Scrap Indo-Us 123 N Deal sign now

Apologist of US imperialism Manmohan Singh Resign!
Scrap Nuclear Deal with US!
Shame the Semantics of Ruling Left!
Patriotic Forces must come forward to force Deal Rejection!
The President
Government of India

Shameless apologist of American imperialism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, is forcing a nuclear deal with US imperialism on the country. A Party running a minority coalition Govt. has dared to sign a deal binding the country in perpetuity, without allowing the people of the country any advance knowledge of its provisions or right to give their opinions in the darkness of secrecy and servility, they have cooked a broth inimical to the interests of the country and people. Having deepened the imperialist penetration in all aspects of economic life of the country, they are seeking to tie India to the chariot wheel of the strategy of world hegemony of the sole superpower, US imperialism.
The 123 agreement (name derived from the enabling provision of the Atomic Energy Act, 1954 of the US) itself vindicates that it will be implemented in accordance with the national laws, (Clause 2.2), Hyde Act in case of America .Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee in parliament and their spin masters in the media have tried their best to obfuscate the issue and hide the Hyde Act. The deal can be scrapped giving one-years notice. The reasons may be violation of the Agreement or violation of IAEA safeguards or nuclear testing which though not mentioned by name but the language specifies (taking into account the changed security circumstances) that we are dealing with it. The Hyde Act, in accordance with which this Agreement is to be implemented clearly states (Clause 110) that it will be terminated if President of US determines that India has detonated any nuclear explosive device.
Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee and their spin masters are working over time to assert that India would retain the sovereign right to conduct the nuclear test, but they try to hide the fact that in that case US will have the right to terminate the deal and India will have to face the consequences of having spent a stockpile in meeting their requirements. The Agreement provides that in the event of its termination US will have the right to ask for return of all nuclear material, equipment and the fissionable material produced with their aid and suspension of reprocessing rights.
The Agreement clearly provides that all civilian reactors of India will be under IAEA safeguards. These safeguards are to be in perpetuity i.e. even if the Agreement is terminated, the safeguards will continue. Moreover both Hyde Act and the Agreement provide that in case IAEA cannot look after safeguards both parties will work out alternatives- Hyde Act states that US President will determine alternate safeguards. Thus the specter of US inspectors in Indian reactors is not far fetched despite the patent misleading by Manmohan Singh.
An important worrying aspect is the talk of reciprocity. - what is it that India will give to US that it can stop? Why this is mentioned specifically? It is not too difficult to imagine that US has eyes over Indias vast thorium reserves (1/4th of worlds total). It is in line with US imperialisms drive to monopolize the energy sources of the world.
The Hyde Act makes it abundantly clear that this deal is an instrument to further impose pro-US foreign policy. Indian rulers are trying to show this coercion as their own decisions in national interest. US president will report not only on the operation of the deal but also on uranium mining in India, nuclear commerce with other countries and the like in addition to demanding Indias full participation in US led Proliferation Security Initiative, formal commitment to the Statement of Interdiction principles and the like.
This Agreement is not between two equal partners but between sole superpower US imperialism and Indias servile ruling compradors. The Govt. voted against Iran in IAEA despite good relations between the two countries and patently unjust case of US and its allies, fuelled and berthed US ship Nimitz and fitted it up to standby against Iran in the Gulf, is repeatedly conducting joint exercises with US forces even at various locations in India, including West Bengal. The context is qualititative transformation of India-US relations in the aftermath of global war declared by US imperialists whose current main target is the oil rich region of Middle East. The goal posts are being gradually and consistently shifted in the direction of the pro-US policy.
This Govt. which has systematically gone ahead in forging closer relations with US imperialists is being kept in power by CPM-CPI. It is quite clear that for them opposition to US imperialism is patently secondary to their power sharing arrangements. They are trying to twist this patently anti-national deal into semantics like operationalizing, mechanism to study Hyde Act, staggering the implementation of this Agreement and the like.
People of the country should repulse this attempt to tie India to the US strategy of world hegemony and increase its influence on Indias foreign policy. This Agreement must be scrapped and Manmohan Singh who has openly sworn his allegiance to US imperialism must resign.

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