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In november, Sony announced a major overhaul to Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). Among the changes is a change from an open-ended profession system ("profession system") to a closed class system ("class system"). To explain these changes:

* The profession system allocated each character with 250 "skill points" which could be allocated towards skills in over 30 professions. This allowed a character to combine skill sets and participate in two elements of the game (as a sort of hybrid) -- most commonly, by allocating some of these skill points to crafting, and some to combat. Many players took advantage of this to enjoy two elements of the game with a single character. Further, the profession system allowed you to "unlearn" skills so you can learn different ones in the future -- a frequently-used and well-respected feature.

* The class system falls to a more traditional role-playing-game system, where a character is a member of a single "class" and progresses up "levels" in a linear format. In this system, there are no hybrids -- you can choose a combat class or a crafting class, but not both. As well, there is no way to drop a class and start a new one, save by destroying your character (which would force you to lose all items, rewards, and your character name).

Many games use the class system whereas SWG was one of the few games with a profession system. However, whereas other games can succeed and not alienate their player base by using a class system, SWG falls short of that, for specific reasons outlined below -- all of which stem from one fact: SWG, unlike most other games, limits players to one character ("slot") per game server.

1) Many players are part-combat, part-crafting. With the class system you are no longer able to enjoy both crafting and combat using one character, or on one server. Other games (EverQuest 2) allows both crafting and combat in one character. Since people associate themselves with their characters on their individual server community -- a fact strengthened in SWG due to the one character per server rune -- this will become a more significant issue for the player base, as they are either forced to abandon participation in one aspect of the game, or forced to play two characters in two server communities (an option which many people prefer not to do, for reasons which stem from the great variety of game experiences found on each SWG server).

2) The biggest multiplayer online game on the market (World of Warcraft) and the biggest "other" Sony game (EQ2) both allow multiple characters per server (in both cases, four or more). Experience shows that multiple characters per server does not destroy game economies or harm the games in general; why does SWG still resist this?

3) One of the greatest aspects of SWG is the ability to re-learn your character in the profession system. With this gone, and without the ability to create more than one character per server, players will be stuck with the decisions they make unless they delete their character. In SWG, this will be the loss of many "Star Wars" and game elements -- among them, your identity, rewards and other items, and name. Other games avoid this caveat by allowing multiple characters per server.

4) It is proven that a game's community keeps people longer than the game itself. A strong community is critical to a game's long-term success. Community is built by allowing people to play together and to get to know each other. Forcing people who want to enjoy the full game experience to play characters on different game servers (due to the one character per server rule) will only splinter the community more, as many casual users (a large percentage of the player base) do not have the time to commit to two (or more) game communities. Allowing multiple characters per server can serve to strengthen the community and, in turn, the game, by keeping players together more often, establishing stronger personal bonds between them.

5) Some players in the game have "unlocked" second character slots on a single server in the old Jedi system. These players will not lose their additional slot. Many of these players were veteran players, as the path to Jedi was a long one. Some of them unlocked their second slot merely to have a second charcter on a server with little or no interest in the Jedi experience. Now that the Jedi experience as it was in the past is going away, there is no ability for any player in the future to unlock their second slot. As a result, one portion of the player base will for all future have two character slots, whereas the rest (the majority) will have one. Further, both groups will pay the same subscription fee. This is clearly a bias towards people who participate in an old game system. A grandfather clause of this nature is simply not fair to the majority of players who did not participate -- including players who have played the game since its launch over three years ago.

Due to the reasons outlined above, the following persons, as current or past players of Star Wars Galaxies, petition Sony to seriously consider allowing two character slots per game server. Considering how the lack of multiple characters slots per server will become a greater issue after the conversion to the class system, we feel this can serve as both a smart business decision (by making the game more attractive to its player base) and a "thank-you reward" to the community of players who have stood by Sony and the SWG game over the past years.

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 December 201550. Casey M
    alts will balance the game
  • 29 June 201549. Syntaxx Sheppard
    I have been working 3 months for Jedi and in 2 weeks there is no way to finish the last phase I would need. Unfair that all that work would be for nothing.
  • 04 May 201548. Stan V
    I support this petition
  • 29 April 201547. Chikar Irwin
    I support this petition
  • 16 March 201546. Kyle B
    Please SOE, do it.
  • 30 December 201445. Revan Sharp
    You cant take away something that I have spent over 100 hours working for with less than a 15 day notice!
  • 04 August 201444. Brian W
    Gimme the hell else am i gonna survive?
  • 13 June 201443. Jesse F
    2 chars better than one
  • 24 May 201442. Alexander M
    2 Slots for less Jedi but also Jedi aviable for everybody
  • 25 June 201341. Jim Holden
    We need 2 toons per server!
  • 06 April 201340. Ian R
    I support this petition
  • 10 February 201339. Kowa Barker
    no comment NGE
  • 03 February 201338. Kelpolowca E
    OMG SOE what have you done!!!!!!
  • 13 October 201237. Gamebouy Douglas
    you have pandered to 12 year olds
  • 02 June 201236. Jesus Oscarrodriguezp
    I support this petition
  • 18 January 201235. Fenrir Maldonado
    altough I have an unlock cause my jedi u are absolutely right, I support u
  • 15 October 201134. Blue S
  • 17 September 201133. James T
    I support this petition
  • 22 August 201132. Kenny J
    I support this petition
  • 03 July 201131. Tg Fry
    cant relvl atleast let us have 2 toons to mix it a lil'
  • 28 May 201130. Iain S
    [email protected] /* */
  • 04 May 201129. Kyle B
    Please SOE, do it.
  • 28 October 201028. Bendegz B
    The SOE/LA lied 9 month ago. If the they like the community, please placate us with this.
  • 11 July 201027. Edwin K
    I support this petition
  • 06 April 201026. Aurelien K
    I really hope we''l be heared
  • 30 March 201025. Peter C
    I am a Pre CU jedi with 2 character slots, and I feel it is completely unfair for me 2 have 2 character slots in this new no profession change system rather than pre NGE where you could drop the skills you don't want and chose a different path.
  • 01 February 200924. Jesse S
    please allow 2 character slots

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