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We, the undersigned passengers of SQ-01 originally scheduled for departure from SFO at 12:05am on 02 December 2006, hereby submit this petition to bring to your attention the unprofessional treatment we received from the Singapore Airlines ground staff at the SFO airport. These are the passengers who had time critical appointments, and hence approached Singapore Airlines ground staff at SFO airport (Aisle 3) for rebooking to reach the destination at the earliest possible. These appointments ranged from important business meetings, one's own engagement, brother's marriage function to brother's post-funeral rites. There were 4 months old infant to a very old woman among these passengers who had to suffer through this nightmare caused by Singapore airlines ignorance.

For brevity and your attention, the series of events that happened on the night of December 2nd and on the day of December 3rd can be outlined chronologically as follows:

On December 2nd 10:00 pm : At the check in counter on Aisle 3 at SFO airport, Singapore Airlines officials announce that the flight is overbooked and offer to pay $400 per economy passenger, accommodation and food for any volunteers willing to take the next flight available. The offer was luring but we could not consider it as we had to get to the destination by December 4th due to a business meeting that day.

On December 2nd at 11:00 pm, Singapore Airlines Ground Staff at SQ02 departure terminal announce that the flight was delayed to 1:15 am : Reason given : An oil leak discovered in one of the engines

Later the flight was delayed to 3:00am as the engineer could not fix the problem as initially estimated.

On December 3rd at 2:30 am: We were asked to board the flight. The flight attendants served food and announced that the flight will be taking off shortly and please "Enjoy the meal".

At 5:30am: They cancel the flight : Reason given : The engineers couldn't fix the problem fully on time. So they are rescheduling everybody to depart at 3:00pm that day.

They arranged hotel and ask everybody to go relax. We're also told that there will be an update and wake up call provided in the hotel when the flight time is finalized. A bunch of us who had time critical engagements ask to arrange an earlier flight so that we can still make the connecting flight from Singapore. They say we need to go to Aisle 3 and they can help. The station manager/supervisor also is available at Aisle 3 counter, they informed.

6:00 am : Our pleas to counter assistants have been futile. They ask us to fill out flight reschedule paper work and wait. Seeing no progress, We ask attention of a responsible Singapore Air supervisor

6:30 am : We talk to one of the three supervisors on duty, Eric Wang. He kept saying the only option we got is catching the 3pm flight. We pleaded him to get us on another flight not necessarily a Singapore Air. He finally collected our names (again) said he will look into the matter and get back to us in 30-45 minutes. In the meantime, we confirmed with United Air counter right across from Singapore (Aisle 3) that there are seats available for their next flight to Singapore.

7:15 am : We still didn't hear from the Supervisor Eric Wang. We talked to representative Ho Shan who said there were no other options available for us.

8:00 am : We call Singapore Air reservations directly. The representative who attended the phone (Miguel RI?) said there is nothing they can do to get us on another flight, unless the Singapore Officials at SFO airport approved it.

At Sign at the gate announces that the flight boards at 2:30.

2:30 pm : The boarding for the 3PM flight was supposed to start at 2:30pm but no response from the gate attendants about the expected time. One attendant announces that a certain line is for first class and the other for economy. Another one asked travelers with infants to go to the front. After 5 min they announce that everybody should go back as flight is not ready. At 2:45pm they announce that the flight is going through a security check at the moment and they have no estimated time of boarding. (Later we found out from one of the attendants that the flight was being cleaned!)

3:05 pm : They start the boarding of the flight. But the flight doesn't take off for much longer. The reason given : A passenger was missing

3:30 pm : In the meantime, we tried to clarify some of these things and convey the agony we faced for the last 15 hours. We talked to a Singapore Air official Anthony Cirqua at the boarding gate. He agreed that Singapore Air officials at the airport should have responded to our pleas in a more professional way and should have put us in the next available flight irrespective of the airline. He also promised to investigate the incident. That was the first professional response we got from Singapore officials for a long time!

3:52pm : The flight takes off finally.

Many reach their final destinations two to three days later than their original itinerary due to missed or full connecting flights.

More than we customers, we are sure you, Singapore Officials are aware of the reputation Singapore Airlines carries above all the other airlines flying to Asia. You must also be aware of the fact that we pay $300 to $400 premium to fly with Singapore over many other airlines flying that route hoping that Singapore Air will take care of us and get us to destination on time. We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances like these, but what matters is how you handled that unforeseen situation. We wonder how well experienced and trained your ground staff at SFO are. Or was it because Singapore Air never had such a situation that they didnt know how to handle the situation? Then how do you justify the unprofessional treatment we received, Sir/Madam?

We, the undersigned passengers urge your attention to this matter and to put in measures to avoid these situations in the future. We also ask you to compensate us for the pain, suffering and the damages caused by Singapore Airlines by repaying half of our ticket prices.

Thank you,

-SQ01 passengers on December 2nd 2006

Srikumar Nair

Uma Menon

Vasuki Nagaraja

Madhusudhan Vanam

Prasanna Tekale

Harminder Hear

Manikandan Radhakrishnan

Kapil Kumar

Tulasiram Vakkalagadda

Sanjeev Mahtaney

David Stephens

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