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This petition is for S.M entertainment to have a concert tour in America. There havent been a lot of concerts in certain parts of America and fans would appreciate it and love it if all our favorite SM singers would come to America and do a tour. (including Washington State , California , and some other states that will be suggested by fans signing this).

Not only would it please a lot of us fans but it would also be beneficial for the singers as well . Please do this !

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 October 201550. Emily Copeland
    Come to San Francisco!!! its always LA..
  • 12 July 201549. Vulkingzor Turner
    I want to see DBSK!
  • 12 May 201548. Diana Adkins
    I would like DBSG to come to LA and have a concert!!
  • 28 December 201447. Jennifer M
    I think SM Town should come to the US more often...especially in Las Vegas.
  • 18 July 201446. E Wilkerson
    lucky me lucky you lucky 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 24 February 201445. Kathy Barry
    i really want to see a lot of the singer in real life.
  • 12 July 201344. Chloe D
    I hope SM Entertainment would consider this proposal. There are a lot of fans in the US and I hope they'll give us the equal opportunity to see our favorite Kpop artists.
  • 16 May 201343. Jennifer Kirby
    SAN FRANCISCO!! NO ONE EVER COMES HERE. They always go to L.A ): I bet if any korean artists, not just from SM came here, the tickets would sell like no other ^^;;
  • 25 March 201342. Soua Y
    Please come and sing in Cali.
  • 19 December 201241. Ngoc D
    I want H.O.T so badly, or TonHyuk, or JunTa, or Wonnie, whoever, but I want H.O.T .
  • 27 November 201240. Becky Day
    um i really want sm town to do a concert here in california. in san jose or berkely. but not LA bkus.. its too far from san jose.
  • 06 October 201239. Thuy B
    how bout houston,TX??im still young and cant drive noe
  • 19 December 201138. Alicia Tate
    Please come to Chicago!
  • 04 November 201137. Aliceee Livingston
    I wanna see Dong Bang Shin Ki and Fly to the Sky in New York!! pretty please?
  • 20 October 201136. Tinny Lane
    I'm a fan and i would like to see them have a concert here..
  • 30 June 201135. Cheeneng T
    Please tour in the states! Isn't BoA supposed to be a big celeb that is known throughout the whole world?!! What's the point of knowing English if she isn't gonna sing it live?
  • 07 April 201134. Jennifer D
    PLease come to the bay area TVXQ!!! its always LA! San Francisco can sell tickets like crazy!
  • 10 March 201133. Gaochoua V
  • 08 March 201032. Alyssa A
    Its a wonderful idea to have them come here, america has a HUGE percentage of SM Town fans that would fill the concerts and all but die to see them. Most of the people here are so dedicated to the bands they are all but willing to go to Korea to see them,
  • 16 December 200931. Han E
    i would really want them to see perform in US.... i know a lot of people have been waiting for this.... i think this would eb a great start for sm to have their artists invade the us entertainment.....
  • 13 December 200930. Beckie Olsen
    awesome :]
  • 15 May 200929. Carolyn Hunt
    Yeah!!!SM really HAVE to come here...(Especially Super Junior and TVXQ)...I'm really hoping to see them live here one day...
  • 08 May 200928. Victoria Potter
    ^^ please come to the US. we would truly appreciate it !
  • 29 March 200927. Matthew A
    I would like to see BoA and CheonSangJiHee in concert!
  • 01 March 200926. Melanie Vang
    It'd be awesome if more Korean artists held concerts here in the United States because there are lots of fans here too and not just in Asia. Also, here in Hawaii there is a lot of fans of Korean entertainment. I especially would like to see TVfXQ and Supe
  • 30 December 200825. Sarah Mcintyre
    I support this petition
  • 06 November 200824. Brandy M
    I live in Washington state and would love to see SmTown singers in concert (esp. BoA , KangTa , and DBSK)

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