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Please reconsider your decision to cancel Titans. We believe that this show is getting better every week, and we all want to see more! The fan base on this show has been building, despite the erratic schedule, and constant local pre-emptions in some markets. The change in night, moving it against established series, and only giving it one week to prove itself is unfortunate. We feel that this show will catch on, but would have been better suited to a later timeslot because of the mature subject matter.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 20112600. Tereasa
    My husband and I enjoy the show very much and are extremely upset that the show has been cancelled. This is the first night time soap we have really enjoyed since the cancellation of Dynasty. It seems like all the other prime time soaps are geared to a
  • 01 January 20112599. carlene
  • 01 January 20112598. Richie
    do not cancel titans
  • 01 January 20112597. Bruce
    I really enjoyed Titans, the show was inproving every week, I like the way it was almost the same as Dallas I enjoyed that show and I was enjoying Titans so Please reconsider your decision
  • 01 January 20112596. Rebecca
    This is a good show, how do you expect it to get good ratings when you don't leave it on long enough to get a good viewership
  • 01 January 20112595. Esther
    i really like the show and i like the actors.
  • 01 January 20112594. Mellissa
  • 01 January 20112593. Marcia
    Titans is one of the best shows that Aaron Spelling has produced yet..I was hooked on Dynasty for the complete run of the show (7+?) years. He is a master of his craft and Titans should definately be allowed to continue.Perhaps the answer is to run it on
  • 01 January 20112592. Tommy
    Dont cancel Titans! We love it! :)
  • 01 January 20112591. Latasha
    I am a big fan of the show and wish you would consider your hasty decision to cancel.Many viewers who left NBC came back for this particular show and will leave again if you decide not to listen to the loyal supporters of the show.
  • 01 January 20112590. steven
    don't take my show away.
  • 01 January 20112589. Renda
    Please save Titans
  • 01 January 20112588. Ramona
    My husband and I LOVE this show. It
  • 01 January 20112587. seerojnie
    i love this show. it's not like the other soaps. there is never a dull moment.
  • 01 January 20112586. Tracey
    We love this show. Please reconsider cancelling it. It's a great break from the doldrums of everday life.
  • 01 January 20112585. Pam
    I'm not from the states but I
  • 31 December 20102584. Tracy
    This show is great please don't cancel it
  • 31 December 20102583. Anna
    With just a little more promotion, I think Titans will surpass Melrose Place as the soap us single girls tune into and talk about the next day at work. Please reconsider.
  • 31 December 20102582. Lauren
    Please keep Titans on!! It is an awesome show!! Please. Dont be like the WB with Young Americans!
  • 31 December 20102581. Barbara
    Please bring Titans back!!!! Loved it!
  • 31 December 20102580. Emily
  • 31 December 20102579. Nicole
    This is the only show worth watching and all of my friends agree. Those who do not watch are jealous of the character. This is a slice of what fun life could be.
  • 31 December 20102578. Stacey
    PLEASE RECONSIDER your decision to cancel titans. Perhaops have some of the writers from Days of our lives (another NBC favorite of mine) work on it a bor, but do not cancel it. Perhaps it needs a 9pm or 10pm airing, not 8pm
  • 31 December 20102577. Brian
    I looked forward to the show each week . . am saddened that it was cancelled.
  • 31 December 20102576. Angela
    I couldn't believe the news when i heard Titans was being cancelled! I love that show i would make a point to watch it every week. I don't believe the network gave it enough time to see it's potential. Please reconsider
  • 31 December 20102575. deanna
    i love this show and so dose my husband usually in wants to watch hunting shows but this show he likes to watch with me
  • 31 December 20102574. Kelly

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