Say No to ERB - an Enginered Road Block to IITMAA sign now

Say No to ERB - an Enginered Road Block to IITMAA

Persons desirous of bringing in resolutions to be placed during the AGM for consideration are requested to send the same in writing so as to reach the Secretary IITMAA at Room # 109, Office of Hostel Management, Hostel Zone, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036 or by sending an Email to [email protected] on or before Friday 8th December, 2006.

Say No to ERB - an Enginered Road Block to IITMAA
Dated Friday the 8th December 2006

The Secretary,

President IITMAA
Election Officer IITMAA
Office Manager IITMAA

Dear Ms.Alamelu

I request that the following resolution be taken up and voted at the IITMAA AGM scheduled on 17th December 2006, in the interests of the 30000 alumni members who this association belongs to.

Globalisation of IITMAA was all about changing the constitution and bye laws of IITMAA to allow each and every alumnus irrespective of where domiciled equal opportunity to Vote electronically and on line at Elections, EGMs and AGMs and to nominate for any position in the Exe committee including Ofiice bearers posts.

Globalisations sole purpose was to bring MAA and MAANA under one united umbrella as well as empowering state chapters in India and USA

The good news is that this has been partially achieved now and the current EC members should hold our heads high in delivering Globalisation as intended (though partially) despite all factional resistance and the need for two EGMs to deliver this.

Today is the last day for forwarding a resolution for consideration at the AGM by alumni ( to be attending physically and on line, as was approved at the EGM on 4th November 2006.)

An election that should have been a happy, healthy open competition for IITMers anywhere in the world to get elected as a Exe committee member to serve the alumni, alma mater and society has now unfortunately become an ERB Vs Anti ERB Elections.

This saddens many alumni who are not happy with what has happened yet remain silent saying why should we care ?.

While Globalisation was about uniting all chapters of the world, ERB has created a meaningless divide between alumni members and has served no purpose at all yet defeated the purpose most certainly.

Quoting President Vasan " Rambo, The only concern about the ERB, that all of us have expressed and been aware of is the practicality of its implementation in its truest sense with a short span of time before the elections. Which is true of any change we try to bring in. ERB is not classification or division any more than batches, year groups or chapters - there are no special privileges associated because you are a UG or a PG."

If there are no special privileges associated being a UG or a PG do we need this impediment ?

ERB is seen by many of us as an Engineered Road Block keeping interested alumni away from association activities.

Today is the 8th of December, one day for nominations for elections to close and it is evident that the ERB platform could not be created by its proponents & endorsers & alumni nominating for elections have been unable to provide evidence that they have a minimum of 25 members backing their nomination as stipulated in the new bye laws.

The election officer has now adviced all alumni that he has deferred this 25 member backing requirement until one day before the poll closes. In other words the rules are being violated or atleast bent again to suit. Why have such rules at all is the million dollar question ? Who does it serve ?

In what way does ERB strengthen Globalisation ?
Who has benefited from ERB concept ?

IITMAA has one and only defined class of member that includes all alumni who have a degree from IITM

We need healthy elections, where the best candidate should win every time based on his election manifesto and what is on offer nothing else. ERB on the otherhand creates an artificial divide between various Batches, UGs and Pgs that is not in the true spirit of the association.

If alumni were to back their batch mates blindly, then we will end up with an imbalance as a senior alumnus who has one ton to offer through his experience and position in life, from a batch with 65 members has no chance to win an election against a recent graduate with 500 batchmates.

Through this resolution, I appeal to Alumni at large, participating in the current elections to "Say No to ERB" and to remove all references to ERB in the latest set of constitution and bye laws.

Have it discarded totally freeing the newly elected exe committee to work as one team as opposed to stand divided as ERB Vs Anti ERB for the following reasons:

1- ERB is Prima facie Impractical as has been observed already

2- ERB was Enforced by a minority on a majority before the impact of the clauses were properly appreciated and objections voiced. Fore closes the bye laws without any discussion. Meanings of several paragraphs need to be interpreted on a legal plane rather expression in a simple language.

3- ERB is Anti Global as it tends to drive a wedge between Batches, PGs and UGs, tends to separate one batch from another and enforces a minimum vote of 25 without rationale . ERB has alienated the largest MAA organisation outside India namely MAANA. ERB has failed to empower state chapters in India

4- All Global ERB is a Long winded constitution and draft (20 Pages) without clear definitions. Leaves a lot of redundancy and ambiguity in the specification of clauses.

5- Our Constitution has just one class of membership for all alumni and this has to be honoured always

6- ERB could even be illegal as at the EGM on 4th November 2006 ALL Global ERB did not get the necessary 75\% mandate as required by then ruling bye laws passed at EGM on 18th June 2006. ERB as such may even be null and void in the legal sense

For all the above reasons I propose that we remove all reference to ERB in the IITMAA constitution and bye laws and free up the association to function like a FUN club it should be and not a Bureaucratic Govt subsidiary like it now looks

I am also creating a Public petition right now asking IITM alumni to attest the petition after duly identifying themselves branch and year of graduation and request these votes be considered legitimate along with any on line voting facilitated by the election committee for the above purpose

Listed below are all the clauses that need to be removed from IITMAA constitution

Your sincerely

Ram Krishnaswamy
Joint Secretary
(IITM 1970 Batch)
IIT Madras Alumni Association.

All Global ERB clauses in current bye laws for the benefit of members who are not aware

8.1 The Role of the ERB
8.1.1 The ERB serves as an informal participation enabling body for the EC, abstracting itself from the physical and operational constraints of organization, group dynamics, and other issues of Chapters and Class batches, which it is intended to represent. It is focused on the Associations mission, its goals and objectives.
8.1.2 The ERB is not responsible for the Governance of the Association. That is the responsibility of the EC.
8.1.3 The ERB acts as a two-way horizontal and vertical communication channel from the ordinary alumnus to EC and vice-versa.
8.1.4 It serves as a pre-screening body for eligible candidates and provides a set of peerapproved candidates aspiring to stand for election to EC.
8.1.5 The ERB members would participate in quarterly meetings of EC.
8.1.6 The ERB provides a large pool of delegates / volunteers for policy, legislative, and mission guidance; as well as, for various Association initiatives/work assignments, but will not be directly involved in the governance of the Association.
8.2 Structure of the ERB
8.2.1 Composition of the ERB: The ERB shall be composed of elected or nominated Chapter and Class alumni representatives. Each Chapter, Undergraduate (UG) or Post October 2, 2006 9 Graduate (PG) class shall be represented by elected or nominated representatives in proportion to the size of their membership.
8.2.2 Elected ERB Member: Elected ERB Member: Each Chapter or Class (UG or PG) can elect a member, with at least 25 members voting in the election conducted within the two years preceding the General EC election.
8.2.3 Nominated ERB Member: Each Chapter or Class (UG or PG) can nominate a member with the support of minimum 25 members.
8.2.4 'Elected / Nominated Members' of the ERB are eligible to contest the election for any of the 17 positions in the Executive Committee (EC).
8.2.5 Invited ERB Member: Members with support of less than 25 members in a Chapter or Class but have the support of a minimum of 10 members will be deemed as Invited Members, and can take part in ERB activities fully, but will not become automatically eligible for contesting the EC election. If such Invited Members wish to contest the EC election, they can use the "Members at Large" channel.
8.2.6 Size based representation: A Class or Chapter with more than 25 members but less than 100 members can elect or nominate one ERB representative. The Class or Chapter can send one additional ERB representative for every additional 100 members in their membership, up to a maximum of Four (4) per Class or Chapter.
8.2.7 Provision for Small towns/cities and Tiny Chapters: Small towns/cities may join with the neighboring town/city and form a chapter with greater than 25 members and get recognized as a chapter to be able to send member(s) to ERB; or they may join the nearest big chapter which is already registered. Tiny chapters with a minimum 10 members can send one repre sentative from their chapter to the ERB as an INVITED member.
8.2.8 National/Regional Boards: National/Regional Boards (e.g. MAANA) with 1000 affiliated members or more, can depute four of its elected Board members to the ERB, who will be eligible to contest election for any of the positions in EC.
8.2.9 Unique Chapter/Class representation: A Member can be either a Class rep or Chapter Rep but not both.
8.2.10 Invited Faculty Members: The Institute may nominate 'Faculty Reps from each of the Departments' as possible, to the ERB to facilitate direct interaction with ERB members.
8.3 Election to the ERB: Regular and Bye-Election and Procedures
8.3.1 All Election procedures shall be approved by EC. 8.3.2 Regular Election may be held at the discretion of Class/Chapter any time during the prior period of 2 years.
8.3.3 A Bye election may be held to fill a replacement vacancy or unfilled position in ERB.
8.4 Term of ERB
8.4.1 The ERB's term will be concurrent with that of EC, and limited to a period of 2 years.
8.4.2 Once in two years, each Class or Chapter should re-elect or renew the nomination of its representative to the ERB, in order that the member may continue his/her participation in ERB for another two year term.
8.4.3 A member may continue in the ERB for any number of terms, subject to the will and pleasure of his/her Class or Chapter.
8.5 Functioning of ERB
8.5.1 All interactions amongst ERB Members will be done through a separate electronic ERB forum for collaboration, whose membership will comprise all the ERB Members.
8.5.2 For smooth coordination of interaction within the ERB, its Members will elect a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker who will not be members of the EC, but may either elected or co-opted ERB members. Both Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be responsible for ensuring smooth coordination of optimal communication within the ERB, as well as between ERB and the EC.
8.5.3 The interactions within the ERB will be broadly categorized to focus on the following areas critical to enabling the Association mission: Institute Services, Alumni Services, Student Relations, and Society Services.
8.5.4 For each of these categories, two Moderators will be chosen by the ERB amongst its members, either elected or co-opted, and who will also not be members of EC. The Moderators can function in their capacities as they long as they wish during the two year term of the ERB. If any Moderator quits, a replacement will be found from within the ERB by its members.
8.6 ERB Meetings With the EC
8.6.1 The ERB will have a Quarterly meeting with the EC once in 3 months.
8.6.2 The methodology of meeting will be decided by the EC and the ERB.
8.6.3 The Secretary of the EC, in consultation with Speaker of the ERB, will be responsible for preparing and issuing of the minutes of meeting

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