special construction licences, but these they certainly did not have.

This means that all these activities go contrary to the construction order. In this case, first construction work then securing the documentation. Afterwards, all this will be legalized (illegally), due to the already large investment (investment has been forecasted at about 14.5 MILION EURO).

Finally, the location of this Shipyard also intended for ocean-liners is amusing, not to say anything else, as in question is a channel - tributary of the Tisza River with a width of 30-50 m. It would be logical to build it on a large river Tisza, being 10 km from the Danube River and thus connected to the rest of the World. The location in the settlement Knićanin in the Zrenjanin District would be far enough from the Special Nature Reserve Carska Bara. This has been offered as an alternate shipyard location since 1986. However, project planners and economic planners have not offered this location to an investor.

The list of the NGOs which are against this project:

Local education and ecology challenge Stari Begej-Carska Bara, Zrenjanin
Biology student science and research society Josif Pancic, Novi Sad
Society of young researchers of institute of geography Branislav Bukurov, Novi Sad
Society for protection of nature Okanj, Elemir
Civic ecological society Eko-Talas, Tomaevac
Society for protection of animals Andjeo, Perlez
Bird protection and study society of Voivodina, Novi Sad
League for ornithological action, Belgrade
Green Network of Vojvodina

We APPEAL to You to help us in defending the Special Nature Reserve Stari Begej-Carska Bara from this criminal and environmentally damaging development BY SIGHNING THIS PETITION!!!

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