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Heath Care Getting a second opinion

The term Socialized Health Care (a.k.a. nationalized health care, single-payer healthcare, socialized medicine, publicly-funded health care, etc.) can refer to any system of medical care that is publicly financed, government administered, or both.

There have been countless discussions for and against Socialized Health Care (I will refer to it as SHC going forward), as well as countess myths, legends, synonyms, lies, half-truths, and even a few crazy documentary films made. You could spend days trolling the internet and reading documents, letters, studies, opinions and still not cover the entire spectrum of thoughts on SHC. I will leave that exercise up to you.

Instead, Id rather discuss the simple constitutionality or rather the legality of such an endeavor.

Simply put: there is no guarantee in our founding documents which guarantees all Americans a right to adequate health care. Our founding fathers carefully crafted us a nation of laws (Republic, see article here) which allows for free markets and capitalism to provide natural balance and order to all establishments of public consumption.

But heres the catch, it hasnt been a free market.

Government bureaucracies have been setting prices and limiting the free market behavior which would provide balance, efficiency, and lower prices for all. The exception has been in the area of totally elective medical services (which insurance and medicare wont pay for at all, see pdf article here). These industries have worked in a free-market system! Patients can compare prices, negotiate package deals (a practice banned by Medicare), and the result has been lower prices AND increased patient satisfaction.

Now the same government which has designed and regulated the current system (which is a failure but still better than what Canadians and Brits have to put up with) wants to replace it with a Socialized System of Health Care. Now our leaders in Washington get to point to this straw man failed system that they drove into the ground and say to us, Let us make a better system for you where we pay for it! Excuse me?!?! You guys cant even run the postal service with government assistance while FedEx and UPS take NOTHING in government subsidies.

Our government hasnt proved that they can effectively and efficiently run anything. They spend money like they will never get the bill, because they wont. Many members of the House and Senate continue in their self-dealing behavior, pitting the interests of the American people against the insatiable desire for power, control, and bureaucracy.

I am a citizen against waste. I am a citizen in support of the Constitution of The United States. I am a supporter of free markets because they work. I do not support a government expansion to run anything because it is doomed to fail. We need another solution. We do need an overhaul. But not this one.

It is my belief that a move toward Socialized Health Care in the United States by our elected leaders in Washington is a dangerous move away from the architecture of our founding fathers and our Constitution. Once we go the way of SHC, it will be next to impossible to go back. Doesnt a permanent change of this kind deserve some SERIOUS attention? Let me put it another way, if your Doctor told you that you need a heart transplant, wouldnt you seek a second opinion before going under the knife?

My father swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the united states when he entered into the service of the U.S. Navy as did my grandfather, great grandfather and dozens of my other praiseworthy family members. Stand with me in defense of your Constitution.

Tell your friends, neighbors, and anyone else you know. Socialized Health Care is a disaster of epic proportions and the Obama administration seems hell-bent on making it happen. Lets get a second opinion before going under the knife.

Join me by signing my petition.

Best Regards,

Edward Ashley Blythe

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