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Piracy or the use of copyrighted material without permission, is a sickness that surrounds and affects us all. There are, of course, different kinds of piracy, but we will focus on the software piracy related to the games, though I'll give some general information about the subject.

It is a permanent temptation for all of us to get a game for no more than 3 or 5 bucks, isn't it? If you want to buy an original newly released game for a last generation console, you're going to have to say goodbye to at least 40 or 50 dollars, and that if the game is cheap and if you bought it in the USA. But, of course, if you choose to follow the dark path, if you surrender to the dark side of the force, you can get more than 10 games for that amount of money; of course, you won't have a manual, guarantee and all that stuff, "but who cares?!" you would say, "I got the latest an greatest games in the market almost for free. I'm so cool!". I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're far from being cool because of that. In fact, that makes you a thief who doesn't deserve the effort of those who took the time to develop that awesome game you're playing.

Let me show you some information I found in a quick search on the internet:

Software piracy is theft, with a lot of involvement by organized crime.
Software is the fastest growing industry in the United States.
Larger than almost all the manufacturing industries.
It contributes to the economy of every state in the U.S. and virtually every nation in the world.
During 1996, software piracy resulted in up to 130,000 lost jobs.
Tax Revenues would have been $1 billion higher if piracy had not been a factor in 1996.
Creating and writing software programs often requires thousands of hours of intellectual work. If developers do not get paid for their efforts they will not continue doing it.
*Sorry for the 1996 info, but that's what I got at hand. Imagine how the numbers are these days!

Still thinking you're cool because you buy pirate game copies? As you can see, piracy affects us all in one way or another. We, the gamers, are always expecting better games, with better looking and more detailed graphics, new and advanced gameplay, astounding story, phenomenal sound, and so on. Well, the less piracy we have, the better games we'll get because the game developers will have more money to invest on it, as simple as that.

The piracy even makes our games more expensive! If there were no piracy at all, the original game sales would be higher (much higher), and so the price would be lower.

Not to mention all the jobs that doesn't exist anymore or will never exist thanks to the software piracy. One of those jobs could be YOUR JOB in a future! Think about this the next time you pretend to buy a pirate copy.

If you agree with me on this, let me tell you that there's more that you can do against piracy than just not buy pirate copies. I'm not talking about making a manifestation in the middle of the 5th avenue or something like that; I'm talking about a much easier way. You just have to tell your friends what you're reading here; explain to them how much damage they do when they buy a pirate copy of a game and motivate them to save some money to get the original game.

When you make some sacrifice to save the money to pay an original game, the reward is much higher; I've seen guys with tons of games (all of them are, of course, pirate copies) and they never really finish any of them, because they don't really appreciate what cost them so little.

The piracy problem gets even worst in some countries, such as China or my homeland Mexico. There (or here) you can fin a pirate copy of anything in almost every store that sells any sort of software. The informal economy is as usual as the daily bread. You can even find pirate games and movies in the middle of the street, where everybody, including the authorities like the policemen, can see them. It's such a growth problem that is no longer in the hands of the government to solve it, so we have to do our part to stop this or else this will keep growing and the consequences will be irreparable.


I see in the GameSpot ( forums, particularly in the System Wars section, a lot of gamers known as 'fanboys' claiming their love for some specific console system. 'Lemmings' (Microsoft fanboys), 'Sheep' (Nintendo fanboys), 'Crabs' (Sony fanboys) and 'Hermits' (PC fanboys) dedicates their time to fight for proving that the system they use is the best of all. I wonder how many of that 'fanboys' use pirate copies for gaming. If you're one of those 'fanboys' that plays with pirate copies, then you can stop claiming your love for your preferred system, because you can be considered as a traitor to the cause and should be ashamed of yourself.

In a few words: To buy original games benefits us all. I know it's not easy, but it worth the effort.

You think that what I wrote here is right? Then sign this petition and, when you do it, attach with it your compromise of buying original games. Do your part.

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