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CeeCee was a fun and loving cat.Unforuntily I had to give her up.I called Animal Control upon their arrival I stated she a god cat, she loves kids and is scared at first of people. She was also scared of inclosed spaces. I was informed they would tend to her special needs and find her a good home. I called one week later to find they had put her down, murdered her.

This has to stop as many not jsut myself feel this animal cruelty and it needs to stop. CeeCee had never scratched one person nor bite anyone. Please sign this petition to stop this in Nevada and start a stand that could spread and save good animals lifes!

If a animal was in pain that is one thing and if a animal has gone mad that is another also, but to kill a animal whom is jsut scared and who is harmless. Now that is wrong and it's time to stop this!

In Memory of CeeCee I ask for your help!

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 January 2016300. Krystal W
    I support this petition
  • 17 January 2016299. Chelsea Travis
    I support this petition
  • 17 January 2016298. Cassie G
  • 16 January 2016297. Bita Krause
    I support this petition
  • 16 January 2016296. Crise B
    Why should friendly, healthy, treatable animals be murdered? Its just not right. Imagine having to move, giving your dog or cat to a shelter, then when you go back to pick it up they tell "Fluffy's dead" or "She got 'humanely' euthanized"
  • 15 January 2016295. Carole D
    I support this petition
  • 13 January 2016294. Claudia V
    Im A big Animal Activist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 13 January 2016293. Evanladeira Chavez
    i will do eneything to save a life
  • 12 January 2016292. Margret Fritz
    I support this petition
  • 11 January 2016291. Melissa Watkins
  • 11 January 2016290. Eve P
    the bible says the moon or the sun is going to destroy the earth, but it's not that, it's humans, we kill way more than ANYTHING else, i really hoped i would never hope the death of me and my race. it's sad and pathetic.
  • 10 January 2016289. Jade Wolf
    i am jade nayor i am 10 years old i hate ppl who kill animamls i wake up in the night and i get relly upset what have animals done to us we go into there teratorie it is not far we make fur coats and kill them we should stop and give thee animals a brack
  • 06 January 2016288. Kelly L
    Animals deserve the right to live!
  • 05 January 2016287. Carl G
    I support this petition
  • 05 January 2016286. Meagan Sutton
    i hate that people do this that is y i am opening a no kill shelter
  • 03 January 2016285. Henry G
    stop all the killings
  • 02 January 2016284. Henry X
    Let's bring the equality between human and animal
  • 02 January 2016283. Esther B
    I support this petition
  • 31 December 2015282. Mary Mm
    I wish there were better places for animals, like shelters , where people can come to visit, the elder animals, or the ones looking for placement. Not all animals can find a home in the 7 days that most places (spca) and other vacilities.... sorry for you
  • 29 December 2015281. Victoria S
    killing animals is bad. they didnt do anything to us and we have no right to kill them
  • 27 December 2015280. Rita J
    i personally love animals...and to see the innocent creatures die is just horrible!!.....
  • 27 December 2015279. Julie B
    I support this petition
  • 26 December 2015278. Jose P
    I hate with my heart the inhumane animal control
  • 25 December 2015277. Meagan Landry
    I hope this helps!
  • 25 December 2015276. Katharina K
    To murder is terrible. It must stop.
  • 25 December 2015275. Mike Sandoval
    I support this petition
  • 23 December 2015274. Taz Mathews
    I think killing is completely wrong, and i think if we make this stop in nevada, we should work on helping other states too!

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Roberto CummingsBy:
Petition target:
Humaine Societys and other animal shelters whom believe in killing & the city counsel!


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