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To keep Final Fantasy XIII exclusive to the PS3. White Engine was built around the PS3 and the Cell correct? The majority of Final Fantasy fans are with Sony. Sony helped a great deal in getting Square big! Square has shown great support to Sony in the past and they have made a LOT of money doing so. So what if the 360 has the larger install base? The games are what is going to sell the console, not the console selling the game. Think of it -- PS3 is already doing much better than the 360 within the first few months out and is going to continue to grow with the more games that come out. Not only would it be good for Square, but it would also help Sony sell a lot more consoles. The more consoles they sell because of the game -- the more the game will sell. Right? Playstation has been the big RPG console. I've always cherished the RPGs on them and I don't want to see one of their biggest exclusives go to 360. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would agree with me it just wouldn't be the same playing a Final Fantasy on 360.

This petition's goal: To keep or at least encourage Square Enix that we're showing them support and we just want them to return the favor and keep our much wanted PS3 exclusive, to stay exclusive, don't go the routes of Capcom, you have a large fanbase on the Playstation platform and your game will sell the consoles and make YOU money!

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 November 201550. Al Brandt
    A kangaroo penis for Square Enix First Name Al
  • 06 May 201549. Tym Kemp
    FF XIII MUST be kept as a ps3 exclusive. First Name iPork Last Name В
  • 19 March 201548. Shuhan Berg
    Final Fantasy For SONY forever ^^ First Name miah
  • 27 January 201547. Dr G
    Keep Final Fantasy XIII exclusive to ps3 First Name Anthony Last Name Ortiz
  • 22 June 201446. Wesley C
    Author of petition: Now Signing ;) First Name Wes Last Name Chaderton
  • 04 March 201445. Matt Mahoney
    I support this petition
  • 13 February 201444. Sal Lester
    Nintendo made Square big ,not Sony First Name Sal
  • 10 July 201343. Ikenna A
    Stay with PS3! First Name Ikenna Last Name Anugwo
  • 25 February 201342. Megacloud Maldonado
    Final Fantasy STARTED on the PLAYSATION and should END on the PLAYSTATION! SQUARE, Sony have supported you since day one when Final Fantasy 7 was released! Dont forget THAT! First Name Rory Last Name Davies
  • 29 December 201241. Julle Morrow
    360 would so screw the game, don't let it rape a masterpiece. First Name Julle Last Name Srewyou
  • 21 November 201240. Shinuzero Flynn
    I support this petition
  • 02 November 201239. Terry Larsen
    I support this petition
  • 22 October 201238. Bboy Guzman
    I agree, FF games should stay with PS First Name Haris Last Name Kos
  • 22 September 201237. Richard Cm
  • 14 March 201236. Dee B
    Dolphin Massacre In Japan: First Name Dee Last Name Bee
  • 07 January 201235. Lol Watson
    Yes, please keep FFXIII exclusive to the PS3. Please Square Enix, limit your profits and potential buyers by keeping FFXIII exclisive to the PS3. First Name sdf Last Name df
  • 17 May 201134. Billy Payne
    I support this petition
  • 08 April 201133. Kamar M
    FF has to stay on PS3 its like the right thing Square Enix First Name Kamar Last Name Murray
  • 12 October 201032. Peter K
    Do you like your silky fur coat ladies..?!?! LOOK HOW THEY MAKE IT!!! First Name Peter Last Name K
  • 23 September 201031. Padre P
  • 27 July 201030. Jebas Russo
    just make it 1080p so all the Xbots will have to buy either a new Zephyr XBOX or a PS3. Awful nice of the MS ppl to release a new system after 2yrs. First Name tyler Last Name shelton
  • 25 April 201029. Bill G
    COCKBOX 260 SUCKS! First Name Bill Last Name Gates
  • 22 December 200928. Ralph Jacobson
    I support this petition
  • 20 July 200927. Devil Maycryforxboxandpcpetition
  • 09 June 200926. Bigpete Vaughan
    I support this petition
  • 26 May 200925. Mitchell Conrad
    I love me some 'roo schlong. Kangaroo penis exclusive to PS3. First Name Louis
  • 23 May 200924. Johnny Brewer
    Dont Keep it exclusive, get more money and make it on other consoles !. First Name JOHNNY

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Square Enix


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